Top 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies For Business In 2021

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies
Top 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies

What is the most common medium of communication in this era? Social media of course. The whole world is just one click away. Want to get popular? Start creating content on social media. Want to earn money? Start an online business. Want to know about the trend? Scroll through Facebook and Instagram and take a virtual world tour to know what’s happening in the world. Want to expand your business with new online strategies? Try social media marketing strategies for business.

Social media has proved itself as an effective dimension in promoting businesses especially during the period of COVID. People were more interested in online platforms as compared to others. People preferred using social media for their work be it entertainment or business.

The set target can only be achieved by schematic planning and execution of your plans. Similar is the case for social media marketing, you need to understand the basic and the most important social media marketing strategies for business.

Top 7 social media marketing strategies for businesses in 2021

The desired goals are only met by careful and efficient planning and execution. You can not achieve anything without proper planning and a better understanding of social media strategies. The advantages of a proper social media marketing plan are:

  • larger audience attraction
  • increase in sales
  • website traffic appreciation

There are three steps for social media marketing in general:

  1. Making a marketing social media plan
  2. Finding the right influencer marketer
  3. Execution of your plan in an effective yet economical way

These steps are for the company seeking social assistance but if you are looking for marketing for social media strategies to grow your business, the following are the top 7 social media marketing strategies for business that were adopted in 2021 by social media and influencer marketers.

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Work With Others In Your Industry
  • Engage In The Discussion
  • Schedule Your Post
  • Repurpose content
  • Experiment and Pivot
  • Track Key Performance Indicators
  • Understand Your Audience

Studies have shown that about 55% of influencer marketers use online data to research their audience making space for the purpose. Understanding your audience is the main part of becoming a successful influencer marketer. You need to know the nature of the audience you are interacting with. While analyzing the audience you need to keep in mind the two ways of audience categorization:

  1. Demographic segmentation
  2. Psychographic segmentation

1. Demographic segmentation

Categorization of the audience based on their age, gender, etc is studied under demographic segmentation

2. Psychographic segmentation

Categorization of the audience based on their beliefs, thoughts, religion, etc are studied under psychographic segmentation.

To get the desired results, you need the right audience. You need to keep your target in your mind and then decide what type of audience do you want. Then you can easily decide whether your current audience is suitable for you or not.

2. Work With Others In Your Industry

Teamwork is the best work. So, an easy method of learning about the basics and ultimate criteria of marketing is by working with other influencer marketers. This helps in getting their experience and learning from it.

For this, you must select someone from the same niche. For example, if you are working with a clothing brand, you don’t have to consult someone working with a cloth brand only, you can get in touch with a model or someone who knows about clothes to help you out and provide you with new ideas i.e. working with your industry fellows is not confined to working only with people who are doing the same thing that you are doing.

You can contact someone who has a little versatile and a little different niche. Working with others in your industry does not mean that you get involved in their work and try to take their workload on yourself. It just means that you try to learn about their strategy and techniques so that you can compare your technique and improve it if needed.

3. Engage In The Discussion

People like to put their trust in something that is a two-way road. This trust can only be built by organizing and taking part in the discussions. People will trust someone who is available and easily accessible to them. For this, you have to start engaging yourself in conversations too.

You should give your audience a feeling of comfort. They should feel free to contact you and ask their queries etc. To attain that feeling of trust and comfort, you need to keep your social media accounts active most of the time during the day. You should engage the audience by asking them about their reviews about the product, asking them about their experience, their recommendations, etc.

4. Schedule Your Post

Social media marketing is all about your posts. Time is money and every second is very costly. You must utilize it in the best way possible. When you are running a business, you need to keep your customers happy and that happiness comes from constant communication with your customers. Customers will automatically put their trust in you when their bond with you is strong, that bond can only be maintained by being in contact with them.

For this, you need to keep a schedule of your post which will ensure your love and dedication toward your audience. An easy way to do this is by keeping a track of your regular posts and preparing your future posts in advance so that you do not miss out on anything. The following points must be kept in mind while preparing a post:

  • Content: Influencer marketers must have a hold on producing excellent content so as to attract the audience.
  • Captivating images: The post should have captivating images as images are the main part of the post. Vibrant colors should be prominent to make the picture feel alive and likable.
  • Timeframe: Track your audience location so that you can schedule your posts as per their respective target times.

5. Repurpose content

Repurposing content means recycling the content that was used in the previous posts but in the edited form. It may be difficult to always come up with whole new content every single time you are creating a new post. The problem can be resolved by using the old content and modifying it to produce new content. Repurposing can sometimes be hectic work but you can do it easily by following steps:

  • Set limits

Set limitations of your content. For example, if you posted in your previous post and you mentioned your product and also mentioned its uses and other factors, this time you can omit all that extra information and post only the outline of the product.

  • Rephrasing

Select the previous content that you want to use. Take out its main idea and try to explain it in the same context but this time, try it with new words.

  • Change the type of your post

If you posted a video in the last post, you can use its subtitles in the new post. Similarly, if you posted some quotations before, this time you can use all the content in the video.

  • Experiment and Pivot

Einstein said, “if you haven’t failed at anything, it means you never tried something new”. Failures are proof of trying something new. And experimentation always has two results, either you fail or you get something new.

So, it is very important to keep on experimenting and trying something new. If you are good at something, don’t just stick to that specific thing, try doing something new too. For example, if you are good at writing post content, try making videos too, try using different software, etc. Once you have tried something new, check its feedback from the audience. If positive feedback is observed, produce more content like that.

  • Track Key Performance Indicators

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to prove the worth of your work. It can be easily done by using Key Performance Indicators. KPIs are the metrics that represent the performance of your social media posts. KPIs consist of comparative data of the company on the specific platform. The KPIs selection should be made by keeping the following goals in mind:

  • It should be specific: Your KPIs should be specific about your target i.e. your target should be clear.
  • Attainable: The targets that you are setting must be within your reach. You should not set goals that are beyond your reach.
  • On-time: You should set a time frame for the achievement of your goals and you must try to accomplish them within that specific period of time.


Social marketing is the most widely used strategy that is being used these days due to easy access to mobile phones and the internet. Moreover, during the COVID period, it was not possible to arrange a face-to-face seminar due to which new regimes were set for the marketers for the promotion of the business.

The top 7 marketing for social media strategies for business in 2021 were explained in this article to help the new and young marketers to help them in their journey in marketing for social media plans and strategies for a smooth start of their career as a social media marketer.




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