How To Make Money Online With The MobileMonkey Affiliate Program

How To Make Money Online With The MobileMonkey Affiliate Program – How To Make Money With The MobileMonkey Affiliate Program

MobileMonkey is one of the fastest methods to generate income and impact the chat marketing industry in partnership as an Affiliate.

  • Low income. For real.

It’s easy to get recurrent revenue as a MobileMonkey affiliate. People’s passive income is what this is referred to as.

This is more secure than dividend checks, is easier than house management, and is profitable than AdSense.

As long as their references remain, members, MobileMonkey affiliates may rely on checks.

  • Gain 25% for each submission and 5% for each sub-referendum. For life.

That’s straightforward. For you, this is a currency move. You can make money when you send the registration.

We are serious about your job. You are a marketer. You are a shaker. You’re an inspiration. You can reach people far more effectively than we can in your job.

For this reason, we reward the manner we do our affiliates. You will receive a 25 percent price discount for anyone who signs up under your reference.

Make money using a referral

You receive 5 percent of their referral money for everyone who signs up.

  • In your pocket, recurring revenue.

This is not only a one-off compensation. You still receive a proportion of your monthly payment as long as the referral stays a paid member.

We do everything we cannot create to sell snake oil, but here’s how in your life you may turn on a genuine money-car.

  • A strong rebuttal to your work.

What do you need to do to register references?

How about this? Send an e-mail or post in a Facebook group to drop a LinkedIn link.

Any such activities can end up with references and trigger a continual supply of revenue. There is little work, but there’s an enormous return.

  • We’re here to assist you.

We wish to give training and assistance as a MobileMonkey affiliate.

We provide a rich resources library that includes seminars and videos. The Facebook Group at MobileMonkey Island is vibrant and busy, with hundreds of talks and beneficial exchanges. We keep the blog up to date with fresh resources and information.

Make Money With The MobileMonkey Affiliate Program

Who’s the AFFILIATE PROGRAM for mobile monkey?

The affiliate program for MobileMonkey has been developed for all power users of MobileMonkey. The following is a list of our most active and profitable members.

  • Agencies

Marketing agencies are the most active client group in Mobile Monkey and also an important part of the affiliate network of MobileMonkey. MobileMonkey frequently refers to its customers or other agencies.

  • Entrepreneurs

A large number of MobileMonkey users are entrepreneurs who would want to establish or offer chat services to others.

  • Marketers in-house

House marketers generally have a network of marketing connections that trust in their suggestions and are known to them. These internal marketers may refer individuals to MobileMonkey simply via their network.

  • Advisors in Marketing

There has been a degree of confidence and regard among marketing experts. As a result, they are well-positioned to join other firms’ agencies, junior marketing companies, marketing departments, and so on, and become MobileMonkey clients.

  • Freelancers Marketing

The freelance marketing community is massive, and freelancers make up a virtual army. They are active on social media with covert groups such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Start-up marketing

It certainly isn’t surprising, but some of MobileMonkey’s most enthusiastic users are entrepreneurs. They are marketing agencies, SaaS firms, and businesspeople that are the earliest adopters and wish to share their expertise with others using cutting-edge marketing technologies.


To monetize their industry expertise and community, MobileMonkey collaborates with prominent Instagram practitioners.

MobileMonkey supports InstaChamp Ambassadors to share with their tribes the innovative new tools to automate Instagram DMs.

  • Sponsored postal charges
  • All sales commissions mentioned in the subscriber account’s lifetime
  • Companied VIP Creator & Influencer edition
  • Bonus prices for milestones in Instagram sales
  • It will never be as easy to make such a large payment as it is today while InstaChamp is fresh to offering a useful service!

The mobile is not trivial for a product. The mobile is not easy to sell.

MobileMonkey’s objective is not to become a huge company. We aim to keep clever, engaging, and personal. So we decided to go onto the streets to take our marketing (if you can call it that).

Marketing is a natural human propensity, “Let me tell you about something useful for thousands of years. Let us harness the natural desire and word of mouth to inspire a movement as our major development motor.

The most efficient technique of advertising was always the word of mouth. Person A is a private individual, whereas person B is a public figure. Person A is taking the advice of Person B.


This isn’t something that can be calculated. Affiliates include entrepreneurs, agency marketing teams, affiliate marketing veterans, and college students who work a little bit at a time and with a lot of grit.

We’ve discovered a few common traits among top-performing affiliates.

  • The MobileMonkey Pro transition was performed. These affiliates advertise a product they know, use and pay for.

In fact, because they are so enthusiastic about the product, they become affiliates. It’s difficult not to promote something as strong as MobileMonkey to others when you use it.

  • You saw what MobileMonkey could do on its own. The benefits of Messenger chatbot marketing have been witnessed personally by top-earning affiliates who utilize MobileMonkey daily.

  • They have created chatbots. They’ve made use of click-to-messaging advertisements. They’ve used Messenger to send drip marketing. They know how to market MobileMonkey because they’ve experienced its sheer power.

  • MobileMonkey is something they do daily. How frequently do you send text messages, iMessage, WhatsApp messaging, Instagram messages, or Snapchat communications?

If you’re like most people, you send a lot of messages daily. Our big cat affiliates are doing the same thing. They have their affiliate link on hand and send it to a colleague, friend, or professional acquaintance whenever a discussion or encounter goes to business.

It’s a common occurrence. They’re giving people the gift of the world’s greatest chatbot marketing tool every time they engage on social media or messaging applications.

  • They are drawn by nature to aid others.

Marketing might appear to be a sterile corporate word. In reality, it is just the act of one person educating another about something important.

When affiliates spread the word, they are assisting others, which is something that comes naturally to them.


There is a reason for our confidence in MobileMonkey. The final result is excellent. Chatbots are indeed quite effective. Chatbot marketing, of course, has been a huge success.

There is, however, another basis for our belief. Chatbots are the way of the future when it comes to marketing. This type of meteoric marketing trend doesn’t happen very frequently. We learned about it by email. With social media, we have seen it before.

It’s going on with chatbots nowadays. The efficacy of chatbot marketing is obvious. Businesses are pouring money into chatbots to automate whole departments. However, just a small percentage of firms are doing so!

Users have become accustomed to communicating with chatbots and have even begun to look forward to it. Major corporations, such as Facebook, have made a strategic decision to put chatbot marketing and development at the top of their priority list.

The signs are all over the place. What are your intentions to do with this? Chat marketing is a reality in today’s society. One thing is obvious, and you are already doing something (we hope). MobileMonkey is what you’re using. You wield a weapon that may reap enormous dividends for your marketing as a user of the industry’s leading chatbot creator.

You are, nevertheless, in command of a sizable cash flow. Only a small percentage of firms have adopted chatbot marketing at this time. Perhaps their potential or the depth of their effects are not realized.

But, when they do, and as that moment approaches, they will flock to MobileMonkey to buy chatbot marketing software. As an affiliate, you’re on the verge of a revolution, and you’re poised to profit handsomely. Now is the time to stake your claim, become an affiliate, and start earning big bucks.


First and foremost, thank you for visiting. By joining a MobileMonkey affiliate, you’ve made a wise decision. It’s a smart decision that makes a lot of sense from both a strategic and marketing standpoint. After all, if you’re going to use MobileMonkey, you may as well share it with others.

But how do you go about doing it?

How can you move from being a one-time affiliate to receiving monthly PayPal payments in the five-figure range? Here are 10 tactics that are currently being used by successful affiliates.

  1. Disseminate your URL using Twitter.

Become one of the millions of marketers that use Twitter. Distribute material. Leave a comment on a thread. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Also, share your MobileMonkey affiliate link while you’re at it. For even greater exposure, pin a tweet with your affiliate link to the top of your stream.

  • Share your link with everyone.

Each affiliate is given its own link. It’s a monetary ticket. This is the starting point for everything.

You have the opportunity to make money with referrals anywhere you post your link. However, if you post that link with context to your own personal experience with MobileMonkey you’ll be able to get even more referrals.

  • Join LinkedIn groups and interact with others.

Within LinkedIn marketing groups, there is a lot of useful information that is exchanged and acted upon. If you’re a member of one of these organizations, you might be able to earn referrals by sharing your affiliate link.

  • Write a blog post on MobileMonkey.

If you have a blogging platform, you may use it to promote MobileMonkey and provide a link to your site. If you have a good amount of traffic, your link will become a permanent recommendation.

  • Create a Facebook Business Page for yourself.

Some Facebook groups have rules about what kinds of links you may post, and affiliate connections are occasionally prohibited. It’s no issue. Create a Facebook Business Page for your company. As a personal marketing consultant, you may become an ambassador for MobileMonkey and spread that link to your heart’s content.

  • Participate in Facebook communities and groups.

We all know how popular Facebook groups are. MobileMonkey Island, for example, has over 40,000 users and is rapidly expanding. Use your membership in a Facebook marketing group to assist other marketers. And, if the circumstance calls for it, you should disclose your affiliate link.

  • Request that people share your link.

Humans, contrary to popular belief, like assisting other humans. The worst that may happen if you ask someone to share your affiliate link is that they say no. Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

  • Make a chatbot funnel with MobileMonkey.

Let’s start with the most obvious: use a chatbot to advertise your affiliate link. Messenger chatbots have already shown their worth. You can now utilize that influence to persuade people to join up for MobileMonkey using your referral link.

  • Include the link in your marketing articles and other materials as a call to action.

Consider adding your affiliate link to any material you publish online. There are dozens of methods to publicize your link, and the more places you put it, the more likely you are to generate recurring money.

  1. Add the link to the bottom of your email signature.

Email isn’t going away anytime soon. We’re also aware that you send a lot of emails. You may earn a referral every time you click “send” if you include the MobileMonkey link in your email signature.

We aren’t requesting that you leave your day job just yet. What we’re asking is that you spread the word about that link as much as possible. Quitting your day job may make sense once you start reaping the benefits of spreading the link far and wide.

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