Social Media Advertising Suggestions For Newbies

Social Media Advertising Suggestions For Newbies
Social Media Advertising Suggestions For Newbies

In the present era, social media marketing seems really tough. The main reason might be the enhanced proportion of social media users. You may have noticed that sometimes your content may get much attention from the audience. This mostly happens due to the type of content that you are using for your site.

It does not really matter whether you have a small business or a big corporation. You can easily captivate your targeted audience through the quality of your content. It just takes some seconds to increase or decrease your leads. Media advertising is very common nowadays.

  • What is Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook & Twitter, the Top Platforms to Advertise in 2021
  • 6 Social Media Advertising tips
  • Decide which Social media platforms to use
  • Optimize your Social Media profiles
  • Connect your website & blog with Social Media Pages
  • Add Social Media buttons on your website
  • Find and follow the influencers in your niche
  • Post and share interesting content (text, images, videos) once a day
  • Conclusion

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising or Social media marketing refers to a business strategy through which you can promote your brand by using social media platforms. These social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

For the time being, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are considered to be the most influential platforms in order to reach your target audience. Besides that, there are social media tools such as Buzzsumo, Buffer, MeetEdgar, etc, that help you to carry out your social media advertisement campaigns.

Facebook and Twitter, the top platforms to advertise in 2021

It is quite obvious that you will have to make a choice between the best social media advertising channels. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are considered to be the most entertaining social media channels. Most of the social media users visit these three platforms several times a day. Twitter and Facebook being the older ones have a large number of masses.

If we make a comparison between Twitter and Facebook, you will probably come to know about some interesting facts. Both these platforms have different ways of sharing information.

If we take Twitter, it is thought to be being for the purpose of catching up to the latest trends plus for knowing what’s happening in the world from a political perspective. Twitter Ads is a great way for promoting your brand with the help of Twitter. Many people have been making use of Twitter ads to get their brand recognized. Twitter helps you to deliver your company’s message even with 140 characters. According to a survey:

Almost 71% of users of Twitter claim that they use Twitter for getting news around the globe.

Facebook on the other hand gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience.  Advertising on Facebook is an easy way of promoting your brand. If you want to advertise your business, Facebook will give you the chance to create your business page on Facebook. You can share videos and Facebook ads too for promoting your brand. You will see the magical effects of advertising on Facebook. According to a survey:

Facebook is considered to be the greatest social media platform around the world.

You can make a choice between Facebook & Twitter as the social media advertising platforms in 2021 depending on where your business fits into. Also, consider those platforms which you think will benefit from a better business investment.

Social Media Advertising Tips:

It does not matter that you are investing for a Sole proprietorship or for a business corporation, social media advertising is a must. What really matters is that at least you are working for expanding your work. According to a survey conducted in 2021:

Around 75% of the Gen Zers plus 48% of the millennials are convinced to make their purchases on the basis of social media. In addition, the US social media ad has been estimated to be valued at $40.3 billion in the year 2020.

Now we will discuss some amazing tips for social media advertising for newcomers in the business. By using advertisements, you can access your audience, can build your brand, and also you will be able to increase your sales.

Following are some of the amazing ideas that will help the newbies to advertise their brand:

  • Decide which Social media platforms to use

If you are confused about which social media platform is suitable for your social media advertising campaign, just begin with your audience. Select that platform that you think has a number of the target audience. Media advertising can lead to more sales and thus generate leads. 

For instance, if you think that your brand awareness can be done adequately with Facebook, then you can definitely go with it. And if your audience is more active on Snapchat or Instagram, you can choose from these two as well.

Secondly, the nature of your business matters a lot. The products and services of your brand will tell you which platform you should opt for. The personality of your brand, its products, and business type are some of the factors that help you decide which social media platform to use.

  • Optimize your Social Media profiles

Are you thinking about how you can optimize your social media profiles? Then don’t worry. We will tell you the secret about this. You just need to do a few simple things. Firstly, simplify the name of your brand. By adding a name to your brand, your users can easily access your brand.

Secondly, upload a clear and good-quality profile picture. Thirdly, you must have to add relevant information in your bio. SO that the audience can know about your brand and can easily recognize it. Lastly, make use of the hashtags.

  • Connect your website & blog with Social Media Pages

There is a term called Social Media Integration. By doing so, you can link all your social media accounts with your website. This act is useful for the purpose of social media marketing. You can advertise your brand in a more broadway.

The function of social media integration is that your users will be able to see all your social media pages and will be aware of the upcoming sales and discounts plus new arrivals. In this way, you can get multiple advantages like brand reach and awareness.

  • Add Social Media buttons on your website

Another technique for social media advertising is by adding social media buttons on your website. These buttons will enable you to share your content with other social media channels.

By adding buttons on your site page eases the audience. They can open their favorite social media platform by just clicking on that social media button. In this way, you will be able to meet new visitors too.

  • Find and follow the influencers in your niche

One of the easiest ways for marketing your brand is by searching out popular influencers related to your niche. What an influencer can do? An influencer is capable of drawing the attention of thousands of followers depending on his/her influence upon the followers.

You can find out the influencer related to your niche. Once you find someone, just contact them and discuss with them your brand awareness. An influencer creates quality content to captivate the attention of the audience. Moreover, people love to shop those products that have been recommended by some influencer or celebrity on their social media accounts.

  • Post and share interesting content (text, images, videos) once a day

In order to promote your brand or company, make sure that you are sharing some textual posts, images, or videos at least one time a day. This urges the attention of the audience and they believe that your brand is quite active.

The use of text, images, and videos fascinates people. People love to see posts probably relevant to your brand. Moreover, these posts should seem interesting rather than boring.


Every social media platform has its own unique way of communicating with people. You can also reach your target audience by choosing the most appropriate social media channel for your brand.  

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