How to Grow Your Audience With A Chatbot On Facebook

How to Grow Your Audience With A Chatbot On Facebook – How To Grow Your Audience With A Chatbot On Facebook

The implementation of chatbots for growing your business has become very common. Since the establishment of these chatbots, we all really don’t know about chatbots. What they actually do and how they perform. According to a survey conducted by Oracle:

Almost 80% of the companies agreed that they are using chatbots or will be using this software in the coming years.

The chatbot is going to stay with us for a long period of time. It has automated everything around us. From booking a taxi to purchasing things online from any of your favorite online brands, the bot has made us realize that we are totally dependent on it. According to another survey:

85% of the business interactions will be possible without any human interaction.

A company owner claims that chatbots are the commanders of his company. They assist him in every way possible. The bots carry out all functions for the employees. These bots schedule meetings, act as front-line agents, and can even recommend our products for advertisement. Not only that, his bots perform more than half of the workload, make our customer support service an easy way to deal with lots of customers together.

The same goes for social media apps. Chatbots have been welcomed whole-heartedly by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for growing business online. Through the help of chat on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, people find it more convenient to discuss their issues on chat which they face while purchasing some product. Likewise, Facebook has launched millions of its own chatbots that are now dealing with billions of customers. According to the latest research:

There are more than 300,000 chatbots working right now on Facebook Messenger plus a total of 150,000 legally registered accounts on which is a natural language platform for developers.

Obviously, we all love shopping from our favorite brands. The first reason is due to their quality products plus their excellent customer support service that keeps us coming back to them. Good customer service support requires a great deal of hard work, passion, time, and energy. A human being has a certain limit but chatbots have an infinite limit. That’s why every business/company is working on introducing their own chatbots.

Messaging is a precious tool for attracting your audience. In fact, it can grow your audience with the help of a chatbot. The thing is that you have to impart a chatbot that will send a greeting message to every single customer who visits your page on Facebook. This will give a good impression to the customer that your brand is active. While the user has any query, he/she will ask and then your bot has to answer in an adequate fashion.

According to research done by Facebook:

53% of the customers prefer to make a purchase from the brand with which they can easily interact through chat.

The point to be noted here is that not all chatbots work in a similar way. For instance, Command-based chatbots work differently as compared to Artificial Intelligence chatbots. The former just dependent on their database can’t develop the text. While AI chatbots are more intelligent and can answer more complex questions. In fact, these bots learn more as they experience more.

Now we will tell you the best tips for growing your audience with a chatbot on Facebook. Following are some of the tips for increasing your audience using chatbots on Facebook:

  • Give your chatbot a personality:

The personality of a chatbot is an important factor in creating a connection between the audience and the brand. Many people have a dialogue with the bots of different companies. If the conversation looks more human-like, customers seek interest in buying products from that brand.

We can take an example from real life. Whenever we visit a store, we get to meet some real person who has been trained to treat every customer with equal care. Likewise, a chatbot needs a personality so that its interaction establishes an emotional connection with the customers.

We all know that Facebook is a powerful tool for marketing your business. In order to increase the audience to visit your product page, you need to know some things. Once you have created the product page, you need to build brand awareness.

In order to do so, post frequently on your page at least one time a day. Besides that, post quality work so that your audience can relate to you. If you don’t know how to post and what to post, you may use the option of the Facebook poll feature in which you can ask relevant questions. The answers of the audience will help you what to share in your daily posts.

  • Offer your audience coupons:

Coupons are one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. What you have to do is to share the coupon codes with your audience through Facebook using chatbots.

Facebook Ads can be a convenient way to attract an audience. As Facebook Messenger works with the help of a chatbot, you can advertise through Facebook Messenger, which in turn will powerful tool for delivering the coupon codes to your desired audience.

  • Giveaways: a way to grow your audience:

All of us get excited about hearing about giveaways from our favorite brands. You can inform your audience about a giveaway through your bot. The bot will send a small message containing information about the giveaway to all the followers.

In this way, your audience will have the idea that a big sale or giveaway is coming and they should not miss it. Giveaways are one of the best strategies for growing your audience.

  • Point your audience to helpful content:

Using a chatbot on Facebook can be very fruitful. It helps to give your brand a face and shows your activeness before the audience. Similarly, the bot can help to create helpful content. Make sure to post regularly on your Facebook page particularly when your audience is active.

In order to sell more, write quality content that should be simple, easy to understand, and should be effective. Likewise, the information that you are going to share on your Facebook brand page should be concise. Share the information with excellent visuals, as visual presentation attracts more customers.

  • Introduce your audience to interactive puzzles:

With the help of some interactive puzzles, you can not only attract your audience but can also increase the number of people on your Facebook page. For example, Hangman is a great word game to captivate your audience. You can use some other interactive puzzles like Boggle, Jumble, etc. to keep your audience engaged to your Facebook page.

  • Ask your audience if you have been helpful:

Reviews are considered to be the best way to enhance the number of customers. You can ask directly the audience who have purchased your products for reviews.

If a customer is quite happy with your product, his/her review is important to attract more people. You can publish the reviews on the page so that other people can see them. Ask your audience if you have been helpful to them and whether they want any changes in your services or not.

  • Sharing the insider knowledge through Facebook Chatbots:

Whenever, you are going to announce some sale or introducing some new product, informing your customers makes them feel special. You can do so through a chat blast on social media.

As you are aiming to grow your audience with a chatbot on Facebook, make sure that you inform your Facebook Messenger bot contacts first. In this way, you make them feel that you care about them.

  • Making your messages engaging:

Customers may feel bored if your bot sends plain messages. Your chatbot shows the personality of our brand. Keep the text concise. Sometimes your bot can use GIFs, emoticons, etc. to make the chat interesting.

  • Personalizing messaging with a chatbot on Facebook:

The messenger chatbots help you to figure out the type of audience you are conversing with. The main reason for this is that the bot is already connected with the Facebook user.

Facebook chatbots have made it easy to leverage personalization. This is possible through the help of attributes that a chatbot uses. Moreover, many chatbot developers assist to integrate your audience by means of lists, attributes, and tags.

  • Generation of quality leads with a chatbot on Facebook:

Maintaining the connection with your customers on Facebook is an important part of your success. By doing so, your leads can be increased.

With the help of your chatbot on Facebook, ask questions to your Facebook contacts and inquire whether they have any issues with your services. In this way, you will be able to know about the interests, likes, and dislikes of your audience.

Now the question arises, what’s the best possible way to engage with your audience? By building a menu-based chatbot, you will be able to add this menu-based chatbot to your Facebook Messenger bot, Instagram chatbot or your site’s chatbot.

  • Bring Promotions to the spotlight through Facebook Chatbot:

One of the highly recommended tasks for boosting your audience is by highlighting promotions. When you send some promotional message with the help of a chatbot, people will likely open the message that you sent them on a Messenger blast.

For instance, you are going to announce some sales or discounts on several products, we suggest you do so by sending a message illuminating the discount price of the products. This will attract more customers to visit your site.

  • Sending exclusive invitations with chatbots on Facebook:

In doing so, firstly target your particular audience who you think are interested in your offers. Several brands have launched this feature. You can do so by using a Facebook chatbot that will act as an e-commerce shopfront.

By sending invitations to your customers, you will be able to connect with your audience. Exclusive invitations assist to form a deep connection with your audience.

In today’s technological and fast-growing world, providing instant solutions to your customers’ problems can be a great way to enhance your audience. While constructing a chatbot, keep a clear purpose and proper strategies in your mind to the next level so that you may be succeeded in growing your business.

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