How to Start a Dropshipping Business on Shopify

How to Start a Dropshipping Business on Shopify
ShopSmarts.AI – How to Start a Dropshipping Business on Shopify

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is really amazing business for a beginner, someone who is starting out because there is literally no risk. When you are starting out, the only thing you have to pay for is the Shopify plan which is 29$ a month and you might have to pay for the domain name. The beautiful part about dropshipping is that you don’t take any inventory risk.

At the beginning with drop shipping, you can test out if a product is good. You can build a brand in a drop shopping store.

Initially you don’t have to order a hundred or a thousand units because there are a lot of suppliers out there who will drop ship for you. They also put nice logo on it and they do it very well with great packaging and great branding design. That way, you are not taking any risk on the inventory.

When you want to get customers on your store to pay for your product, then and only then, you will send the money and pay your supplier.

For example: If someone pays you 50 dollars on your store and you pay for the product10 dollars to your supplier. Then you pocket the difference between 40$, for ad you spent 10$ to acquire the customer. So, 30 dollars is your profit and that’s amazing. 

 How to find the best product in Shopify:

This is the area that I highly recommend to go by.

1: Wow factor:  Your product must have a wow factor.

2: Great Quality and Great new Design: The product must be high quality. It must have great quality and great new design. If you find product on Ali express and the quality is bad then your store will always be hindered. The better the product and the quality is, the better you set yourself up for faster and more success from the beginning. 

3: find the product on Ali express or Ali Baba: Ali express is the most common and the most competitive drop shipping website

4: Passionate niche /target market: if your product is in passionate niche target like camping, hiking, fishing or beauty, then people are very passionate about such awesome products.

 How to set up Shopify store:

Step 1:

  • Go and open up
  • Put an email address and a password. Or create a new one.
  • Write an attractive store name, like Michel hats.
  • By getting successful entry, you will see a new tab.
  • “Tell us a little bit about yourself”. Here you have got to put the right info like I am not selling the product or I am playing around.
  • “do you want something to sell?” , this you can answer that “yes I have a product to sell and it will be ready soon”
  • After that below you can select your current revenue. Like “I am just getting started” or up to 5000$
  • Then you click next, you can also skip it.

Step: 2

  • When you set up the account, you are welcomed into a Shopify dashboard. There are a lot of things that pop up like how much money you are making and you can do other things like decide to plan your store, set up your space, or add items.
  • First thing you can do is add themes. You can get them free or if you want to get the best themes, you better buy them from Shopify themes. For example: minimalist style
  • Upload your logo. You can create your logo on illustrator or or probably the best would be to go to Fiverr. There you can get amazing logo at reasonable price.
  • Upload pictures to the website. Present your product in the best possible light. Make sure the pictures are high quality professional. Take a clear pictures with white background.
  • Type the best keywords for your product. Make sure you choose the right keywords like “Premium Laser Hair Removal”
  • You can use competitors as inspiration. See how they add themes and pictures. But do not copy them.

Step: 3

  • Set up a collection of products.
  • Go to products on Shopify interface. Click on add a product.
  • You should start with adding one product. Confucius said “if you go catch two rabbits, you will catch none”. So make sure that you focus on one thing until you succeed.
  • Type in the title for example “Purify Skin Advanced Premium Laser Hair Removal Device”
  • Next in description, you can write “the best laser device in the world”
  • Then drag the selected images you want to upload.
  • In pricing, try to be reasonable at first. Pick 100$ for a premium product.
  • Product available : 100000
  • Weight: 100g
  • And lastly hit Save.

   Step: 4     

                Which apps we should install onto our Shopify store?

There are a lot of amazing apps on Shopify. Shopify has rapidly grown and continue to grow. There are free ones and paid ones. The paid ones are usually the ones that we recommend you. They will pay off themselves way more and will make you way more profit.

1: Order Lookup App:

This app allows us to install like an order look-up onto our store. It looks great because if we are having a supplier ship, then when a customer get a tracking number, he can just go onto the website and he will see a perfect order look-up number. You can go to question section and basically have your own answers to those questions.

2: Loox review:

Loox app allows us to have pictures reviews on our page. It actually lets you post your own reviews at the very beginning. This is why it is super important to have great reviews at the beginning.

3: Klaviyo:

Klaviyo is another interesting pick for the list. It is an email marketing app.

4: Oberlo:

If you want to use the old way of copying and pasting the products from Ali express, you would need Oberlo. This is not branded shipping. You are basically just copying and pasting. This method doesn’t work very well.

Step: 5


Now getting all the pages that you need. Click on navigation, go to main menu. Create buttons. For example: contact us, menu item can be Shop handset.

                      The technical stuff in Shopify:

Domain Name:

When you create Shopify store, it is not by default. So we must have a proper domain name. Connect your domain after you have purchased. Go on google domains. Type in your domain for example Barbecue So you probably will see that often such names are taken. Sometimes you have to dig deep to choose a powerful domain name that is appealing and looks pragmatic. It really helps your store appear on top of the list.


  • Go to home page title and put the right info in it like Purify Premium Cream. You can get inspiration from a competitor.
  • In meta description, looks for the best keywords like “the best hair removal device” or “remove hair easily”
  • Google analytics is really powerful and it basically let you see how long visitors are staying on your store. It allow us to track a lot of stuff on our store. You can also generate reports.
  • Next, Facebook pixel is basically like an automatic robot that automatically learn from every single action that a potential visitor or customer takes on your page.

Payment providers:

  • The two payments providers that you absolutely need on your store are PayPal and Shopify payments.
  • Install Shopify payments; it will walk you through a step-by-step process to install everything.
  • If you have business, put in corporation
  • Then put all the information as you scroll down.
  • Next, they ask you for a bank account

Shopify Plans:

  • At first you get a 14 days trial. Then you can easily convert to 29$ monthly plan by the end of your trial. It’s very cheap.
  • If you have a lot of sales, you can upgrade to higher plans.
  • Remember transaction rates are different in each plans. In order to understand this, try using Google ; “Shopify transaction calculator fees”


  • Shipping origin is the address that you entered for your business when you signed up for Shopify.
  • Set up shipping zones; know that people shouldn’t get overcharged for shipping.
  • Free shipping is not a good option. You should definitely charge for low price product
  • Select the right country for shipping.
  • Try to choose e-packed countries. These countries have better shipping agreements.

E-mail Marketing:

If you overlook e-mail marketing, that’s a huge mistake because e-mail marketing is a huge part of becoming profitable with your Shopify store. There’s two things in regular Shopify store; the front end and the back end.

The front end is when customers go onto our store, they see our ad and buy from our actual sales page.

But most of the money will be made on your back end. You can never rely on just running ads or constantly getting to have new customers to go on your store and purchase your product. It’s always better to sell to the same customer than it is to acquire a new customer. That is why we have to develop our back end.

Running Paid Ads:

There are a lot of different ad sources and types of traffic that you can run. For examples: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Bing. But the best ones that we highly recommend are Facebook ads and Google Ads.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads are amazing because if you have some money to spend with slightly higher budget even 300 or 400 dollars, then you can really give your store a big huge jump start. It is massive for drop shipping.

  • Go to Facebook
  • Create a business manager
  • Put in the right info and advertise.

Google Ads:

Google ads is virtually guaranteed to be profitable for you because people who already know your store and search for your product online will get to you right away.

  • Go to google ads.
  • Type in the exact campaign name
  • The best campaign would be to create a Google PPC campaign.
  • You make sure that when someone types Purify Skin that our website pops up at the very top.
  •  Turn off display network
  • Select all e-packet countries
  • Select conversions and the theme
  • Finally do the web processing and hit save and continue.

Instagram Influencers:

We live in influencer’s age. Influencers are amazing and businesses have been built to the billions of dollars just on influencers. This is fantastic if you have around 300 to 400$ budget. Influencer’s ad is always best.

Important tips for Shopify Success:

Many people try to start this business, they get into e-commerce and they fail. The biggest reasons why people fail. It all comes down to few reasons:

1: Take Action:

The biggest to succeed is to simply take action. If you take actions, it means you are serious about changing your life. Put everything into practice.

2: Don’t give up:

Many people won’t make sale right away. But you should get used to Shopify and design your store so that it looks nice. Don’t rush things.

3: Product not selling:

Your funnel is only as good as your weakest link. Your entire store is marketing funnel. It is a great way for you to get customers, to sell a product. If your product is not selling, try to find your weakest link. It can be anything like the price may be too high, may be your pictures are not good enough.  Try to emulate your competitor’s strategies and improve on them.

                  “Common Questions on Shopify Drop shipping”

Can I do drop shipping on shopify from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter wherever you are in the world. The ability to work from anywhere is really attractive. Today, there are incredible opportunities for people to change their lives with online business with drop shipping. With e-commerce, we are undergoing the craziest transformation in history and e-commerce is huge. In fact, e-commerce is going to be 100 times bigger than what it is now.

How much money do I need to start drop shipping on shopify?

You can start with as little as 200$ or 300$. That’s enough money for you to get your store up and running. The great part about drop shipping is that you don’t need a lot of money in the beginning.

Can’t customer just go on Ali express and buy it themselves?

Yes, they can but they won’t. There is reason why there are so many successful brands out there. All the products are made in china. They all can be found on Ali Express. But people still want to buy the product in their online stores, not from Ali express. Why? Because people want quality. Quality only comes If you build a brand and that is why branded drop shipping is the perfect way to start. It is the true way to win on Shopify.

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