5 Marketing Tools To Assist With Influencer Outreach

Marketing Tools To Assist With Influencer Outreach
Marketing Tools To Assist With Influencer Outreach

In the field of business, almost all marketers and professionals have developed their own set of marketing tools. These tools can assist in accomplishing different things. For instance, marketing tools are great at creating brand awareness, increasing the generation of leads, and also sales. Moreover, you can increase the number of customers opting for purchasing your products.

In order to succeed in your business, you must be aware of the kinds of marketing tools. Not all marketing tools can be suitable for your business. The one appropriate to you and your company can further assist to shape your marketing strategy. In the present time, marketing with social media has become very common.

Sometimes, it may happen that you are doing well with your marketing strategy, but somehow fail to sell than expected. Look, for example, you have just initiated your beauty products store online.

The marketing strategy campaign has also been on the way with some influencer who has millions of followers on Instagram. The influencer posts a good amount of content on his/her posts. And every single post is getting thousands of likes and comments.

A startling thing happens. In the next two months, the products don’t get many sales as you had expected. Only a small number of products get sold out. Of course, you get upset. But did you figure out why this happened?

The problem lies in the fact that you had chosen the wrong influencer for the promotion of your products. Actually, you, unfortunately, went for an irrelevant influencer outreach method. In order to save yourself from such inconvenience, go for a well-defined influencer outreach strategy.

What exactly is Influencer Outreach?

Influencer outreach is an excellent way of promoting your brand. You hire some influencer who helps to deliver your message to a large audience of people. Since this is an age of marketing social media, people love to use the products that their favorite celebrity or influencer recommends to them.

By using influencer outreach, your influencer can connect your brand with the target audience. An influencer has the power to build trust in your target audience. He/she can influence people in a number of ways. Like for instance, you outreach an influencer for promoting your brand, now it will be the responsibility of the influencer to create such content that will urge people to buy your products and services.

For instance, you hire a person to advertise your brand, and that influencer posts a story or a general post giving a review about the product. The number of comments and likes on that post will point out the interest of people towards your brand.

How much does an influencer charge?

It is quite common that a celebrity influencer will charge you more than expected. The endorsement of a celebrity influencer is greater. However, it is a slow process and may take time to find out the most suitable influencer for your brand. You can use another effective strategy of going for a person who has similar business goals as you have. The benefit will be that the influencer has already developed a good understanding and trust in their audience.

It is not an easy task to choose the right influencer for your brand. Sometimes you may not find the right person for your advertising campaign. Nevertheless, it is a time-taking process and you cannot find the perfect individual for promoting your company.

From the beginning to the end, you should be careful and professional in selecting the right person. Go for the right strategy while working with someone you are not familiar with. If you go for the wrong person, you will only be left with a loss of time and your money.

Marketing tools:

There are some amazing marketing tools that work best. You should seek the following ones:

  • Traackr

Since the time Traackr came into being, the main goal was to build an influencer relationship. No matter how much time has been passed since it was created, the approach is the same, building friendly relations.

With the assistance of IMB, the marketing tool Traackr will find out how your influencer is processing his/her work. Traackr will also enable you to know about the worth of your influencer’s presence on social media and also their charges in comparison to the other brands.

How can you access this marketing tool?  

Access to Traackr is given on the basis of annual subscriptions. This tool is really great for a medium to some large brand. In order to get specific pricing, you can explicitly contact Traackr .

  • Linkedln:

It is considered to be one of the best marketing tools. LinkedIn helps to grow your business. It involves a network of business professionals who perform their jobs quite well. This tool helps to create a network. You can find influencers on Linkedln by viewing the following tactics:

  • By defining your goals, you will be able to find an influencer related to your niche.
  • You can search by using some strong keywords on Linkedln. In this way, you will be able to find out those people who have used those keywords.
  • It may happen that some influencers may not respond for the first time. But you can contact them twice if you think that the influencer is competent and can do the job quite well.
  • Linkedln is a platform of writers. People use it for publishing their content. You can use the name of the authors and can find relevant list of articles.
  • You can find out the influence of an influencer by viewing their posts. How they engage with people or how people respond in comment section will give you the whole idea.
  • Buzzsumo:

Another effective tool for marketing is Buzzsumo. It is considered to be a great platform for finding potential outreach chances. This tool will help you to discover the posts that have been given enough likes and shares.

It also assists you to find out a particular influencer for your brand. A person who will promote your products and services. Buzzsumo figures out the content research. This tool helps to discover the most relevant piece of content. Just search for a topic and see what you will find.

  • Agorapulse:

This marketing tool helps you to manage your social media messages in a single place. In order to do so, you can use the inbox feature of Agorapulse. Using this marketing tool will actually enable you to get all of your messages on the same platform.

Your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln accounts are interconnected. This tool can also assist you to publish your content. It can even track social activity. Can help you to figure out what your competitors are doing and how you can succeed.

  • Keyhole:

By using the marketing tool of Keyhole, you can discover the most relevant posts related to your products. You can do so by the use of hashtags. It will also enable you to find relevant data about your brand. Moreover, you can track out fake followers through this tool.

Keyhole helps to find you the most relevant influencers for your brand. It is very easy to use. You can use the optimization recommendations in order to increase your advertising campaigns.   

However, there is no need to worry about it. We will tell you some awesome tips for working with an influencer for marketing. Just have a look at these tactics.

  • Be well-informed with your goals:

In the process of influencer marketing, you should be well aware of your target audience. It is usually the first step that will lead you towards your perfect influencer plus meeting the needs and demands of your audience.

You should know what you are trying to convey to your audience and by which means. Will the person that you have selected be capable of delivering your message? You can also build up a persona in this regard. A persona will keep you on track. You will be able to figure out the person who is doing marketing effectively and the audience is also happy with the influencer.

  • Go for the right influencer:

You can make a list of your short-term and long-term goals. This list should include your choice of the right influencers for your brand. Not all influencers are suitable for all brands. Influencers work in their specific niche.

You can hire someone with the help of references. This means you can take someone’s advice who has already worked with some influencer. A reference will help you to start working with a person who has good experience in the advertisement. And instead of wasting your time and money, you will be able to promote your brand.

  • Building a good business relationship with the influencer:

While working with an influencer, you need to build a strong professional relationship with the person you have just started working with. In this way, you will be able to convey your message in a better way.

If you want to add something, you can directly ask the influencer toad or change this or that in the content they are using in advertising your product. Having a better understanding of the influencer helps to promote your products impressively.


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