The Future Of A.I. Chatbots For eCommerce Product Awareness

shopsmarts ai The Future Of A.I. Chatbots For Ecommerce Product Awareness – The Future Of A.I. Chatbots For Ecommerce Product Awareness

You must be familiar with the latest marketing trends, the chatbots. They are everywhere now. The role of chatbots is going to increase in every sphere of our lives. In the coming years, every business will demand the need for contemporary ways for providing customer engagement 24/7. According to a survey conducted before 2021:

By the year 2021, almost 50% of the enterprise companies will utilize more on the production of chatbots rather than on the traditional mobile app development.

When you visit a website, you might have noticed a little box that pops up instantly on that web page. This box appears on the right corner asking you, how may I help you? This box is specifically being designed for the users if they have any questions regarding that website and can get quick answers at any time of the day. It’s the chatbot and its use in the future will be so common that you even can’t imagine.

AI Chatbots:

The main purpose of the Artificial Intelligence chatbot is to spread a human-like interaction with the customers. AI chatbots work according to the machine learning technology which helps these bots to improve their performance and learn accordingly with more interactions.

In the world of E-commerce, chatbots have exhibited a special place for companies. According to research:

In the coming years. AI chatbots will be an essential element for customer experience investment.

AI chatbots are a huge support system for eCommerce companies for their product awareness. Artificial Intelligence is a great way to change the way people look out for their favorite products. For example:

AI chatbots as Virtual Assistants:

As you are already familiar with the astounding functioning of ‘Siri’ and ‘Google Assistant’, we use these gadgets for finding out our desired services through the help of our voice. Just say,

“Hey, Google or hey Siri I want to see this or please open this app or whatever you ask it for, you get your work done instantly. It is because of the aspects of AI chatbots as a virtual assistant of your smartphone.  

According to Gartner:

In the near future, 47% of the brands will utilize AI chatbots for customers and around 40% will use these bots as their virtual assistants.

E-commerce Product Awareness:

AI chatbots are a huge supporter of e-commerce companies. They can be a good option if you want to increase product awareness. For instance, when a customer visits your website and he/she likes some of your products, it is quite possible that they will send you a message to know further regarding that product. According to a survey:

Almost 64% of customers expect 24/7 customer service which human beings are not capable to do.

If you are going to introduce a new business in the eCommerce world and want to raise product awareness, then don’t worry, AI chatbots will do that for you. Through the help of chatbots, you can guide your customers about the products they want to purchase.

With the assistance of chatbots, you can inform your customer about new products. Ecommerce is related to buying and selling products or goods etc. It requires marketing campaigns. You can start your own campaigns with the help of AI chatbots. What you have to do is to approach the social media, either make pages on Instagram or Facebook or you can directly contact those customers who have subscribed to your newsletter.

Moreover, you can send emails about the launching of new products, guide the customers about those products through proper descriptions. You can distribute coupons with codes, give discount offers as well.

It often happens when some e-commerce customers may get confused about some similar products. They may not decide which one they should buy. In this very instant, you can help them out. Your chatbot will send the message, a suggestion message that which among the products is much better. The customer can like your bot’s choice and will purchase that product.

According to research:

An eCommerce company, eBay has a chatbot by the name ShopBot, works so quickly and efficiently that it converses with the customers in order to get to know about their needs and demands. Moreover, it suggests personalized recommendations just in the way a salesman from some company offers to the customers who visit a shop.

AI chatbots are greatly helpful for lead generation. If a customer sends a message on your site, your chatbot should be active enough to respond instantly. If it texts back after 5 to 10 times, the leads will decrease.

If you want excellent customer support, chatbots are the best option. They will perform well for the improvement of the customer service system. A good experience catches the attention of the users. They will definitely come back to your site to purchase more products.

  AI chatbots today and tomorrow:

Artificial Intelligence chatbots have been welcomed today by a large population of entrepreneurs, business owners, brands, etc. Different statistics have proved how fundamental these AI chatbots have become in your lives. According to Oracle:

Almost 50% of the users want the companies and brands to remain open for 24/7.

Another survey shows:

The AI Chatbots of Facebook Messenger has now crossed more than 300,000 bots on a monthly basis.

There will be a time when chatbots will cross over the human population of the world. With the increasing demands of the customers, the number of bots is also being enhancing. According to another research:

The market size for AI chatbots will be increased from $2.6 billion in 2021 to $9.4 billion by the year 2024.

Every year, the number of chatbots is encompassing the previous number. In the coming years, chatbots will alter the patterns of business. How people communicate today with their business partners will be doing so in a different way in the near future.

A digital marketing community conducted a survey on the need and performance of chatbots in the coming years and the results were as following:

  • The community asked a single question to predict the future of AI chatbots. It asked them, What you will use chatbot for?
  • 37% asked that they would use chatbots for instant answers in emergency situations.
  • 29% said they will use a chatbot to pay their bills.
  • 22% were of the view for adding themselves to a mailing list.
  • 13% said while purchasing some expensive product, they will seek the help of a chatbot.

Many businesses may incorporate chatbots as their virtual assistants when they observe the statistical reports about chatbots. Just think about how AI chatbots will act in the future. We will tell you how:

  • In the future, AI chatbots will behave more like the human beings. According to a research:

By the year 2024, the market size for chatbots will increase to $1.3 billion.

AI chatbots deliver a speech in a human manner. They can be the best source for product guidance. With the usage of Natural language Processing (NLP), chatbots comprehend the purpose of the questions being asked by customers.

The chatbots who have the efficiency of conversing better can do wonders for your business. They will not only improve the customer experience but also will increase customer loyalty. Henceforth, they are capable of changing the view of customers that they have about your company and can help you build customer trust in you.

  • Another brilliant functioning of AI chatbots is in contact centers. According to a research:

By incorporating an AI chatbot, eCommerce companies can decrease the customer care service by up to 30%.

It means that AI chatbots can reduce your financial burden in the business. They can work without human help. For instance, chatbots can help customers with some of the easy requests such as altering the password settings or booking an appointment, etc.

In a contact center, the employment of staff for 24 hours of the day will highly cost you. They can also grow the employee attrition ratio which occurs due to the frequent number of calls on a daily basis.

  • Voice bots are the future of our lives. It is going to be next great thing for all of us. According to a research done by Forbes magazine:

Almost 50% of the searches done by people will be voice-driven. It is going to increase as a conversational trend.

The question is, why do people prefer voice bots over ordinary bots. The answer to this query is simple. A text can sometimes feel boring to people. Or they may be in a hurry to prefer a voice bot.

Such bots can help your customers with valid information within seconds.

  • AI chatbots will change the interaction among customers. Chatbots give attention to the users and their queries. They can answer in less than 30 seconds. For lead generation and sales automation, there is no better choice than a chatbot.

Wrapping up:

AI chatbots are our future. They are going to be anywhere we want them to be. They can do anything for us. We can rely on bots for most of our business queries. But remember one thing, chatbots may seek human help on some occasions. So be there for mutual benefits!

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