10 Chatbot Marketing Tactics that will Increase Sales In 2021

10 Chatbot Marketing Tactics that will Increase Sales In 2021
ShopSmarts.ai – 10 Chatbot Marketing Tactics That Will Increase Sales

Do you really understand the term “Chatbot Marketing”?

To simply define it:

Chatbot Marketing is a process by which you can advertise your products and services with the assistance of a chatbot. In this way, you will be able to boost your sales.

The applications of a chatbot are not just confined to providing customer service or helping users to answer their queries. You must know the fact that with accurate knowledge regarding chatbots and fitting it into your business, you can earn enough through chatbot marketing.

According to research:

Almost 53% of the customers wish to buy from an online site to which they can send a message.

A chatbot is one of the best tools for making your online shop a happy place to purchase products. The bot will answer every query at any time of the day which makes it an amazing tool to generate leads and increase sales.

Chatbot Marketing Explained

Chatbot marketing is a strategy through which you can automate conversations with your customers. You can employ chatbot marketing on your website in order to increase sales.

It is a startling tool to generate leads. Through chatbot marketing, you can captivate the attention of your customers and can convert them into active buyers. You can automate the functioning of a chatbot on the basis of your rules.

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots have brought a revolution in the world of business. Not only in business but in other areas such as e-commerce industries, real estate, health, booking appointments, etc. chatbot has paved its way. According to research:

By the year 2021, almost $4.5 billion will be consumed by chatbots.

Experts have predicted maximum utilization of chatbots by the business world. Users feel relaxed to converse with the bots while purchasing something online. If they have any confusion, users may contact the bot via the window that pops up to the right side of the web page. Some of the worth-taking benefits of chatbot marketing are as follows:

  • Through a chatbot, you can send a message to those users who seem to be interested in your products. You may ask them, ‘Let us know if you have any query regarding our products’? It will form a good impression on the user’s mind and will generate leads.
  • You may ask your users to sign the newsletter so that the customers may get informed about the sales and discount offers and about the launching of new products.
  • A recent research has revealed that:

The brands or companies that keep connected with their customers experience 20-40% growth in their user spend.

This means that if continue your social networking with your customers, there are more chances of development in your revenue, brand’s advancement, and of course, the success is on their way.

No company can lead without the support of its consumers. If you stay connected with them, you can lead your competitors. And for the formation of this bond with your customers, you definitely need a chatbot for marketing.

Chatbot Marketing Tactics

Following strategies will help you for marketing in a professional way:

  • Make your Chatbot available 24/7

This is one of the most influential ways to capture an audience. Although it’s good to keep your audience updated with the latest news or to answer their queries, the availability of a chatbot 24/7 will greatly impress your audience.

If you have given enough training to your chatbot, make sure that your bot remains active all the time. Any customer can ask questions at any minute. Make sure that the bot is answering all the questions adequately.

 An astounding customer support service is comprised of effective agents that are always concerned with the welfare of the company. Likewise, employing a chatbot for your company is a good decision. It can lessen your workload. Just make sure that your bot is there 24/7.

  • Give your Chatbot a warm welcome message:

A welcome message is the first textual message that a chatbot sends to every customer who visits a particular site. We can say that the whole conversation is dependent on this welcome message.

Your chatbot should send an effective welcome message. Moreover, giving quick replies assist to make customers interested in buying your products.

As far as the content of your bot’s greeting message is concerned, keep it as simple as possible. Don’t use difficult words to confuse the users. Instead, employ elegant and short sentences.

  • Enrich your Chatbot with Personalization and Data:

The best way to provide a personalized experience is to know well about the audience. Their needs and interests play a key role to incorporate data in the chatbot. Most importantly, add the questions along with the answers that deal with customers facing riddles or problems that they want to get answered.

Make use of Artificial Intelligence because AI understands the natural human language. In addition, you make the conversation joyful by using emoticons or GIFs. Customers never forget their conversations with the bot. So be careful while the installation of the language and content that are going to give to your bot. It will form a permanent impression on your customers, either positive or a negative one.

  • Make your Chatbot capture an Email Address:

Another amazing tool for marketing through a chatbot is by capturing an email address. In order to do so, you have to produce some forms in your chatbot scripts. What are scripts?

Scripts are the already deposited messages that will drive to a particular purpose. To illustrate the creation of forms in the bot’s script, consider the following example:

For instance when you produce a form in which questions such as, what is your name? or can you please provide your email address? will be mentioned. In this way, you can create a form that will be later called ‘send news.

  • Let your Chatbot offer the discount codes:

Offering discount codes with the help of a chatbot is a brilliant way to promote your brand. No one avoids the coupon codes. Everyone loves to save some money by availing of discount offers. You can avail this opportunity by using a chatbot. According to a recent survey:

Almost 60% of the customers desire to use digital discount codes to save money while purchasing products online.

This shows that people love to shop online when they get to know that they can now grab their favorite items for half of their price. Send emails or messages to the customers who have subscribed to your site. Or share posts on your Facebook and Instagram pages to inform people about discount codes.

  • Allow your Chatbot to Process payments:

This is another way to captivate your audience. For doing so, permit your chatbot to take payments with the help of a conversational interface. Then imagine a customer who opts to buy your product through Messenger, WhatsApp or wants to make payment on your site.

Allow your chatbot to make a request to the customer mentioning the currency, amount that he/she has to pay for the product. After that, a link will be created that will direct the customer to complete a secure transaction.

  • Make your Chatbot able to provide answers to FAQs:

In order to give answers to the FAQs, you can create a FAQ chatbot. This bot works efficiently to provide answers to frequently asked questions. Remember one thing, while designing a FAQ chatbot, the bot personality should be relevant to your audience.

The bot will be designed according to the format of the questions and answers section. In order to succeed in your FAQ chatbot, you need to make the whole process human-friendly. Experts suggest that a chatbot should not deal with customers in just the formal way. Instead, it should add some humor and friendly sentences too.

  • Make your Chatbots able to invite users to join your Facebook group:

There are a number of benefits to employing chatbots to join the Facebook group. You can increase the number of customers. Using a chatbot for Facebook Messenger is a great choice. A large number of people prefer chats over other social media platforms. Like for example the messenger Facebook. You can employ a chatbot for Messenger and can invite a large population to join your Facebook group.

Using a chatbot for this purpose is a quick and easy way to boost your audience. Marketers should be aware of the importance of using chatbots on Facebook Messenger. People can be easily engaged with Messenger and in this way, you can smooth your way to invite people to join your group.

  • Allow your Chatbot to suggest products:

One of the most effective ways for marketing your products and services is through the application of a chatbot. Many types of research have proved chatbots as excellent means of product recommendation.

Chatbots can help to catch the attention of customers in various ways. Like the e-commerce pops-up. These pops-up fascinate customers towards their favorite items and probably they may purchase those products.

  • Have your Chatbot gained Customer Insights?

You should be aware of this question that whether you have gained your customers’ insights or not? Providing guidance to your customers is not sufficient. When customers visit your site, you can collect more information say informative insights.

If you ponder over the insights of your customers, you will be able to know about their needs and demands. What they want from your brand or what they dislike about it. Analyzing these insights will help you to improve your services.

  • Have your Chatbot refer to your blog for upcoming products and events?

A chatbot can be employed to refer to your blog for upcoming products and events. You can add a blog to your site in which you can add information about the latest fashion trends. You may also add news regarding the upcoming products, events, or sale offers.

In order to promote your blog, you can use the chatbot. The bot will notify customers about the blog via an email, Facebook Messenger, or by a simple message to all the subscribers. In this way, you can promote your blog.

Wrapping up:

If you look upon the above-mentioned chatbot marketing tactics and employ them in your business, the results will be wonderful. Just keep in mind that you better understand your goal. A chatbot can do wonders for you. It will help you as a loyal agent. Just make sure that you give it enough training to lead your business.

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