5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Business in 2021

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Business in 2021
ShopSmarts.ai – 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Business

You may be seeking methods to make your firm more efficient, streamlined, cost-effective, and better equipped to adapt to changing market requirements now more than ever.

Artificial intelligence, namely AI-driven automation, is assisting businesses in doing all of this and more. Here are five ways artificial intelligence is improving regular business operations.

  1. Setting up a chatbot

To build such software from the ground up, you must first understand its objective. What exactly do you want your chatbot to accomplish? Will you spend additional money to get AI up and running or will you settle with a command bot? Do you intend to use bots to sell products?

To pick the best collection of abilities for your chatbot, you’ll need to answer these questions ahead of time. Chatbot services make it possible to create a bot without a large team of programmers. Chatfuel, Beep Boop, Botsify, and others are among the hundreds of platforms that provide a variety of services, and Chatbot Magazine does an excellent job of compiling a list of the top.

Let us know if you need expert guidance or support in developing the bot. We’re only a click away. There are several pre-built bots for various purposes available on the internet. Sites like Meokay and Chattypeople offer ready-to-use bots that don’t require any coding knowledge. However, if you want a favorable response from your company, this is not the greatest option.

It’s rare that you’ll discover a bot that meets all of your requirements and doesn’t contain anything irrelevant to your niche or desired chatbot’s vision. In most situations, bespoke programs are the only option to obtain exactly what you need for your company. Increased mobile sales and consumer trust in chatbot services make these expenditures worthwhile. Chatbot customer service will allow you to address all client queries and offer all answers, enhancing your brand and increasing conversions.

The AI customer support chatbot may personalize each client’s experience and treat them as individuals based on their preferences, prior actions on the platform, and so on. The automated procedure will relieve the customer support personnel of some of their responsibilities and allow them to focus on more difficult issues. The decision is ultimately yours, but chatbots might be a great way to grow your business and incorporate cutting-edge technology.

  • AI copywriting

The main reason why business owners and marketers engage in AI copywriting is to save time writing and thinking. Barbara Blackburn is the fastest English language typist in the world, with a typing speed of 212 WPM.

Barbara, on the other hand, would struggle to come up with ten blog introductions in less than 30 seconds. This is due to the fact that AI copywriting is more than just churning out material. It can also broaden your thinking, causing you to examine possibilities you would not have considered otherwise. It’s no surprise that firms like JPMorgan Chase are turning to AI-powered marketing solutions to better their communications.

JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kristin Lemkau, stated, “They made a few of modifications that made sense.” “And I was like, ‘Why were we so stupid that we didn’t figure it out?’” says the author. The following are some of the other advantages of utilizing AI copywriting tools to create content:

  • Accelerates the writing process
  • Eliminates writer’s block
  • Handles repeated writing jobs such as product descriptions
  • Transforms anybody into a competent writer

That’s correct. Writers aren’t the only ones who can use AI content generators. These tools may be used by anybody, from CEOs brainstorming email subject lines to online merchants seeking product descriptions.

  • Faster content creation

Robots can’t yet create full posts for your company’s blog since artificial intelligence isn’t nearly there yet. Not yet, at least. Meanwhile, one approach to employ AI is to use natural language generation technologies to create tiny data-specific content pieces such as tweets, news updates, and reports. Are you unfamiliar with natural language generation (NLG)?

Simply, it occurs when a computer program converts complicated data into human language. In a couple of milliseconds, NGL software produces narratives to describe structured data automatically. You may use NGL software to customize customer satisfaction surveys and generate product descriptions. Heliograf, the “robot reporter” for the Washington Post, is an outstanding example. Heliograf is an automated storytelling system that covers high school football games in the D.C. region based on data provided by coaches.

This technology allows in-house journalists to concentrate on in-depth coverage of the “larger” games while keeping the local community updated. Did you know that 74 percent of marketers say focused customization has increased consumer engagement? The good news is that AI can also assist you with customization and client engagement. You can use AI-powered tools to generate tailored email marketing campaigns, for example.

They’ll handle customization of the subject line and email text, addressing recipients by name or organization. Customer engagement may be boosted by using AI to make your widely disseminated generic email feel more personal. Additionally, AI may be used to develop highly customized apps. The health-tracking software “Record” from Under Armor is a great example. The app creates fitness and nutrition suggestions based on your unique data using an AI-powered algorithm.

You may also utilize AI to monitor the effectiveness of your social media material. Many marketers build content distribution strategies primarily on the basis of consumer demographics. Using AI-powered software, you can take this strategy to the next level.

Collect and evaluate consumer locations, actions, and values instead of just demographics. This will assist you in creating highly customized and targeted content for your social media strategy. There are now technologies that can assist you with keyword research and subject generation thanks to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may provide invaluable insight into what your consumers are truly interested in. Many keyword research tools will provide you search volume, number of results, organic competition, difficulty score, search demand, and other data for keywords. Using keyword research tools will help you write faster and produce better customer-specific content. There are a plethora of blog post idea generators available to assist you in developing and expanding your themes. One of these tools is Answer the Public.

When you type in your term, like “artificial intelligence,” you’ll see the most frequently asked questions by actual people. You may receive facts and ideas to help you broaden and develop your topic with only a few clicks. According to a new survey, 90 percent of customers believe user-generated content has a greater effect on their purchasing decisions than traditional types of marketing. AI can assist you in gathering brand-related content that your consumers have shared on social media.

Visual recognition technology, which analyses photos and recognizes your items, made this feasible. This information may be used not just for marketing purposes, but also to gain a deeper understanding of what works best for your audience and community. It also boosts your brand’s exposure and internet presence.

AI has been used by search engines like Google in a variety of ways. A better capacity to recognize misspelled words and the ability to index specific portions from web pages were two of Google’s AI improvements. The good news is that AI can now be used for SEO as well.

Advanced SEO tools and browser extensions may assist you in determining the most relevant subjects and keywords to pursue, as well as allowing you to compare your content to those of your rivals using natural language processing (NLP). For example, a tool like Surfer SEO generates subject clusters using its own algorithm and natural language processing (NLP), as well as statistics on search traffic, search intent, and the keywords that have the biggest impact on rankings.

They also offer a long-form editor that displays you how many related keywords to include (and how many times) in your blog post, as well as the number of words, paragraphs, headers, and pictures your article should have depending on your main keyword. The data is generated by examining the top 20 results on Google’s search engine result pages automatically (SERPs).

  • Improving IT security

AI is a good tool for detecting security risks because of its capacity to evaluate large volumes of data quickly and correctly. Here are a few of the most common AI security applications:

Detect harmful behavior and put an end to assaults. AI is capable of quickly analyzing business data and detecting any possible risks that may be lurking in a company’s system. Businesses may use AI to separate important risks from normal network activity, making it easier to spot dangers.

Current security methods should be improved. Knowledge may be used by security professionals to make system adjustments or battle problems. Patching a frequently attacked region of their network or boosting the surveillance around a certain network are examples of this. Repetitive security tasks should be automated. This frees up time for analysts to look into high-priority warnings.

Certain AI technologies can provide security analysts comprehensive insight across the organization, making it simpler for them to spot risks. As artificial intelligence (AI) finds its way into more homes, it’s critical to keep safety in mind and work with reputable companies. While this new technology is fascinating, it may put your organization at danger if it fails.

To guarantee that you’re utilizing reliable business security equipment, read reviews, consult with a competent installation, and test items before purchasing.


Artificial intelligence isn’t just for global IT behemoths and industry leaders. Every forward-thinking company that wants to develop and remain ahead of the competition needs AI. What you’ll do using AI will be determined by the goals you’re aiming to attain.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the way you operate your business by helping you to make smarter choices faster. The AI landscape will change the conditions on which businesses compete. It will be a huge opportunity for forward-thinking firms.

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