10 tricks To Generate Leads With Chatbots

10 tricks To Generate Leads With Chatbots
10 tricks To Generate Leads With Chatbots

A chatbot is an efficient functioning software that helps to stimulate conversation with human beings usually in the form of a message or with a voice connection.

Chatbots can act as virtual assistants for your business or company. These gadgets can act as customer service providers even in the absence of live agents of the company, to help people with their queries or puzzles.

The function of these chatbots is not limited to a specific environment. The bot can perform in both Business-to-Customer(B2C) as well as with Business-to-Business(B2B) environments.

For a better future for your business, your chatbot should have knowledge about interacting with the customers with text or voice interchange. When bots are functioning properly, you can easily lead.

According to a survey:

By 2025, it is quite possible that the chatbot market with an increase by $1.25 billion.

A business owner should first decide the form of conversation they want to have with their users. This conversation can either be structured or unstructured.

If you choose the structured conversation, then you must have trained your bot with a highly scripted talk. It will enhance the knowledge of the chatbot about its users plus it will enable it to answer to their most of the questions correctly.

The B2B environments have initiated not only the use of chatbots but also have started working on improving the functioning of these bots. For this purpose, several tools have been used in these environments. This enhancement in chatbot service has assisted to improve customer service.

According to research:

There are 5 billion monthly users of messaging apps all around the world.

Customers find it convenient to talk to a robot who converses just like human beings. Many business tycoons have found these bots quite helpful in their business deals. For instance, chatbots help to increase the sales processes, an excellent way to boost the customer service system and to provide a well-structured email automation system.

Another unique feature of these chatbots is that they act as a tremendous tool for better lead generation. When some user leaves the website without purchasing anything or their shopping cart is empty, chatbot converses with them and ends some positive information that may be used in conducting surveys.

What is the meaning of the term ‘lead’ and ‘lead generation? 

A lead can be a person or a company who has shown interest in your products or some service.

The term lead generation comes from the term lead. It is a marketing technique through which you can generate an effect on your product. Through this technique, you can utilize the moment of interest to discover specific information about the people who considered your products useful or interesting. In this way, those people will become your prospects.

You can use the collected information for following the prospects and thus can convert them into your customers.

When a prospect becomes a customer, then the process of lead generation is completed.

The number of leads is directly proportional to the conversion of more and more customers. The most important feature that encourages a better functioning of chatbots is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the presence of this feature, a chatbot can better perform its duties also leads to a professional conversation between users and bots. Well-trained chatbots can help you save money for your company.

Strategies for a better lead generation with the help of Chatbots

  • Qualifying your leads with Chatbots

Chatbots have the capability to create a better performance. Many companies have recorded their success stories and have declared chatbots as their biggest assets. Some of the most prominent features of chatbots for qualifying your leads in seconds are as follows:

  •  Advertise the content of a particular company.
  • Produce Potential leads.
  • Send these potential leads to the sales team.
  • The most common examples of chatbots that can generate leads are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for business.

We can illustrate the chatbot for Facebook messenger by an example.  When you open a page of some company, the messenger chatbot will automatically appear on your screen with the option that ‘Get started’. If you click this option, then the messenger chatbot would proceed with some greetings and other information like following the page, etc.

  • For better understanding of your audience

Selling your products requires some attributes. Having good communication skills is the first rule. While knowing the interests of your target audience is as important as you are going to buy a birthday gift for your best friend.

Chatbots will play the lead role in this regard. They will help you understand the interests of the people by communicating with them. A chatbot will help your company improve its services.

The best way for a better understanding of knowing your audience is by conducting surveys and quizzes. Your chatbot should be well-experienced and trained enough to ask questions from users whenever engaged in conversation with them.

  • Live chat as a means for generating leads

Chatbots can be an efficient way to conduct live chats with users. This feature will help to create actual-time support. A live chatbot talk will enhance the proportion of users on our website.

According to the latest survey:

Around 82% can become your customers if your prospects have a live chat to your bot.

This shows the power of your chatbot that will help you increase leads.

  • Enhancing the Business-to-Business customer Experience

A B2B environment refers to the business or transaction being conducted between two businesses or two companies instead of a business between a company and a customer.

You might have noticed that a lot of leading companies use their messenger chatbots in having conversations with the users who visit their online sites. In the B2B environment, this kind of communication is highly encouraged as it increases their leads.

It is not news that people in this era are more interested in having a messaging conversation with companies or prospects. According to a survey:

9 out of 10 customers prefer to use text messages to come up in a deal with some company or business.

 A textual conversation demands some skills in communication and experience about people’s attentiveness.

  • Leading generations by forming bonds

A good relationship with your business partner is the best way to lead your business. A chatbot acts as a bridge to build a connection with your company agents and customers.

Providing customer support is the best way for generating leads. Your chatbot will act as a customer service provider. The customers having any trouble shopping from your website, shipping process, or other queries will contact your bot.

Your chatbot will perform tremendously if it knows how to build customer trust. Trust is the pillar of every business. In this way, a good relationship will make your audience rely upon you.

  • Informing your audience

This can be exciting to educate people about your products and services. Engage in such a way to make the conversation interesting instead of making the talk boring.

Informing your audience about products is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. But who will do this job?

Of course, the chatbot. According to a survey held in 2016:

On Hubspot, around 63% of users were using AI technology without even knowing this.

This implies that chatbot is a transparent technology that people have been using without even knowing it.

 Not only chatbots will bring your audience closer to you but will also attract them to your site. And soon they will become your subscribers.

In this way, chatbots will also help subscribers to search the content by typing the keywords on your website.

  • Creating the buyer profile

In order to generate leads for your business, there is not a single method to do so. Creating a buyer profile is one of these procedures. In this profile, you will mention the name, age, gender, profession, and some other necessary information.

Creating a buyer’s profile means we are creating a 360-degree lead profile. We can say that the buyer persona or buyer profile is the photocopy of our target buyer.

  • Utilizing the buyer profile to produce an eye-catching message

After building up the profile, you need to how the customers’ brain functions.  This can be done by going through the needs of a customer that they expect from you.

Remember this, you are going to provide the customers with their solutions. For this purpose, you just need to get into their minds. And this task can be performed by none other than a well-trained chatbot!

Are Chatbots really beneficial for leads generation?

Chatbots have been designed for multiple purposes and producing leads is one of them. The function of a chatbot is not limited to the initiation of a conversation with customers, rather it can act as a magnet to attract the attention of its subscribers.

According to a recent survey:

Almost 80% of the companies deploy chatbots in a number of ways.

There are a number of advantages of chatbots that are working for lead generation.

  • An engaging experience with customers

Chatbots have been on trend for the last few years. It is just because of their efficient performance. Even when you are not available online, and some user sends messages, your bot will respond.

Isn’t it expressive enough that someone addresses your user in the same way as some human entity? Customers will get instant answers to their questions instead of waiting for someone on your site who will respond to them.

In this way, you will get some potential customers. And this will further pave your way for creating leads.

  • Availing leads through chatbots

Collecting leads doesn’t seem an easy task to accomplish. If the content on your site is good enough to catch a large audience, then avail this opportunity.

What you have to do is to stay in contact with the users who are visiting your website. If you keep engaged, chances are there that these users will become your customers.

It is quite possible that if your leads bot does not talk with the visitors and doesn’t inform them about the content in a compelling way regarding your products or business nature, users will not visit your profile.

According to research:

With the incorporation of chatbots, businesses will have a cost savings of $8 billion by the year 2022.

Your leads bot will provide you with massive opportunities the thus assisting the users with spectacular work experiences. Chatbots can be called the best way of investing in your business.

  • Fixing meetings through bots

 This phenomenon can be observed in B2B environments, hospitals, or some other place where an appointment has to be fixed at a specific time of the day.

Chatbots can be used for this purpose. They will fix the meeting at the given time, thus saving the human help because chatbots will control the schedule. Yes, it is quite easy with the help of chatbots.

If someone worries about the confirmation of the meeting, then don’t. Because the bot will send confirmation messages through message or email.

According to an article:

Chatbots have started replacing call centers.

Lead generation is no doubt pivotal for all businesses. For creating more and more leads, chatbots are doing their jobs in an enthusiastic manner.

Competition is everywhere. In business, you have to think intelligently to achieve and lead your competitors. With the birth of chatbots, you are just some steps away from your success. Grooming your bots is as important as are educating your own child.

Your chatbot is your army. It will lead you if lead it. They will build up user experience. You can communicate with the visitors to transform them into your regular customers.

Also, these bots will send the segmented leads to the pertinent team. The bot is now everywhere. In your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp business app, and almost in all other apps.

 In fact, bots are leading the digital world!

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