How to Generate Good Traffic for My Blog

How to Generate Good Traffic for My Blog
ShopSmarts.AI – How To Generate Good Traffic For My Blog

You’ve finally created your blog. You upload content and do your best to promote it on social media. But after a while, you realized people are not trooping into your site as you’d have expected. You decided to practice patience, “perhaps your blog will grow with time” — you say as you encourage yourself. But after some days, the outcome remains the same. Now you’re really frustrated and in need of expert advice.

If this is your story then I’d like you to know that you’re not experiencing an unusual problem. You’re experiencing a common issue among blog and website owners. There are procedures to follow in other to generate good traffic for your blog but sadly, this knowledge eludes many blog owners. The need for this knowledge is what has persuaded us to compile a step-by-step method and tips on how one can generate good traffic for his or her blog.

Below is a list of proven methods and strategies needed to generate huge traffic to your blog.

  • Be Acquainted With Your Niche

A lot of blog owners make a very big mistake by thinking the more random and versatile they are with their content, the better their chances of drawing an audience to their blog. Well, things don’t work out that way. Think of it like this. Imagine there’s a restaurant in your area, but anytime you go to this restaurant, you see a different set of food on the menu from the last time you were there. This erratic behavior is repeated by the restaurant owner every day. Would you like to continue with the restaurant? Of course not, you’ll view them as inconsistent, and not certain of what they want. Hardly will that restaurant have any customers, at best, visitors. The same always applies to blogs. Chose a niche and grow your fan base with time. It’s very good for you to be fluid and a bit versatile too. But don’t drift too far from your niche. And most importantly, ensure you do niche research. Look out for the ones higher in demand, and pick one. This was one of the things I did right when trying to generate good traffic for my blog

  • Write Eye-catching Titles

Titles are among the most important aspect of selling your blog. In most cases, they tend to be more important than the content of the blog post. This is because titles help readers to decide if they should visit your page to read further.

If you pay good attention to the articles in magazines, you’ll discover that their titles entice readers with solutions and promises.

You will discover that your blog readership increases when you use eye-catching titles for your blog posts. This method has always been an effective way to generate good traffic to your blog.

  • Include Photos

Research has proven that pictures in blog posts enhance readability. Photos do not only make the content more appealing visually, but they also carry keywords using the Alt image tag. This helps enhance search engine optimization for your website. This has been one underrated tactic by most bloggers when trying to generate good traffic to their blogs. Also bear in mind that you can violate copyright laws by just picking an image from Google. So ensure you get no-copyright images.

  • Make Use of Keywords

This is one of the most vital methods of generating good traffic to one’s blog. Keywords are very paramount if you want your site to be optimized on search engines. This is because there are specific words readers use to find the best content for them.

In this regard, imputing specific keywords into your titles, headlines and within your contents will do a great deal in generating tangible traffic to your blog. You can also incorporate keywords into a featured image on the post and also make a web link out of it.

Keywords help a-lot because it helps search engines like Google understand what your page or post is about. If you read this article attentively, you’ll realize that I’ve used a lot of keywords to generate traffic to my blog (winks).

  • Cultivate an Habit of Mentioning Influencers in your content and make sure they know

For a new blog, much is needed to be done, this is because you’d be starting from scratch. But there is no need to panic. You shouldn’t forget that before you started, several bloggers were already in your niche. This is where Influencers come to play. Those who have been in your niche before you are your Influencers. You might want to ask how you’d go about it. Just relax and follow through.

While preparing your next blog post, make sure to give a reference to other existing content written by influencers. This will complement your post and provide additional insight. One thing you shouldn’t do is mentioning influencers just for the sake of it. Only refer if it will help your readers and add value to your post.

People are known to share things that make look good. So when sweet things are said about them in a post, there’s a huge chance that they will share it with potential readers and their audience at large. It is up to you how you’d let them know you mentioned them in a post. But platforms such as Twitter and email have been known to work well.

This is a very strategic way to make influencers share your post and content rather than always asking them to share your post. This also presents itself as an effective way to build relationships with other bloggers. A lot of bloggers that have mastered this act have been able to use it to generate a good amount of traffic to their blogs.

There several tools that is helpful in finding influencers in your niche. One of which is BuzzSumo. Below, we would discuss these tools in full detail.

  • Carry out Interviews

Carrying out interviews with influential bloggers helps a lot in building a good relationship. It is also a medium to get a different perspective about things and also get inspired. There are several ways to get on with your interview. You could start a podcast or do written interviews. A good example is John Lee Dumas who uses inspiring stories to interview entrepreneurs.

With this strategy, influencers will definitely share your content with their audiences and followers.

  • Use Your Mailing List to Promote Your Content

Instead of always coming up with new content for your newsletters, you can make out a post of your newsletter from several of your recent blog contents. You can do these by selecting the first paragraph of your contents with a link to continue reading. This way, you’ll catch the attention of most of your readers.

This is a very useful strategy to generate a considerable amount of traffic to your blog. This is because not everyone will come back reading your blog every week. This strategy will help your subscribers glued to your blog.

Pay for Promotions

If you want to generate good and high traffic to your blog, you have to be ready to spend too. Fortunately, this doesn’t cost much and the end more than justifies the means. Go on social media giants like Facebook, and invest in ads.

In addition to the strategies listed above, we have some smart tips to help build a good readership.

  • Use enough subheadings. This will make your content very simple and easy to read.
  • Always promote your blog in your bio in all online profiles you have.
  • Make a subscription to your RSS feed easy for visitors.
  • Urge your blog readers to drop a comment. Also, make sure to reply and engage them.

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