Top 5 Chatbot Providers That Have Grown In 2021

Top 5 Chatbot Providers That Have Grown In 2021 – Top 5 Chatbot Providers That Have Grown In 2021

The new year brings new innovations! By the year 2021, new insights into the business world have been observed. As you all know that the demand for chatbots has gone viral, competition between different companies has also increased. According to research:

Around 1.4 billion people have been employing chatbots today

Companies have been working to design their highly intelligent AI bots that will be capable of performing various tasks in an automatic mode. When all brands and companies decide to work on the same principle like for instance, the functioning of chatbots, competition becomes quite tough to think which bot is leading its company.

Applications of Chatbots

  • Giving your company a new face

Employing a chatbot can be very advantageous as it gives a face to your brand. If you have designed a remarkable personality of your bot, customer interaction will increase on your site.

The personality of a chatbot includes the grammar, tone, and how the bot represents itself as a representative of a particular company or brand.

  • No holiday for a chatbot!

A chatbot is a software and so it is never on leave. Even on weekends, it works as an active customer service provider to aid the users.

  • Generate leads

The bots answer three times faster than human beings. In this way, they are quite helpful to generate leads. According to research:

Many companies increased their sales by 67% through chatbots.

  • Inform you about customer practices

As bots engage with multiple users at the same time, they will let you know about customer behaviors.

This strategy will help you in near future to solve different problems faced by customers. Furthermore, keeping in view the information related to users on your site, you can make amendments to your content if required.

  • Efficiency in Customer Service

According to a survey:

Almost 83% of people are in need of some support while shopping online.

This survey is pointing towards the fact that many of us do not have much experience with online shopping. Sometimes while purchasing something from online sites, we think that the store from where we are going to buy something may be spam.

We all have insecurities and often they should be. Many customers require someone who could answer the problems they face on the online sites. That’s why many business owners and brands have introduced chatbots as their virtual assistants.

The bots remain active all the time even when you are in deep sleep. They make you feel satisfied with the thing that when some customer questions even in the midnight, someone will be there to answer to their queries. This is one of the best reasons that bots are being loved and the first priority of every brand and affiliate.

Numerous varieties of bots

There is not a single type of chatbot. In the past, companies used to work with first-generation bots that were not so efficient to execute user experiences.

Then came another type of chatbots known as Rule-based chatbots. These bots were too limited that business marketers thought that there must be some other sort of bot that can carry out multiple functions.

And so Artificial Intelligence chatbots were being launched. The best thing about AI bots is that they can talk in a more humane manner rather than in a robotic way. Users felt amused when they conversed with chatbots. Moreover, traffic began to increase with the onset of bots.

The AI chatbot can engage with customers through messaging apps. As the bot remains active for 24 hours, the consumer response rate increases. Some of the best reasons for utilizing AI bots are:

  • The AI bot is an awesome source of human-like conversation.
  • Saves your time, energy and money.
  • Customer satisfaction increases if bot answers to their queries instantly.
  • AI bots learn about customers by tracking information about them. In this way, they become aware of how to deal with different customers and how to carry out different tasks assigned to them.

According to research conducted by Grand View:

By the year 2025, the chatbot economy will be $1.25 billion worldwide.

Chatbots not only communicate well but also are faster learners. They learn with experience, the very human feature. These virtual agents have highly increased in the business world. According to a survey:

 80% of business owners have already integrated the bots as their virtual assistants.

Some business experts have proved that chatbots can be a great companion for the HR department. They can conduct interviews with applicants. All the same, bots can aid you in training the employees.

They will help to communicate in a more interactive way rather than in a traditional manner.

Best Chatbot Providers of 2021

Following are some of the top providers of chatbots. These chatbot providers have grown very faster in 2021 and continue to grow further.

1. Chatfuel

It is one of the best chatbot providers for the year 2021. Founded in 2015, the company has made several developments in these 6 years. Chatfuel builds up bots for Facebook without the implementation of coding.

It provides several conversational principles on the dashboard along with some tools useful for creating a chatbot of your choice.

Chatfuel enables the bot to be added to your database area while conversing with customers. This feature assists you for future purposes.

Moreover, Chatfuel has an analytic system that helps to check the performance of the bot. Although most of the parts of Chatfuel are free some charge. For example, the Premium plan of Chatfuel costs $300 per month.

2. Botsociety

This chatbot provider helps you to design a bot for Facebook Messenger, Slack, or for your own website and app. This company provides easy access to create chat designs.

It has a specific chatbot design known as a ‘Decision tree’. It doesn’t cost when you startup. The conversations held on this platform can be exported. This will definitely help you utilize the same bot in many apps and can share the chatbot’s code with shareholders.

Botsociety offers integrations with Rasa, Azure, and many others. Moreover, it permits users to edit variables in their corresponding designs. A team of Botsociety is there to help users with everything they need to know.

3. Landbot

This chatbot provider is greatly known as a good constructor. Landbot lets you start without charges and guides you on how to use the bot in the right way.

The chatbot type of this provider is a button-based decision tree. As far as budget is concerned, the first month is free. With the help of Landbot, you have different categories of boxes that you can connect with each other.

If you want to design a bot for making a proper schedule or to keep your customers engaged on your site, this chatbot provider will be suitable for you. Moreover, it can very efficiently answer the questions.

It helps you to build up eye-catching bots. The special thing about Landbot is that it provides you with a human agent to help in sensitive matters.

4. Smartloop

The chatbot provider facilitates carrying out a conversation with your agent. The apps that follow Smartloop are Facebook Messenger, Viber. It is free in the beginning and later on, charges $10 per month.

Smartloop assists to re-build the leads. Moreover, you can make changes in your bot for better services. This chatbot provider can control a large number of conversations. Samartloop has a strong conversational flow builder. This feature enables the users to images, cards, quick replies, etc.

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge for employing Smartloop. The chatbot provider offers another amazing feature of multichannel capabilities. Samartloop supports various channels. It allows its users to create bots at their desired channels.

In addition, Smartloop allows making use of a number of languages.  When building your bot, you don’t need any additional information or tools. It gives you the option of LiveChat support.

5. Cognigy

It is a German Chatbot provider. Its chatbot type is contextual.  Cognigy gives the opportunity of deep learning for better performance.

If you are in the market and want to meet up your service demands, then this chatbot provider will be suitable for you. It is a source of a number of languages and gives high-quality chat services.

If you overlook all of these chatbot providers, they are the best working sources in some way or the other. Make sure that a chatbot is part of your customer service team. Chatbots are a great tool for According to a survey conducted before the year 2020:

Around 80% of brands and business owners want chatbots by 2020.

Today, a large population of the world has got addicted to social media. This in turn has increased the proportion of influencers who work for some brands and are paid back to the extent of their work.

According to a survey:

Brands that communicate with their customers on social media were successful to enhance customer spend from 20% to 40%.

Chatbots are everywhere. Whatever app you use has a bot in it. You can say that no business deal can be accomplished without the support of a chatbot.

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