What Are ManyChat Chatbot Templates

What Are ManyChat Chatbot Templates
ShopSmarts.ai – What Are ManyChat chatbot Templates

Manychat is a service that allows you to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. You can use this Chatbot for a range of goals, such as marketing and customer service. The key point of the sales platform is its ease of use. Manychat states that you can use it to configure a chatbot for about two minutes.

Depending on the search for HUBSPOT, 90% of the user has rated the “immediate” response from the company as “important” and “very important”. In other words, today’s customers are waiting for instant support and are not so patient because they were in the past.

In this case, Chatbot Ai-Powered is an ideal solution for huge or endangered companies to automatically meet regular customer queries 24/7.

Manychat (MC) is a Visual Facebook Messenger Bot Building Platform.

More development becomes a platform for marketing automation built on Facebook robots.

The sensation is very similar to the other marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, Active campaign, and Market. That is why markets and non-technicians will feel at home by working with several platforms to create targeted marketing robots that meet basic and advanced cases.

The result of the platform is that with the knowledge with zero codings and, in a very short time you can create a chatbot for your business and start enjoying the new channel without exploiting it and being very profitable.

Who Is Manychat For?

The platform is designed specifically for marketing professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises. Business users use the platform. However, outside the box, there is a lack of features that large companies may need.

What are the most common types of companies?

  • E-commerce shops
  • Creators of the course
  • Trainers.
  • Local company.
  • Marketing and agencies

The main advantages of most are to help you:

• Create chatbot for multiple channels (Messenger, web pages, e-mails, and SMS) with pre-produced models and a simple visual manufacturer

• Build and add foot string on e-mail encoding button

• Contact the contact list via messenger, e-mail, or text message, so it is best to provide instant customer service.

• Better capture and control of contact data manually (subscribe to sequences, add custom field value, etc.)

• Enjoy Facebook messenger to promote your products through chats

• Monitoring and analyzing the efficiency of the chatbot.

• Unlimited integration with Zapier, Shopify, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and more

When not to use ManyChat

If you need a certain industrial solution that works outside the box. Or if you are looking for an integrated NLP already.

However, several sheets are flexible. Your API continues to significantly improve direct integration with most software.

There are dedicated solutions, such as our electronic trade, worthy of Bess for several leaves, which maintains it on other platforms that serve individual industries. But Manychat serves a wide audience. This may not be what you want to leave the box.

Several is also short in the natural language category (NLP) because there is no natural NLP.

However, it is enough to simply integrate a dialogue or mind.

Here are a few specific cases when you don’t want to use Manychat:

  1. You want a specific solution for the operating industry.
  2. Looking for a bot drilled by NLP (not necessarily a good idea)
  3. Use NLP with strong emphasis on context management
  4. I.e. Restaurant controls are completely automated.
  5. Your bot sends repetitive messages and makes very little marketing or narration.
  6. I.e. Birthday Reminders: This can be made more efficient and more economical using the most promoted platform of the development programmer.
  7. Platform constraints cannot be limited.
  8. I.e. You cannot use receiving templates with marital data

How to create Chatbot templates

Click the template icon on the left to enter the section. You will find a list of predefined templates for different business niches.

Your own models will appear in the My Profile Templates section as soon as you create them. If you do not have models, you can start creating them by hitting my first template button or using the Model + button + in the upper right corner of this section. Cool, let’s take the first step: Choose the original account that will be based on your model.

Awesome, now start to select items for the content of your model. Create a template for sharing the total number of your bot, separate marketing campaign (for example, flow + sequence), or share your elegant 600 keyword collection. Your model can be either of these or more.

Pro and free models

If you add a professional item or exceeds the free limit for other items, your model becomes a professional. It can only be installed on accounts with a professional subscription. After adding items to the model, the system automatically displays the type of subscription.

Add an item to the template also adds all connected elements

For example, when you select the flow that includes the “Start the second flow” step with another stream connected, this flow automatically adds to the model. These flows are inactive: it can be turned off by deactivating or modifying the parent element.

Custom fields in installed Chatbot templates

When you create a template, you can choose where the customized fields containing the model contains. Will it be on the model installed or in the “Custom field” section on the account: it is up to you!

It will be redirected to the Success page with the model installation link. Use the current connection option for permanent connection or use to share only with the account (this connection is expiring after the first installation and can generate the owner of the model). You can carry the connection type on the template page.

What is a ManyChat Subscriber?

A subscriber is a person who is interacting with his chatbot. This person becomes a head on his courier marketing.

In short, Messenger Subscriber is the equivalent of the mail list subscriber.

The person also becomes a subscriber if he decides to one in 10 growth tools that we will spend later in this article.

In certain circumstances, a person becomes current in the submarine while choosing others, requires “double opt-in”.

This is what you need

Facebook account

Facebook activity page (not a personal profile, not a group)

The problem is more than most no reason …

You have to map your frame before starting. So, here is my fast 5-degree of quick thinking a framework for building incredible discussions.

Work on the goal of society

List of irreplaceable or KPI

What are the biggest obstacles to sell?

Technology required (intelligence level)

The personality of the bot.

How to create a model of punishment for e-commerce

Whether you sell online products or want to create online jewelry, Manychat provides a large number of chatbot e-commerce themes to help you sell online.

Start by creating a free NewChat account, then selects different cases of use, including:

Automated customer service

Welcome new customers with pleasure

Nourish customers with product offers.

Contact compilation

Each model can be adjusted. You can customize your chatbot templates using Wattat Workflow Builder by adding pictures, emojis, and other marked materials.

You can also add Hatbat’s Application Applications Applications to Chatbot e-Commerce to help you with email marketing, SMS marketing, Amazon sales, and more. Cloning your bot and your plant is a useful hardware transmission tool, but you assume that you want to share your total number of bots with a client, a friend, or a community manufacturer’s bots, including customized user fields, labels, and actions.

It’s all by Chatbot templates!

Getting to Know Your ManyChat Chatbot templates

Do you want to put on work right away?

Open the parking board and select “Templates” on the plate on the left, as shown:

(Please note that if you add a professional component to your model or create a free limit for other items, your model will become pro). It can only be installed on pages with professional membership.

The subscription type will be displayed immediately after you add components. If you discussed if you are upgrading your multiphase account for the Pro, it’s a moment). On your control panel, you will find your preload models of Chabot, as well as part of your own unique designs or those that you import from others!

When you are making a template construction process, you will choose your site, your items and add descriptions that you always know which you work with and that all those adding the model understand what you get.

How to Make Chatbot templates

The chatbot model feature makes the task easy for students and the community to exchange ideas and practice. They help you manage, restore and share successful experiences in all your accounts.

In addition, when the administration of the account, the models allow you to distribute already built solutions.

The best way to make a Chatbot template.

To access the area, click the Template button on the left. Here you will find a list of predefined templates for different company categories.

As soon as he built his own chatbot models, they will be shown in the area of my profile> templates.

If you still don’t, you can start by clicking Create my first model or the button + new model button in the upper right corner of this area.

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