Top 5 WordPress Chatbot Plugins for 2021

Top 5 WordPress Chatbot Plugins for 2021
Top 5 WordPress Chatbot Plugins for 2021

WordPress has launched thousands of plugins for different purposes. These plugins have been written in a specific language known as PHP programming language. Plugins serve in connecting you with the targeted audience on your website.

Many of you may be familiar with the concept of chatbots that work as an automated chat systems. They can talk to thousands of users at the same time. You might have noticed that when you visit some website, there you see a chat window with greetings. These chatbots act as customer care providers. If users or customers want to question anything related to that site, the chatbot will answer warm-heartedly.

To upgrade your business, you can add a chatbot to your WordPress site. According to research done on the consequences of using a chatbot on WordPress:

Chatbots are able to give 80% of answers being asked by different users.

A number of e-commerce companies have been using this automated chat system. Many retailers, business companies, and brands witness that chatbots have impacted their lives in a very positive way. According to a survey:

Around 52% of companies and businesses utilize chatbots for greeting purposes on their online sites.

Using Chatbots on WordPress can be very beneficial because they are very fast and easy to generate leads.

You can add chatbots on WordPress because they will perform a number of automatic functions for which you have trained them.

  • Bots are much easier to use plus they are cheaper.
  • Chatbots can ease your job by remaining full time active. They don’t get tired. What they need is a structured script to answer to the customer’s queries.
  • Human beings can engage with one person at a time but chatbots have been designed to keep connected with every user.
  • Chatbots are multi-tasker. They help to improve the conversation rate with your customers.
  • Moreover, using chatbot plugins will boost traffic on your site.
  • Using chatbots on WordPress help to increase conversions.
  • Greatly helpful for providing feedback about the users.

Of course, chatbots are not human beings, they are just software designed to ease us. And so have certain innate limitations. They are used just as a supplement for regular customer care but they cannot replace human help totally.

Following are some of the industries that can be useful for Chatbot WordPress.

  • E-commerce sites

Most of us love to purchase things via online websites. For this purpose, we choose the site that attracts us the most. If a site is well-designed and is controlled efficiently by its owner, we rush to visit it several times and got impressed by it.

E-commerce websites have made use of chatbots WordPress mandatory for their functioning. Research conducted for observing the performance of chatbots resulted in the following results:

50% of users while shopping through online sites encouraged the performance of AI chatbots because they answered their (users’) questions efficiently.

  • Real Estate

Using chatbots in the real estate industry can be very effective. While selling or purchasing some property or home, we make sure to sign a deal after research. Communication with a chatbot can make this whole thing a bit peaceful.

  • Finance industry

For the last few years, this industry has undergone some major developments. The introduction of WordPress chatbots made this happen.

The finance industry deals with numbers and chatbots are quick to make an accommodation. All the same, customers now don’t need to rush towards the bank to resolve issues if any. While sitting at home, people can get help from the virtual assistant, that is, a chatbot.

Marketers have got the most of chatbots. These marketers seek help from bots that help them in the promotion of their products. If you want to be a successful marketer, just design a chatbot for your site, it will save both your time and energy.

Out of thousands of plugins, you need to understand that which chatbot plugin will be the most relevant for you. We will suggest to you some of the best WordPress Chatbot plugins for the present time. These are:

  1. Botsify

It is considered one of the most convenient to use chatbot builders. It can work efficiently as a chatbot for gathering information. When it doesn’t fulfill the demands of customers, it simply informs the human agent to overlook the matter.

Is Botsify useful for your WordPress Chatbot? One of the best things about the Botsify plugin is that you can design it according to your needs. Two weeks are given for free trial to figure out it’s working. You will notice refinement on your site.

The biggest advantage of Botsify is that it doesn’t require any knowledge about programming or coding.

Botsify performs a function a very specific function, Human Handover. It means that when this Botsify is unable to solve some riddle, it hands over that matter to human assistance.

It will decide which questions will be asked by the chatbot to the visitors. The color of the chat window is being decided by Botsify. You can customize changes through Botsify.

2. Chatfuel

It is an awesome platform for starting your chatbot creation journey. It works without any code. Once you have created a chatbot via Chatfuel, this bot will help you like a faster decision-making device regarding customers.

Chatfuel helps to automatize your Instagram account. Nonetheless, it aids in generating leads.  A unique function that Chatfuel performs is that it gives wings to our chatbot, so that it may fly and perform tremendously. It helps the customer to find out their desired product.

3. Tawk.To Live Chat

This plugin has specifically been designed to add free live chat with users. The plugin helps to converse at any time of the day. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress. A large number of companies use this plugin to ease their customers. According to research:

80% of customers prefer live chats to the textual conversation. It offers the highest percentage of consumer satisfaction.

A live chat plugin offers a number of advantages. First and foremost is the full-time support to their customers. It helps to create a harmonious relationship with your customers. Through live chat plugin, you can build trust in your customers. If you want to optimize your customer service system, this chatbot plugin is one of the best options.

This is another plugin implied for free live chat. focuses on marketing and helps to improve your marketing purchase. Through, not only is free live-chat is possible but helps out to schedule appointments or meetings. will never let your business take a long rest. Rather it gathers leads. It remains super active and notifies me about the latest leads.

5. HubSpot

It is one of the most popular and influential WordPress plugins. It can benefit you a lot if you are concerned with the mailing list. HubSpot performs some really important duties such as:

  • Through HubSpot, you can create lists, the lists related to your contacts. Then you can list these contacts keeping different things in mind like page view, interaction with emails, filling forms etc.
  • Marketers are independent to design their own templates. The drag and drop editor makes it convenient to include text or images. This needs no coding knowledge.
  • In marketing, many brands and companies send emails to their customers who have subscribed to their channels. These emails contain news regarding the latest products or sales on the brand. It is just like a breaking news in order to customers to buy things of their interest. And if email automation is enabled, you can save a lot of time. HubSpot makes it possible.
  • Through this plugin, a bulk of email is being send to the customers. These emails are customized with images or links.
  • Another characteristic of HubSpot is that it allows workflows. Nothing can be easy for the marketers than this. Their routine tasks are being performed through this plugin with little effort.
  • HubSpot helps you to manage several accounts to schedule things easily. Your Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin accounts can be connected via this plugin. Whatever you want to post on your social media accounts can be edited and posted by going into the settings of HubSpot.
  • Reporting is a fundamental role being played by marketers. It is quite common that marketers have to use a number of platforms to convey their message to their customers. HubSpot has brought some great news. If your team uses HubSpot, you can perform the task of reporting at the same platform. By adding custom reports to a dashboard, the reports can be examined quite easily.

After discussing different WordPress plugins, it is to be noted that proper information about various plugins is necessary while using WordPress. The application of chatbots plugins can be fruitful for your business.

We, humans, have no guarantee of working 24/7 but chatbots are very dedicated to their work. Chatbots have gained immense popularity all around the world. Just try any one of the above-mentioned WordPress chatbot plugins. You will see that in the future, your e-commerce site will be on the new skies of success!

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