How Does Tidio Chatbot Work?

How Does Tidio Chatbot Work
ShopSmarts.AI – How Does Tidio Chatbot Work

Many businesses are moving from traditional to digital platforms with the advancement in technology. This convenience in technology is being implemented by Artificial Intelligence (Al) techniques. So the chatbots are from the Al techniques category that are growing their applications. A chatbot is computer software that simulates human conversation through text chats, voice commands, or both. Therefore, a chatbot can be embedded and used through major messaging applications as it is an artificial intelligence feature. Some examples of chatbot technology are virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and messaging apps. Tidio chatbot is getting popular in different sectors of the advanced industry. Moreover, the chatbots and insurance industries are going hand in hand because insurance chatbots are helping organizations in their product selling and services. So generally speaking, chatbots reduce the manpower in call centers that is a helpful step for organizations to cut down on overhead expenses.

How Chatbot Helps Businesses?

Business is all about reaching the relevant customers, but the conventional routes have made it difficult to predict and analyze audience preferences and interests. Therefore, the Tidio chatbot is specifically designed according to the marketing endeavors and customer services strategies. The chatbots monitor customers’ behavior and track their interests which is helpful to push relevant notifications based on audience interest. So the chatbot button builds good relationships with customers and encourages them to buy preferred items.

What is the Tidio Chatbot?

Tidio is a live chat software that is in use on over 300,000 websites worldwide, and it contains features like email and buildable chatbot workflows. Tidio chatbot was founded by “Martin Wiktor” and “Titus Folas” in 2013.  Moreover, the company has headquarters in Poland, Szczecin, San Francisco, and London. Tidio chatbot WordPress offers a live chat feature, email marketing functionality, unlimited chatbots with customizable workflows, and basic site reporting. Tidio has built an integration with different popular software applications. These applications also include “Zapier” which allows users to integrate with different other software systems.

Tidio chatbot is an affordable live chat solution, and it has an entirely free plan. So you can say it’s an ideal chatbot button for a small business. Overall, Tidio is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool. However, we also recommend exercising caution because of unreliable chat notifications that could impact custom service quality. Given its easy-to-navigate layouts and flexible pricing, Tidio is ideal as a live chat tool.


The Tidio chatbot is an efficient and time-saving tool for companies to increase service productivity or increase sales. The rapidly growing digital world is increasing customers’ expectations, and consumers expect companies to be available 24/7. In this way, consumers will be more informed about the availability of the products and services. Therefore, the Tidio chatbot WordPress is changing the needs of customers by raising their qualities. These chatbots are replacing other live chat and previously used forms of contact, such as phone calls and emails. The Tidio chatbot has the potential to increase customers experience by

  • Providing 24/7 support to customers
  • Lowering customer waiting time by giving an immediate answer
  • Reducing the threat of unpleasant interactions between customer and sales representative
  • Streamlining the conversation by increasing the redirection of customer queries
  • Improving brand image by adding different customized elements to the chatbot
  • Advancing customer experience with the use of Al-enabled chatbot button

Additionally, technologies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have developed their messaging applications into the Tidio chatbot platform that can handle various services like payments, bookings, and orders. Moreover, the Tidio chatbot offers users the ability to find the answers to their problems. So the interaction has become easier with the help of Tidio as customers do not have to fill out forms to get appropriate solutions related to their problems.

Working of Tidio Chatbot:

Tidio Chatbot is made for a specific reason. For instance, a telecom company will create a bot to address customer service questions, and a store will build chatbot services to assist consumers in placing orders. There are three modules that a Tidio chatbot adopt for working:

  1. Pattern Matchers:

Tidio chatbot WordPress uses pattern Matchers to categorize the text and form a suitable response for the consumers. The “artificial intelligence markup language” is a standard structure of pattern Matchers. So the Tidio chatbot can respond to anything related to the associated patterns. However, it goes beyond the pattern Matchers because algorithms are beneficial for an advanced level of working.

  • Algorithms:

The algorithm is a unique pattern that must be available in the Tidio chatbot WordPress database to provide an appropriate response for all types of questions. The hierarchy is created with combinations of several patterns, and the algorithms are ideal for lowering the number of classifiers by creating a manageable structure. The best example of text classification and algorithm for NLP is multinational naive Bayes. For instance, let’s look at the set of sentences from a particular class. With a new input sentence, each word is counted for its occurrence. Each class is assigned a score, and the classification score identifies the part with the highest matches. So the highest score provides a relativity base.

  • Artificial Neural Networks:

The neural network is a method of output calculation for the input with the help of weighted connections that are calculated from repeated duplications. With the help of artificial neural networking, each sentence is broken down into separate words, and these words are in use as input for neural networks. This trained data of a neural network is an algorithm with less or more code. There are different variations in pattern matching code, algorithm, and neural networks. However, complications may increase depending upon the variations.

Pricing and Cost:

Tidio chatbot ranges from $10 to $46 monthly depending upon the products you want to buy. However, additional live chat series cost $10 for each. Let’s have a look at the pricing range of different terms of Tidio:

Free: Include basic chatbot features and live chat.

Communicator: It starts from $18/month for live typing and valuable customer information.

Chatbots: The price starts at $18 per month for unlimited chat templates and active chatbots.

Professional Plan: Contact Tidio chatbot for custom pricing.

Email Marketing: Email marketing range is from $10 per month for email campaigns.

Tidio Key Features:

Tidio chatbot offers exclusive features that are helpful for the company’s customer engagement requirements. Here are some features of this chatbot button for business growth;

Live Chat:

One of the best features of Tidio is a live chat that allows customer service agents to interact with website visitors in real-time. The chat window is accessible to customers when they enter the websites. So the Tidio chatbot is intuitive and effective for visitors.

Chat Interface:

The first tab on the left is the chat tab after logging into the Tidio workspace. All conversations can be viewed from the chat tab along with chat history. The representatives get a notification of waiting for chats with a red notification bubble and a sound.

Customizable Workflow:

Tidio customizable workflows make creation of chatbots without code. Usually, businesses design chatbots to provide answers to visitors’ questions or gather their contact information. So the Tidio chatbot WordPress can be built intricately or simply according to users’ requirements.

Quick Response:

Quick responses are chat shortcuts that save agents time while interacting with customers. Moreover, the customers can also save, create and use innumerable quick responses.

Typing Preview:

With the Tidio chatbot, agents can see what the customers are typing in the chat box, and it allows them to respond quickly.

File Sharing:

Agents can send images, files, and GIFs to visitors within the chat.

Visitor Information:

Within chats, visitors’ IP addresses, email devices, and viewed pages are displayed to the representative. Therefore, additional information can be accessed through the visitor tab.

Widget Customization:

Tidio chatbot WordPress is capable of changing the background, colors, and position of the page.


Tidio chatbot button has built an integration with seventeen software tools and four major categories; help desk, email marketing, customer relationship management, and email marketing. Some examples of key integrations are:

  • Hubspot
  • Shopify
  • Google analytics
  • Zendesk
  • MailChimp


Tidio offers exclusive email marketing templates. Once you upload your company name and logo, you will be able to edit the template according to your needs.


Different organizations can deploy Tidio chatbot for multiple functions, and some of them are:

Information Assistance:

Tidio chatbots can use agents as they know how to assist and educate customers on different products.


Businesses can use the Tidio chatbot button to launch new campaigns. Therefore, the chatbot helps insurers in their brand marketing.

Simple Claim Process:

Chatbots are beneficial for customers in different ways, such as for survey appointments, and registration processes.

Customer Support:

The Tidio chatbot offers ideal customer support with 24/7 availability. So basically, Tidio is designed to give customers accurate solutions related to their queries.

Benefits of Using Tidio Chatbot:

There are plenty of benefits associated with the Tidio chatbot for businesses. For instance, more satisfied customers and improved consumer experience increase the chances of company success. Other benefits include:


Tidio chatbot is a one-time investment that is cheaper and faster than hiring additional employees and creating a cross-platform app. Therefore, it is the best solution to reduce the cost and errors caused by humans.

Saves Time:

Chatbot buttons can automate tasks that are performed within a specific time. Moreover, chatbots also offer the ability to provide fast answers.

Customer Interaction:

The best thing to consider about the Tidio chatbot is it provides organizations an ability to interact with customers and monitor how customers use their landing pages and websites. The gathered information is beneficial to help buyers’ in site navigation.

Analyze and Monitor Customer Data:

Tidio chatbot collects feedback from interactions, and it is a helpful step for businesses to optimize their website and improve services. They can also track consumers’ purchasing patterns and behavior by recording data. Therefore, the collected information can provide companies with greater insight into how to better their services.

Increase Customer’s Engagement:

Many companies use social media to engage with customers. However, the chatbot button is the most ideal and interactive way. So the buyers’ can talk with agents as it is an open channel of communication.

Enhance Customer’s Base:

Tidio chatbot can lead generations as the chatbot will provide potential customers information to the sales team and the Tidio chatbot will increase conversion rates.

Tidio Alternatives:

In terms of monthly cost, Tidio is similar to Freshchat and Pure Chat. However, the Tidio chatbot free plan is well rounded than Crisp, but it is not as robust as the Tawk. Here are some Tidio alternatives listed below:

  • Gist
  • Crisp
  • Live chat
  • Freshchat
  • Tawk

Is Tidio Chatbot Ideal for You?

Tidio chatbot WordPress is an email marketing and live chat software. The tool offers a substantial free plan that includes email campaigns capabilities and a basic chatbot. The pricing plan is flexible and works on a mix-and-match basis. Therefore, Tidio is an exclusive software, and we recommend it as the best solution for small to medium businesses that want a hassle-free working experience using live chat tools. So if you are looking for advanced software with more representatives, you should consider the Tidio chatbot.

Conclusion: Tidio chatbots are some of the most exclusive tools in the customer experience environment. With a chatbot button, businesses can automate the answering process of repetitive queries for customers, reducing the pressure on the agent, and speeding the resolution time. However, Tidio chatbots are expected to grow their popularity in the future as it is still a relatively new concept in the modern marketplace. A survey from a computer software company found that 80% of brands are planning to incorporate chatbots in their business strategies. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are growing with time, and this improvement will also impact data collection. Therefore, IT companies are working to create a voice-based Tidio chatbot that will act as a conversational agent, responds in the same language, and understands different languages.

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