Marketing Social Media Jobs In 2021 The Top 5

Marketing Social Media Jobs In 2021
Marketing Social Media Jobs In 2021

One of the fastest-growing professional categories is social media marketing. This is due to the fact that social media marketing is a burgeoning sector. By 2021, it is predicted that the number of people using social media will have surpassed 3 billion.

People enjoy utilizing social media for a variety of reasons, including socializing and other advantages. And the more individuals who use social media, the more appealing it becomes for businesses to use it to reach out to their customers and market their products.

Social media is used by businesses to connect with their target audience. By 2021, global social media marketing investment will have surpassed $48 billion. Businesses are investing heavily in this area of digital marketing because it yields significant results.

89.3 percent of marketers indicated social media is extremely essential or moderately significant to their entire marketing strategy, according to Buffer’s State of Social 2019 survey.

Did you know that there are over 7 million active marketers on Facebook as of Q1 2019?

Consider all of the other social media platforms, as well as all of the businesses that utilize them, both globally and locally.

These companies will very certainly need to fill social media marketing positions.

This is where you come in.

There are a plethora of social media marketing positions to pick from. Indeed has had over 15K social media marketing job postings in the last 15 days.

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How to Find the Best Marketing Social Media Jobs

The sector of social media marketing is extremely competitive. There are a lot of job openings out there, but there are also a lot of talented people vying for these positions.

Having a college diploma is no longer sufficient to separate oneself out from the throng.

Take your skillset to the next level if you want to secure the greatest social media jobs and be successful in them.

You can surround yourself with experienced people in the business and use them as mentors to continuously develop your skillset.

Taking trustworthy online classes is another excellent strategy to advance. Many good courses are available online.

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So, here are ten of the top social media marketing jobs:

1. Social Media Coordinator

A social media coordinator’s job entails coordinating with the rest of the social media marketing team, as well as clients and stakeholders. A social media manager, marketing coordinator, and assistants will support you.

It’s hard work in which you’ll spend most of your time communicating with people over the phone or via email. As a result, you’ll need to be a natural communicator. You should also have social intelligence, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and teamwork abilities.

One of the benefits of working as a social media coordinator is that you have the opportunity to specialize and learn more about how social media marketing works.

The following is a list of the main responsibilities of a social media coordinator:

  • Work with the marketing and social media marketing teams to achieve your goals.
  • Assist the social media manager and the rest of the social media marketing team by acting as a liaison.
  • Assist in the creation of a social media strategy
  • Take care of content management and campaign implementation.
  • Produce reports and undertake performance analysis.
  • Manage your social media profiles.
  • Create material for an editorial calendar by designing and developing it.
  • Respond to questions from the social media marketing team.
  • Make a presentation
  • Organize and manage events

2. Social Media Assistant

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the field of social media marketing. This is an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish in this industry.


Because a social media assistant collaborates with a social media manager and a chief marketing officer. You’ll be a part of the strategy and decision-making process. If you’ve worked as a social media assistant, you’ll have a much better chance of becoming a social media manager.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll be doing as a social media assistant:

  • Develop and implement strategy and campaigns in collaboration with the social media team and senior management.
  • Take charge of the idea generation process.
  • Reports, analyses, and tests should be done on a regular basis.
  • Work with the social media team to collaborate and communicate.
  • Assist senior management as needed on a daily basis.

It’s a tough job in social media marketing because the potential for development is so huge. Before you apply for a position, double-check that you’ll be working with someone who wants to promote a high-performing employee.

3. Social Media Marketing Specialist

You’ll be directly involved in developing, implementing, and monitoring the social media marketing strategy as a social media specialist.

The ‘key’ to social media marketing will be you. Everything will revolve around your plan.

Yes, it is a job with a lot of responsibilities. Survival will become difficult if you fail to deliver (for whatever reason) and your strategy fails.

Before you apply for social media specialist employment, be sure you have the necessary abilities in social media marketing.

The following is a summary of a social media marketing specialist’s responsibilities:

  • Create and implement a social media strategy.
  • Conduct competitive analysis and research.
  • Collect information
  • Make an editorial schedule.
  • Keep track of your return on investment (ROI) and success.
  • Use top social media marketing tools for scheduling posts and collaborate with senior management and the social media marketing team on a regular basis.
  • For feedback and collaboration, interact with the marketing and sales teams.

It’s a well-paid career where you may easily earn $70,000 per year.

As a result, to become a social media professional, you should have some experience and a solid presence. It’s not a job for the faint of heart. You should give it a shot if you have a relevant degree or certification.

4. Social Media Strategist

This position is quite similar to that of a social media marketing specialist. It is, however, distinct in that you will be functioning solely as a strategist. In other words, you’ll be in charge of developing and implementing marketing strategies.

A social media strategist isn’t required to post on social media; instead, they will focus on strategies and campaigns. It’s more of a management position.

As a social media strategist, you’ll be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Collaborate with senior management on planning and goal-setting.
  • Create a social media marketing plan.
  • Implement and track the plan.
  • Budgeting for social media should be closely monitored.
  • Keep track of your success measures.
  • Take feedback and use it to better strategic goals by tweaking your approach based on evidence.
  • Establish long- and short-term social media marketing objectives.

It’s a job with a lot of competition. Because the number of jobs available is limited, you must have a high profile to be considered for one of these positions.

5. Social Media Manager

This position is also known as a social media marketing manager and is one of the most well-paid in the industry. You will be responsible for handling your company’s social media marketing as a manager.

Because it is the manager’s job to ensure everything is working as intended, social media managers are usually held accountable if the strategy or campaign succeeds (or fails).

Yes, it’s a difficult job.

And here’s what you should be doing in your preferred company as a social media manager:

  • Make a strategy for achieving your goals.
  • To achieve targets, collaborate with marketing assistants and the marketing team.
  • Collaborate with strategists to improve your internet presence.
  • Keep an eye on the situation and take the appropriate steps as soon as possible.
  • Social media campaigns should be optimized.
  • Seek out social media influencers to form collaborations with.
  • Manage employees and teams.
  • External and internal difficulties should be tracked, analyzed, and dealt with.

So that about sums it up! Good luck in your search for Marketing Social Media Jobs In 2021.

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