What’s the Best Chatbot Provider For Facebook E-Commerce Shopping

What’s the Best Chatbot Provider For Facebook E-Commerce Shopping
ShopSmarts.ai – What’s The Best Chatbot Provider For Facebook eCommerce Shopping

Running an online store is a tremendous way to enhance the number of customers for your shop. At the same time, managing that store is really an important yet difficult task. You have to work hard so that your brand remains on the top.

Among many aspects, customer service is the most crucial step in your business development. Moreover, if a customer goes through a good shopping experience from your site, they definitely will come back and shop again from your online website.

According to research done by Gartner:

Around 85% of customer interactions are carried out through E-Commerce chatbots

We will explain to you the characteristic features of an E-Commerce chatbot. People want instant answers to their questions. That is the reason why users leave a particular website when they do not get attention or are not being answered by the site. But bots have changes the scene. You may not have any idea of the working of such bots. They do wonder and can increase users on your site.

What is an E-Commerce Chatbot?

Chatbots are highly interactive and it will not be wrong to say that chatbots can converse like human beings. The bots can handle problems being discussed with customers.

According to a recent survey:

Almost 56% of online customers like automated chat.

E-commerce chatbots have gained excellence in their working through their diverse range of functions. They efficiently help customers when they face issues during the shipping process and placing of orders.

If you are looking for an efficient chatbot for your e-commerce business, make sure that your products are authentic too. The quality of your product matters a lot. The bot has to forward this information regarding your services to the customers.

According to research:

Nearly 27% of customers cannot estimate whether they are talking to a person or some robot.

The thing is that if you want to increase your product rate, introduce such a bot that stays active all the time without any hindrance in connection.

Reasons for using an E-commerce Chatbot:

Chatbots offer a great number of advantages for your e-commerce store. In a study, it was observed that a campaign introduced by Toyota in Honk Kong, the chatbot experienced an almost 10% click-through rate. A well-organized chatbot provider is the best way to succeed in your business world. Some of the benefits of bots are as following:

  • Bots save your time.
  • They can converse with multiple users at the same time.
  • Chances of more orders become possible.
  • In comparison to the call center, a chatbot provider will increase product sale.
  • A structured chatbot provider helps to avoid reading FAQs, thus saving customer’s time.
  • Immense reduction in cost per conversion.
  • The average shopping cart value can be increased with the assistance of a chatbot.
  • Chatbot providers guide customers in buyer’s purchases.
  • Bots provide you a way of meeting your customers at the very instant when they visit your site. In this way, you can learn about the needs and demands of the customers.
  • Moreover, chatbots can be the best source for product recommendation to the users.

ManyChat as the best Chatbot Provider

Chatbots have become a big deal for e-commerce Facebook marketing. Chatbots can do wonders. They allow sellers to automate the process of customer management. Nevertheless, bots make it easy to interact with every single customer so that you get the idea of whether users want any changes in the product or not.

Due to the changing circumstances in our external environment caused by pandemics, the business world has also undergone drastic variations. The Facebook Messenger bots have suddenly attracted several business owners. One of the best chatbot providers among many Facebook bots is ManyChat.

How can you utilize the ManyChat chatbot provider? Just incorporate the bot on your website. Another possible way is that you can make the bot directly communicate with customers through the Facebook Messenger app. Almost all of us are aware of the fact that Facebook works efficiently. The messenger bots then will be a great way to reach out to your customers.

In the present time, ManyChat has been referred to as one of the best chatbot providers. It helps people to build up energetic chatbots without the requirement of programming. The advantage of using the Facebook messenger bot is that it responds instantly with a customized response.

ManyChat can be said as a cloud-based chatbot provider that helps people to welcome their chat marketing campaigns through social media or messages.

Why ManyChat is considered the best chatbot provider?

  • Through ManyChat, customers experience user friendly environment on the online sites.
  • It also supports chatbots for different channels on various platforms such as Facebook messenger, email etc.
  • The installation process is also convenient via ManyChat chatbot provider.
  • ManyChat helps to keep in record the performance of the bot. For instance, it gives reports about the conversion rates, number of messages sent and received.

Features of ManyChat Chatbot Provider

  • The setup of ManyChat chatbot provider is Intuitive. It means that the user interface of these chatbots can differentiate between a breeze and a headache.
  • Moreover, ManyChat offers almost 6 templates.
  • ManyChat gives the initial information for their templates in the form of PDFs and explanatory videos.
  • It offers the customer management interfaces that help your audience to segment via these variables.
  • ManyChat provider a number of marketing tools. It will urge your bot to chat with different customers.
  • It works effectively on Facebook.
  • We can call ManyChat as a visual builder for simple conversations.

As we know that ManyChat is connected with Facebook Messenger, which means we can use some of the features of marketing to attain the attention of messenger users. It may also mean that if any user doesn’t want to share the information on Facebook, ManyChat will now allow doing so.

The reason for calling ManyChat the best chatbot provider is that it has been assigned the job of keeping an eye on customer service. ManyChat can connect users via text messages plus the Facebook Messenger since it has been originated from Facebook.

As a chatbot provider, ManyChat draws flow diagrams to observe the conversion paths taken by the users. The only drawback of ManyChat is that it is limited to Facebook. It clearly depicts that a user who is not in favor of sharing information on Facebook will definitely be unable to use ManyChat.

Pricing of ManyChat

Talking about the pricing of the ManyChat chatbot provider, it offers various features regarding pricing. The first and foremost pricing plan of ManyChat is the Free Trial. This free plan is restricted to only Facebook Messenger.

Then there is Pro-Plan. The starting price for Pro-Plan is $10. It ranges from $10-435 bound to the number of connections. It means that $10 for a month will allow 500 connections.

The need for using Facebook messenger bots is due to the very reason that they allow a low barrier for entrance to your target audience. According to a survey:

Almost 68% of people prefer to use Facebook Messenger making it the third most used app worldwide.

It will not be wrong to say that if you want to communicate with your customers in an effective way, the Facebook messenger bot will be a better option than other mobile apps being used for messaging. Using Facebook messenger bots allow the following applications:

  • According to a study, it is quite possible that users are 3.5 times likely to open a Facebook message rather an email.
  • Facebook Messenger sends sponsored ads to the customers who have been in touch in the previous days with your site.
  • It helps you to enhance your subscriber list.
  • It remains active all the time and can automate most of the functions.
  • A facebook messenger bot can recognize the leads. After having conversations with a number of users, it can tell you about basic needs of the customers. What they want and what they don’t like in your services, thus providing you a way to improve your products and services.
  • Since most of us love to do shopping online, ManyChat will allow you to feasibly achieve your goal.
  • Facebook messenger bot help to retain the information.

The usage of bot for Facebook e-commerce shopping

Every business has a unique strategy that it applies to grow and lead others. Bots are also exceptional in their workings. They help to help customers to make a perfect match for your T-shirt. For example, when you select some jeans, the bot will suggest to you some T-shirts that can suit that particular pair of jeans.

Customers can seek help from bots while shopping through online sites. Bots track your orders so that you may get informed about your purchases and may get delivery at the right address.

In addition, Chatbots inform you about the latest sales and offers which they think you would like. It is quite possible that the bot can make some humorous jokes while conversing with users.

Just believe in your skills and build a perfect chatbot for your e-commerce business. ManyChat will serve you as the best chatbot provider. It will allow you to catalyze the customer acquisition to the next level!

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