Chatbot Personality Types For eCommerce Websites

Chatbot Personality Types For eCommerce Websites – Chatbot Personality Types For eCommerce Websites

According to product recommendations for personal business and personal services to customers order management, use cases for chatbot e-commerce solutions are infinite. This is why the e-commerce industry is one of the first industries to adopt chatbots and virtual conversations, assistants AI.

And the need for e-commerce cats was never bigger than it is today. Online Shopping is one of the most popular activities around the world, and the industry is more competitive than ever. There is a new healthy pipeline for the first digital traders based on the idea of the client obsession and extremely extreme seamless experiences. At the same time, traditional bricks and mortar merchants are accelerated digital innovation due to COVID-19 which is a goal to eliminate friction, while interactions respond with highly personalized clients with clients on a scale. In fact, McKinsey reported that in eight weeks, the digital adoption of consumers and five years of business happened at Covid-19.

It all happens at a time when people are less faithful. Surprisingly only 9% of consumers today are faithful brands. E-commerce Company Compete and Customer Experience and Price: 61% Changed Brands due to poor customer service, and more than half of Americans have passed the planned purchase or transaction due to poor service. However, service priority customers can pay: 78% of customers say the quality of service is necessary to get their own businesses and American consumers say that they are ready to spend 17% more business with companies. They offer excellent service.

In this publication, we dive into the best time of use for chatbot e-commerce, our favorite e-commerce cats of all time, and strategies for successful e-commerce cx strategy automation.

What are higher cases of using e-commerce in Chatbots?

E-commerce companies can enjoy chatbots to speed up all the journey to the customer. Here are our favorites of use:

1. Replies frequently asked questions about customer service.

Chatbots service is one of the most common causes of IA in industry, but are particularly common in e-commerce space: attention to products and rules for returning to guarantee and solving problems can provide immediate answers to common questions, can save a person To move through the site of the online knowledge base or reach a channel that requires heavier lifting.

2. Personal purchases and product discovery.

Feeding chatbots can include customers who prefer to deal with very personal product recommendations. Chatbots are also often used during the holiday season, help customers find the perfect gift for everyone on your list based on prices, interest, and other attributes.

3. Conversation stores

E-commerce chatbots can provide a shopping center and a problem purchase without problems, and all in natural interface via Live Chat page, Facebook and Social Networks, E-mail and SMS applications.

4. Prevention back

It is estimated that more than 30% of all online purchases are returned. If the customer performs an action indicating that the return is probably, chatbots electronic business can intervene preventively to prevent feedback. For example, if a person checked the sizing and added two of the same items in the basket in different sizes, the chatbot can intervene to find the right size. This allows not only to eliminate the client to go through the hassle of returning the article but also save the significant costs of the seller related to return.

5. To make management

Make small changes to the order or monitoring the state of delivery are tasks in the world that should not require a human being. Not only is it expensive to have people performing these simple tasks, but often results in a long time and greater resolution, and increased frustration customers

Chatbot Personality

How can you give yourself the personality Bot Chat? Do you really need it? Should we be fun, cheeky, or robot and monotonous? What is the personality that will serve better given the type of conversation for chatbot can have?

All these questions and rolled questions, you should think about looking for answers and start using for e-commerce.

Personality ChatBot is also known as “botsanality” really Ux (user experience) from ChatBot. We know how important UX is for any software application. The first impression is given the appearance and sense of request play an important role in the buyer who uses it, spreading information on this topic, etc.

What is a big personality problem?


As chatbots are becoming more and more fertile, their goal has not changed. They quickly developed from the modern vision “to be digital” in the authentic spread of its brand through significant conversations with customers. If your chatbot suits, gives recommendations to purchase, sort, and troubleshoot customer problems, or simply participates in the Chitchat General, your chatbot must be recognized as an ambassador of the critical brand of your organization. As such, the same degree of control should be applied to chatbot interactions, given the traditional trials of the brand. Similar to amazing interactions with the Human Service Representative for users, exceptional chatbot experiences contribute to strengthening the positive brand and goodwill. The conversations of your chatbot have the user, for good or evil, be part of the tapestry fabrics that is his brand and reputation.

In addition, research shows that chatbot personality is a key factor in chatbot engagement and the use of repetition, two essential parameters for a successful bot.

Chatbots with well-defined personalities for eCommerce websites prove to provide better results for both the business and the customer.

With new human knowledge, we attract us to convince people and spend more time with those who find attractions. In the same way, from the robot, the duration of the conversation and the number of visits to Australia is, everything else, higher, more chatbots that show a convincing personality that those who are in robotics (pronunciation of the word game), opaque or dimension.

Why do Chatbots need a personality?

When visiting customers all in trade, customers communicate the actual person, a member of staff, who has trained to use different customer service techniques to ensure that the customer has a satisfactory experience. Similarly, Chatbot needs a personality to take into account the experiences and interactions of real users.

Chatbot personality is the number one factor to make an emotional connection with customers. People interacting with Chatbots every day through interface conversation. These conversations must be adjusted to make more desires to be human so that customers have an emotional connection with this experience. This can be able to configure a complete chatbot personality, which makes it useful for the customer and makes it a sign to stand out. Having a unique personality causes a conversation to participate and build a connection between the brand and its client.

, Without different personalities, the conversation tends to create an ordinary experience and does not connect to the clientele base. The goal is to make this interaction with a friend; most relaxing, staff, and devotional to the conversation, the more likely customers are to return to their product or service. This turns into increasing the sale of repetitive companies and brand loyalty.

However, it is also important that you do not perform customers or flood through a complicated conversation. Talks must be simple and easy to understand. It is, therefore, necessary to predict customer experiences in structuring chatbot talks.

Personality creates a deeper understanding of chatbots:

• Goal

• Style of communication through language selection.

• mood

• Tonic

Here is how Chatbot personality helps to control scenarios and guarantee to resonate the conversation with the customers.

How to build a personality for your chatbot?

So, rightly quoted by Ayelyn Zhou, the main marketing officer, bag, “customer service must be compatible with people, even to those who could be wrong.” Recognize and confirm emotions is often enough for users to feel related negativity and Liberation, while defensive or argument for the deterioration of the problem “.

Understanding people from the target audience, intimate, is very important to build Chatbot personality.

Recognizing routine customer habits, morals, interests, preferences, peculiarities, experiences, and language options are essential in building people with chatbots.

The customer emulating from a person in a chatbot will help create an experience that not only puts your comfort and is less likely to be the cause of irritation or frustration. The buyer of people who know help has achieved a balance between the amount of kindness, humor, and information that can be provided during the conversation.

Depending on the type of customer, it is the interaction, as people, the chatbot must also show several personality traits. For example, in the case of user’s responses, you need to prove empathy and be patient. For tasks that include sales, he must convince and confirm, like a real-life dealer. For compromised customers, it must be fun, friendly, and conversations. If you had to make a combination of these tasks, the personality should also take into account the features accordingly.

Here is a List of Personality Chatbots


This bot is a four-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test and claims to be the world’s best AI conversational chatbot. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Guardian, Wired, and more.


A personality to provide riddles/clues without ads, emails, or other messy marketing. For Facebook, Slack, and Telegram.


This bot has a whole life story and is a chat script server hosted on Amazon EC2.


Limited personality and information-providing capabilities. Attempts to be sassy.

Edwin the Foreteller

Consults his magic book to tell the future. For iPhones.

George (Jabberwacky)

Just there to chat. Has “opinions” and will stop talking to you/sass you if you insult him. Looks to be “typing” out answers.


Virtual girlfriend with AI. Build the character for yourself, chat with it, and it will develop different characteristics as it goes.

Virtual Greg Ahern

This bot is in training so ask it questions about Greg Ahern or general conversation.

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