How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

shopsmarts ai how artificial intelligence can help your brand with influencer marketing – How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is taking news turns with the passing years.

Research shows that:

By the year 2021, the annual spending on influencer marketing will be increased to $5-10 billion.

In this scenario, the AI chatbot is doing a remarkable job to fulfill the needs of thousands of companies. For the last few decades, influencer marketing has gained much popularity.

It should be noted that influencer marketing is not just related to hiring some influencers who have thousands of followers on their social media accounts.

Instead of that, meeting hands with the most authentic person is a part of this task. An influencer should have an influence on his/her followers. His followers should give importance to his opinions. Having millions of followers is not sufficient. You must have an impact through your words.

A number of brands and companies have started using Artificial Intelligence for marketing purposes. Let’s start with the concept of building an AI bot:

Building your Artificial Intelligence Chatbot through ManyChat

It is one of the most well-established platforms for the formation of an AI chatbot. They have a drag-and-drop editor. And you know what, ManyChat is quite easy to use.

Having more than 25 templates, it is very easy to use in different places such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, or email.

There is an interface in ManyChat that assists to design and comprehend your app.

Once you have created your Artificial Intelligence chatbot, the next step is to operate your computer with the AI bot.

For influencer marketing, almost all brands and companies have been using the AI chatbot. AI will help you to deal with the problems that you may face during marketing.

AI bots are excellent virtual assistants that will guide you in the right way to achieve your goals.

What is Influencer Marketing?

For the promotion of services and products, a brand or company makes a deal with an influencer. The brands hire such influencers who they think will do this job quite wisely.

Most brands hire a celebrity. It is in fact the half part of the definition of influencer marketing. But time has changed things now. There are a number of content creators that deliver quality work. People who follow them trust them for their promotional posts. They even start buying and using the products as proposed by their favorite celebrities or influencers.

What does an Influencer do?

An influencer uses his social media platforms for the promotion of products. The influencers influence their followers through their posts. According to research:

At the present time, about 68% of U.S marketers have been using influencers. This proportion will probably increase to 73% by 2022.

But remember one thing, without Artificial intelligence chatbots, influencer marketing cannot succeed. AI chatbots automate everything and can generate leads.

But how can influencer marketing does wonders for your brand? We illustrate you an example:

A survey was conducted recently that showed data that on the recommendation of a blogger, 14% of teenagers and 11% of millennials purchased some products in the past 6 months.

Which social media platform do the influencers prefer to use?

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are all powerful tools for influencer marketing. However, there is always one thing that leads the others. So is the case here. Studies have shown that Instagram is the favorite platform of almost all bloggers.

According to a research:

93% marketers in America prefer to utilize Instagram for their influencer marketing.

You might have seen the bloggers or influencers who post in their stories and posts on Instagram about products. They are being paid for this advertisement.

Many famous celebrities such as the Kardashian Jenner family works as influencers. But not all influencers are celebrities. Some influencers who have fewer followers may impact the audience in a brilliant way. It all depends on one’s ability to influence others.

Then there are Nano-influencers (having 10,000 followers), Micro-influencers (having 10,000-100,000 followers) and Macro-influencers (having 100,000 to 1 million followers). They may be lifestyle bloggers, food nutritionists, stylists, or beauty bloggers, etc.

Cost of Influencer Marketing

It depends on the nature of your marketing campaigns. If you are going to do a greater influencer campaign, the budget will surely be according to it.

Never forget to consider the needs and demands of the influencer. Select the payment structure that you think is most suitable for you.

Developing your Influencer Marketing Strategy:

  1. Know your goals:

You should be well-familiar with your goals. Your influencer campaign should reach the target audience. The product that you are going to promote should reach the right customers through the right influencer.

  • Who you are trying to be impacted?

This is an important strategy for starting your marketing campaign. For this purpose, firstly define your audience. In this way, you can learn more about your customers’ interests.

Once the audience is detected, next go for the relevant influencer. Greet that influencer and discuss the whole promotion process.

  • The three Rs of Influence:

Influence is all about three factors:

  • Relevance
  • Reach
  • Resonance

Relevance refers to the relevant content delivered to the relevant audience. For instance, if you want to promote your sports products, you must hire a sportsperson as an influencer who can make an influence on his audience.

Reach refers to the number of people who you wish to reach via the influencer’s number of followers.

Resonance refers to establishing a connection with your concerned audience related to your brand through an influencer.

  • Make a list of influencers:

You can compile a list of influencers that you think can do their best for your influencer campaign. A point to be noted is that your audience should trust your influencer.

Trust will develop a connection between the audience and the influencer. That will lead to the purchasing of your products. You can view the performance of your influencer through their posts, the comment section, etc.

  • Cooperate with your influencer to produce constructive content:

Keep in touch with your influencer during the whole marketing campaign. Discuss with them about your project. They have a creative mind and will surely come up with new ideas.

Don’t try to order your influencer. Instead of that, you can suggest to them your point of view.

 Wrapping up:

AI bots are everywhere now. If you haven’t decided yet what to do about your influencer marketing campaign, start using the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Secondly, choosing the right influencer for your marketing campaign will decide the success of your brand. So be practical while making this choice.

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