How to Use A Chatbot to Create Passive Income

How to Use A Chatbot to Create Passive Income
ShopSmarts.AI – How To Use A Chatbot To Create Passive Income

Chatbots have been around us for a long time. But their use has increased in the 21st century mainly due to its enhanced features and the increasing popularity of the messaging apps.

Now the question is, what are chatbots and why they are so important?

A chatbot is a tool for stimulating a natural human conversation.

These chatbots are greatly helpful as they help you in different scenarios. For instance, they chatbots can act as a virtual assistant, it can help you to converse with other companies.

Chatbots are also been used by search engines. Bots/chatbots have been found helpful in ceasing the views on your YouTube videos. In banking, they have proved to be the greatest tools for simplifying the interaction between individuals the computers.

Its salient features include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Artificial intelligence means that it uses human intelligence. While machine learning refers to the capability of the computer to understand the given patterns. The chatbot can understand a large number of keywords through which it can help to solve different problems.

With the passage of time, more features were being added to Chatbots. According to research, a new feature won the hearts of thousands of people. A company named WeChat in China developed a more advanced form of a chatbot, which helped the marketers to communicate with their customers online. They feel so, relaxed as this social media platform helped decrease their workload.

A number of brands that use chatbots have announced bots to be highly effective in their work. Chatbots have helped them grow their business by conveniently dealing with their customers through social media apps.

According to recent research by Facebook, with the help of chatbots, 

  • Around 2 billion messages are being circulated between people and different companies.
  • 56% people would prefer to send message than call the customer service.
  • Around 60 % people prefer to shop from the brands or businesses they can message.

In another research conducted by Hubspot, almost 71% of people desire to use the messaging apps to apps to use customer help. The reason for this that people want a fast solution.

In a world of technology where everyone wants a quick response, chatbots have proved to be highly successful in this regard. Chatbots help companies to improve their way of engaging with their customers.

In optimizing the chatbot system, human support and training are important factors. Initially, chatbots require extra time for learning keywords or phrases. As far as they learn more, they will help you more in the future.

Now we are going to discuss the application of chatbots for creating passive income. The following section will help you to create your own chatbot.

There are a number of ways through which you can earn money from a chatbot. The most common of them are advertising, monetizing, or conducting surveys.


A chatbot can be highly effective for advertising your brand. This can be explained through an example. Just embed your chatbot on a certain niche site and start advertising.

 One thing must be kept in mind that the advertisement should be proportional to the discussion with the audience.

You will see that as more and more people will communicate with your chatbot, you will be able to earn more. This is how a chatbot will drive traffic to your site.

But make sure one thing, try to be honest in your work. Because people love to work with those who are reliable to their work.

The e-commerce world

Due to the increasing demand for chatbots, companies have started using bots for selling their products. Chatbots have actually eased our lives.

People have initiated the application of chatbot communication for selling physical and digital products. Even dropship items are sold with the assistance of chatbots.

Collecting commission through a chatbot

If you are going to work with some excellent company, never miss a chance to boost your income. You can do it by have a good means of communication.

Nowadays no better option available than a chatbot for a convenient talk. Just make this chatbot free for your business partner to have a good impression.

 After utilizing a chatbot, you can collect commissions available on sale. This process is highly effective for earning passive income. In the world of business, the art of persuasive expressiveness is greatly helpful. Try to work hard in mastering this art.

Prompting leads through chatbots

Producing leads in your business world can be a sign of your success. However, to move a step further, chatbots can be the best way to do so.

For instance, if you have created a chatbot that is used to collect the leads for vehicles, you can resell these leads to some automobile company and can earn a handsome amount.

You can boost your earnings if the leads are at a good amount. For making your work more convenient, install such chatbots which can automate this whole process to save your time and energy.

Selling your chatbots as a means of earning passive money

This is one of the most common ways of earning a good amount of money. You can do it by simply selling your chatbot to some company.

Your chatbot will help your business partner in catalyzing leads, will aid their agents and with other accounting issues.

Different companies offer different amounts for this sale. Just make sure to make an outline for your chatbot so that it may help you out for future business deals.

Conducting Surveys via Chatbots

Chatbots are so diverse in their nature that they can even conduct surveys for collecting information. These surveys are related to web users. The collected information is then used by some corporations and they pay you in return. For instance, you can use your chatbot for gathering information regarding the financial behaviors of the users, what are their preferences and needs for a certain website and stuff like that.

You can sell this information to certain corporations. In this way, you will be able to experience the mentality of the people toward different sites plus a great chance to earn a good livelihood!

Earning passive income by managing customer support

Managing customer support can be a great task for assigning to your chatbot. Many customers have common questions regarding the products or the site. Chatbots can automate this process by answering common questions, thus saving your time.

Nevertheless, chatbots can assist the customers who are looking for marketing the present products or have to introduce some new products.

For doing so, you have to create a customer support bot. Then you can sell this bot on a flat fee for making a quick sale and getting a chance to earn a passive earning.

Selling your chatbot at a flat rate is a good way to lead

There are a number of companies such as the finance company, the motor company, or retail, health, and beauty, It and software companies, event planners, travel and transport, etc. who are interested in buying your chatbot.

By flat rate, we mean to say a pricing structure that charges at a fixed amount. This means the amount of money that will not change with time.

If your chatbot comes up to their requirements, companies can offer you a good amount of money. In this way, you will be able to design and train your chatbot to its requirements.

After developing good relations with your business partner, you may negotiate for a handsome price. Hence, selling your chatbot at a flat rate is a great means for leading your business.

Forming a diagram of your chatbot conversations

While using your first chatbot, make sure to create a diagram of your conversation. This is quite simple. You just have to use certain tools that are easily available in Google drive.

For instance, is one of the super cool tools for creating diagrams of your chatbot conversations.

There are certain things that you should keep in your mind.

  • Keep the tone of your chatbot conversations formal and professional.
  • Avoid the use of emoji.
  • Before finalizing your diagram, check out the spelling or grammar mistakes.

The above-mentioned key points are quite helpful for starting up your business via chatbot. The process of forming a diagram of your Chatbot conversations can be considered as the base of your business.

Creating chatbots on the basis of present software

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to develop your chatbot,  there is no need to worry about it. Just turn on your computer and search out on the internet for the best companies that offer you for creating your own chatbot.

The most common and best possible companies that will assist you to create your chatbot are, Tidio, Facebook Messenger,

Different types of Chatbots

There is not only one form of a chatbot. It has various categories. From these forms, you have to choose the most appropriate for your business. Mainly there are three most common chatbots,

  • Artificial Intelligence chatbots

  • Rule-based chatbots
  • Intellectually Independent chatbots

Artificial chatbots are a combination of rule-based and intellectually independent. They are quite useful for answering to most difficult questions. The more time you give these chatbots in training them, the more efficiently they will be able to work.

It has many advantages that they can learn from the collected information. Also, artificial intelligence chatbots can understand a number of languages.

Rule-based chatbots follow certain rules. These chatbots are faster and can learn quickly. Also, they cost less.

One drawback of rule-based chatbots is that they are confined to certain rules and cannot answer the questions that are out of the boundary of their rules.

Intellectually independent chatbots are being trained to learn some particular keywords that will catalyze the bot’s reply. Chatbots resemble humans in this regard. They learn more and more with new experiences.

For instance, when you ask your chatbot that How I can log in to my Google account?” Your chatbot will interpret the keywords, ‘log’, ‘google’, and ‘account’. After interpretation, it will answer your question.

The most suitable chatbot will help you grow up your business. For choosing a certain chatbot, having knowledge of all the chatbots is necessary. Because this would help you accurately choosing a particular chatbot that best fits with your business.


Why chatbots have become so important?

In this era of modern technology, earning money has become feasible through the use of modern ways of the use of technology. Chatbots is one of them.

The cost for creating a chatbot is not so much. It all comes with experience. Once you come to know about your target market and its requirements, you can easily come up with extra money for your bank balance.

Once you are have mastered the initial chatbot, you can continue to create another chatbot and can start a new journey. For example, once you have trained your chatbot for generating leads, for instance, you can move on to create a chatbot for either an event planner or education company or wherever your interest leads you.

Time plays a fundamental role in order to improve your skills. In the beginning, you have to give some extra hours to your chatbot so that it really proves to be worthy of your target market.

Chatbots are a very convenient means for earning passive income. One of the greatest advantages of his computer software is that you work anywhere and can converse with your business partner or target audience.

Throughout the year, you can earn money through chatbot, no problem of seasonal working or seasonal vacations. When and wherever you desire to work, chatbots will follow your instructions and will assist you like a human being.

Why all of us are striving in this world? The answer to this very question is that everyone wants a good lifestyle and a nice living standard. For this purpose, one must have a huge amount of money. Chatbots are one of the best options available for earning online.

Chatbots will not let you down. There is no risk of losing money. If you want to quit halfway, it is quite possible. This risk is very low as you haven’t invested much money. It may not have a profitable chatbot for months to years.

It all depends on the execution of your idea and your hard work, time, and energy.

 According to a recent survey, you can earn around $1000 with 30,000 monthly page views and if ads are also included, then this amount may increase to $2000.

It is an amazing opportunity for you all to start up with Chatbot and enter the world of glory!

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