5 Tips To Setup Your Chatbot For The Holidays In 2021

5 Tips To Setup Your Chatbot For The Holidays In 2021
ShopSmarts.ai – 5 Tips To Setup Your Chatbot For The Holidays In 2021

Holidays bring enchanting experiences into our lives. We feel different, make our to-do lists to spend our holidays in the best possible way. Whether it’s a New Year holiday, Independence Day holiday, Labor Day holiday or Christmas holidays, all of us are thrilled in some way or the other.

But you know what? Circumstances have changed to some extent. Due to the onset of COVID, most of our activities have been limited to staying at home. But the fondness for shopping and exchanging gifts has not yet diminished. In fact, online shopping has increased to a great extent.

But we forget to give focus on an important factor. Although the quality of your product matters, ensuring a quality delivery experience is also worth taking as the quality of your product. Make sure that you have wrapped the products quite well. Customers trust upon you. Never ever break their trust. A recent study shows:

40% of customers avoid shopping from such brands that showed bad shipping experiences.

You can ease your users with your chatbot. Allow the tracking policy in your brand so that customers can track their orders. This can be done with a chatbot. When customers give their order number, the bot will be able to notify you about the current status of your order. The bot manages this task so well that you will feel relaxed when get to know how customers received their products safely on the given day.

This will be an excellent process for increasing your sales through the help of a chatbot. December is just to arrive and the Christmas holidays will be there as a treat to groom your e-commerce business. According to research:

Almost 85% of the consumers will search out for buying presents through online sites.

Many occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentines’ Day are regarded as the finest events for shopping. Likewise, retailers, brands can earn a lot during these periods. If you are looking for the same opportunities to get benefited, let’s have a look at some of the most significant strategies that will magnify your sales. Some of the best tips are as follows:

  • Set up catchy “Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas” greetings:

A greeting message is a small gesture of showing love to the customers. Make sure that this message should be attractive. It should not be too long, in spite of that, it should be a small and catchy message to captivate your audience.

Normally users don’t like lengthened greeting messages. Such messages feel boring to read. Through the help of your chatbot, you can present various kinds of greeting messages to the users. For example, you can leave a greeting message on customer support. This will assist customers to resolve their issues instead of sending you direct emails or calls.

Furthermore, your greeting message can promote discounts and other offers to the customers who visited your site via a referral link. Start using the greeting messages to boost your sales and make the customer support experience rememberable.

  • Personalize the shopping experience with product recommendations:

This is one of the best ways to promote your products. By suggesting your services and products to the customers, you can vanish the confusion of the customers who got stuck in multiple products. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to select one product when you have more than one choice.

Personalized product recommendations can save the time of your customers. In fact, it forms a good impression of your brand. Hire a chatbot for this task. A chatbot will deal with every customer according to his/her priorities. Your chatbot can manage tremendously if you have trained it well enough. According to a survey:

There are 70% of consumers that wish that their needs should be understood by the companies.

Customers trust you. So never break their trust and facilitate them in every possible way.

  • Give away holiday discount codes:

Christmas is not so far away. Start planning now. Think about the plans for discounts that you are going to announce in these Christmas Holidays. Research shows that:

37% of customers say that they wish to purchase more when they buy some product on its half price.

Chatbots will support you to promote the coupon codes. Moreover, feedbacks and surveys are considered to be fabulous ways in this regard. When a customer completes feedback, provide them a coupon code and see how that works. If you are stuck and cannot decide how to promote your business, start making use of discount codes. Customers are highly attracted by such offers.

  1. Amuse customers with brand quizzes:

Are you familiar with quizzes or puzzles? If yes, then start using it in your business. People like to have some fun when purchasing products through online sites. Many brands reward customers if a user wins a quiz.

How to create a quiz? That is not a difficult task. You will get used to it when you start practicing it. On special occasions, you can produce quizzes with the help pf your chatbot. You may ask questions related to the occasion. It may be some kind of fun facts plus a way for increasing your sales.

  • Tweak your chatbot’s look and feel with holiday GIFs clipart:

A chatbot will help to captivate your customers by adding some colors amazing graphic effects. These changes should be made according to the relevant event. Chatbots are a great way to customize themes to be showcased to the users.

So on this Christmas, try new methods and explore new ways to make your site look mesmerizing. For instance, you can create an avatar according to the special event. Then change its look by using the AI chatbot. Add colors to it and see the magic.

Wrapping up:

Making changes to your site on different events demands creativity. You can bring life to every event or holiday making the experience of the customers their best for life. In order to do so, you have to strive hard. In a world of competition, start focusing on managing your own business by trying different ideas.

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