How To Setup Your Chatbot On Instagram For Social Media Marketing

shopsmarts ai how to stup your chatbot on instagram for Social Media Marketing – How To Setup Your Chatbot On Instagram For Social Media Marketing

Want to make your Instagram marketing campaign a success without putting in tons of effort and hiring more people? A chatbot can be your best friend for this job.

Why you need to set up a chatbot?

A chatbot can help in assisting and leading the customers into your sales pipeline. If you receive hundreds of queries in your inbox out of which many are similar, it’s tiresome, more effort-requiring, and time-consuming to reply to each of them with the perfect answer. You may even have to hire a person to do this job on a 24/7 basis for your Instagram business page because the queries never follow any time shift.

But you don’t need to do any such thing. All you need to do is to set up a chatbot for your Instagram. A chatbot is an automated system or tool which serves as a conversation partner without charging you a penny. Yes, you read it right, it doesn’t ask for a salary!

Not just the messages, a chatbot can serve you for many purposes like managing the orders coming in, facilitating the customers through an automated and quick-response conversation, and whatnot. This makes the overall job pretty much easier to handle on Instagram.

How to set up a Chatbot for your Instagram?

Now that you’ve realized how a chatbot can turn your work into a piece of cake, the next step is to learn how to set up a chatbot on your Instagram. This article is a step-by-step guide that is going to help you build and set up a chatbot for your Instagram business page in easy steps.

The first point that comes to mind is where to go for setting up a chatbot for our Instagram page. Well, there are different platforms and tools on the web which can serve this purpose. Some of the used ones are listed below;

Let’s now dive into setting up a chatbot practically.

Setting up a Chatbot with ManyChat

ManyChat is one of the best Instagram chatbot builder tools which provides many automation services for Instagram. The best thing about ManyChat is that it’s 100% free and very user-friendly as well. Here’s a little glimpse of what you can do with ManyChat for your Instagram;

  • Build up a personalized chat flow for page inbox
  • Automate comments on your Instagram posts
  • Instantly reply to anyone who mentions you in their story
  • Start a conversation
  • Capture user information
  • Live chat and integrations that you love

Here’s a step-by-step way to know how you can set up your Instagram chatbot with the ManyChat tool. To proceed you need to have your ManyChat account in the first place. If you don’t have one, create your ManyChat account here.

1. Create an Instagram test account:

First of all, what you need to do is to create a test account on Instagram to test and learn about the ManyChat tool. However, if you already have an Instagram Business account with followers no less than 10,000, you don’t necessarily need to create a test account. You can use your actual business account for this purpose.

All you need to do is going to Instagram and creating a new business account starting with the word ‘test’.

2. Connect your Instagram account with Facebook Business Page

Make sure that this test account that you’ve created must be a business account and need to be connected with a Facebook Business Page in order to proceed.

If you haven’t connected the test account with one of your Facebook Business Pages, no worries at all. Here’s how you can do it simply.

Just go to one of your Facebook Business Pages and from there, go to the Settings and then to the ‘Instagram’ option. There you’ll find the option ‘Connect Account’ through which you can easily connect your Instagram account with your Facebook Business Page.

3. Connect ManyChat to your Instagram Account:

Now that you have got a test account (or your own business account with at least 10,000 followers on it), you can start doing the job of creating a chatbot for your account with ManyChat. (Make sure you’ve already created a ManyChat account in the first place).

  1. Now sign in (or go to) your ManyChat account and find ‘Settings’ right at the bottom of the left side.
  2. From there, go to the ‘Instagram’ option.
  3. And click on ‘Connect’.
  4. Now connect your same Instagram account with one of your Facebook Business Pages. You’ll find the option over there.
  5. You’ve successfully attached your Instagram account to ManyChat now.

Now that you have got a ManyChat account connected with your Instagram business account, you can create a chatbot for many purposes. Here you go!

Set up a Conversation Starter

Considering a hypothetical fact that you’re a business or a company and want to automatically converse with the customers arriving on your Instagram page with the help of a chatbot instead of hiring someone to do this job. You can set up a Conversation Starter chatbot for your Instagram page for instantly replying and facilitating the potential customers coming in.

Here’s how to do this.

Go to Settings->Instagram->Conversation Starter and click on ‘Edit’. Here you can set up some conversation starters as per your desire or based on what type of questions you get from newcomers in your inbox. For example, ‘What services do you offer?’ ‘What are your new arrivals?’ ‘What are your opening times?’, etc. By making a conversation starter, click on ‘Create on New Message’ to let ManyChat build a new Flow for you. There, you can build up a whole long flow for your chat to guide your chatbot to answer specific questions (keywords) automatically and instantly.

Make sure you’ve clicked on the ‘Publish’ button to make your chatbot go live. The final step is to go to your conversation starter and clicking on ‘Activate’ and then ‘Update’ to let the chatbot come into action on your Instagram account.

Set up Instant and auto-replies to the messages in the Inbox

Well, the fact is that what if someone comes into your Instagram inbox and instead of choosing up a Conversation Starter, simply asks a question through texting. Don’t worry, we got a chatbot for that too!

You can also set up some keywords on ManyChat in order to lead your chatbot to automatically reply to them. Let’s say if someone comes in the inbox and texts ‘your new arrivals?‘ If you have already built and set up a ManyChat keyword like this one, the chatbot will automatically reply to it. Similarly, you can set up a number of keywords for your chatbot for instant and auto-replies based on what type of keywords/queries you get from the newcomers in your inbox mostly.

Here’s how to set this up;

  • Create a new flow on ManyChat Flow Builder
  • Now click on the ‘Add Trigger’ option showing up on your Flow
  • Write in your answer for a certain keyword let’s say ‘your opening times’
  • Now you need to set up the same keyword for this answer
  • For that, search for the term ‘Keyword Instagram’ in all triggers
  • The final step is to place that particular keyword in Keyword Instagram and you’re all set!

Now whenever someone sends a question or text in your inbox containing this keyword, the chatbot will automatically reply to them with the answer you’d set up for that specific keyword.

Set up a Default Reply

What if someone comes into your inbox and asks a question that your chatbot does not understand? This happens when the chatbot does not know the answer to any such question. But at the same time, you also wish to be super instant and responsive in your approach. Well, you can set up a Default Reply for such questions.

The process is totally the same. Go to ManyChat Settings->Instagram->Default Reply. Click on ‘Edit’. Now you need to click on ‘Edit Flow’ and through dragging, set The First Step to Instagram Message.

Now you can set up a Default Reply or answer to be sent anytime when the chatbot is unable to resolve a query. It can be anything like apologizing for not getting the point or something similar, depends on your creativity though. The next procedure is not that confusing, you can proceed till the end by yourself to set up and activate this Default Reply to your Instagram page. Best of luck ahead!


Can we set up a chatbot for our personal Instagram account too?

No, you cannot set up a chatbot with your personal Instagram account. ManyChat can help you set up a chatbot if you have a business account on Instagram.

Is ManyChat free for building and setting up chatbots?

ManyChat is one of the best Instagram chatbot builder tools which provides many automation services for Instagram. The best thing about ManyChat is that it’s 100% free and very user-friendly as well.

Can we do Marketing with ManyChat?

You can set up ads with ManyChat for which you have to pay.

Can we use Instagram for marketing our Facebook Business or eCommerce brand?

Yes, you can use Instagram for marketing purposes. Instagram marketing is a very prominent way of promoting and marketing your business or eCommerce brand be it on Facebook or any other platform. You can also hire Instagram marketing influencers for doing marketing on Instagram.

What is the most effective way of Instagram marketing?

The most effective and profitable way of using Instagram for marketing is through Instagram marketing influencers. You can market your brand or business by hiring influencers on Instagram to generate maximum sales and conversions.


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