How To Use A Chatbot As An Influencer In 2021

How To Use A Chatbot As An Influencer In 2021 – How To Use A Chatbot As An Influencer

Start your business now with one of the most innovative technologies and human-like ‘robots’. This robot has been named Chatbot. Having impressive features such as Artificial Intelligence, textual and voice conversations with people, and interacting with users in a humanly way has proved this software as the best way to accomplish your goals in the business market.

According to a survey conducted before the year 2020:

Around 80% of brands and business owners want chatbots by 2020.

Today, a large population of the world has got addicted to social media. This in turn has increased the proportion of influencers who work for some brands and are paid back to the extent of their work.

The Influencer and Influencer Marketing

As the name suggests, an influencer is a person who can affect the decision-making ability of someone regarding the purchasing of products.

It is an era of social media and consumers too have headed towards social media. Many brands and companies contact people especially the ones who have massive followings on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. These celebrities then promote that company’s products. This is what we called as influencer marketing. 

Renowned YouTubers and bloggers partner with top companies and brands. It is a kind of mutual business deal in which both participants, the brand, and the influencer are mutually benefitted.

Is it possible to use a chatbot as an influencer?

Yes, it is!

The very reason for this to happen is because of the advent of marketing. In America, two tech firms decided to introduce an influencer chatbot for the US brand Cover Girl. This bot was hosted on the messenger app.

The idea of an influencer chatbot was so majestic that it brought 90% plus positive responses from the users. Moreover, the bot created a 14 times better conversation rate among the users.

Messaging apps have decreased the popularity of emails. A great number of companies now use texts as a means of communication with their customers. Even most people give preference to messages.

A survey was conducted which resulted in different opinions of people regarding emails they receive from different companies:

Many people gave different opinions regarding emails. Some declared email as’ irrelevant to them’. Some say that they don’t like receiving so many emails from companies.

Many brands now inform their users about their new products and sales via text message. Messaging apps are taking over and convey a message instantly in microseconds. Research shows that:

Average message open rates are 94-96% globally.

Viewing this, you can take the help of a chatbot. You can design a bot of your choice that fits with your brand. The chatbot will assist you as a marketer, adviser, and customer care tool.

Employing a chatbot for the promotion of your brand can be the best strategy so far. When an influencer promotes a brand, he/she may receive a lot of messages from their followers. To answer every single message is not an easy job.

By integrating a chatbot into your influencer marketing project, you will be able to perform multiple tasks. For instance, you can generate leads, can deal with multiple visitors at the same time, and can gather the desired information.

Best ways for using a chatbot as an influencer

  • Using a chatbot constructing tool

This is the beginning of your journey in influencer marketing. Firstly, you need to build a bot and it is very convenient with the help of some apps.

  • Choose the influencer that fits with your brand

This has to be decided intellectually. You should collaborate with the person that matches your buyer persona. Nevertheless, the past record of the influencer regarding his/her influencer marketing projects will help you to choose the right person for your brand.

  • Deciding the Budget

No one will work for you. Once you have chosen the influencer for your brand, discuss the budget. The agreement of your influencer is necessary for this matter.

  • Setting up a targeted strategy via your Chatbot

After the creation of your chatbot and the selection of your influencer, the next step is to begin a targeted strategy. While doing so, choose the social media channel that will benefit you.

In addition, you should promote only one product at a time. This will save you money, time, and energy. Make sure that your chatbot is working smoothly and is always up for the task.

  • Telling a Persuasive Story

For selling your product and impressing your audience, you need a story to tell your audience. The story should be related to the influencer with whom you are working.

The chatbot will tell the story and you will see its impact on people. Of course, they will get impressed.

Design the Bot that Suits Your Brand

Not every bot is suitable for every brand. Some bots are specific to a particular company or brand. You must know this fact that a bot that fits with the requirements of your brand will help you connect with your customers.

The best way to design a chatbot is to insert some of the features of the influencer. It is to be added that a bot can talk and behave the way you want it to be and this will attract the target audience too.

In order to design a bot and use it as an influencer, you must discuss it with your influencer first. Observe the influencer thoroughly and then start working on the bot. Your bot should use the same tone, accent, and some particular use of words that your influencer uses in her/his speech. In this way, the people who interact with the bot will think as they are talking to the influencer herself/himself.

  • Improve the performance of your chatbot

From the time, you introduce your chatbot, keep observing its performance. How it is working. How the bot is dealing with people. Do people feel amused while chatting with your chatbot?

The performance of your chatbot will help gather information about the audience. You will come across their interests and what things you should reconsider in your chatbot.

Reasons for using a Chatbot as an Influencer

  • Chatbots are active 24/7

The best reason for using a chatbot as an influencer is that they can work 24/7. As we all know that due to different time zones, some followers of an influencer may contact them at night time. A human being cannot stay active every minute or every second to respond to the followers.

However, thanks to the robot, chatbot, who can work at any hour of the day. It can talk to any user who contacts the influencer. So, the influencer doesn’t need to overthink the questions asked by his/her followers.

  • Bots can communicate with multiple users

Another great reason for using chatbots as an influencer is that bots can communicate with multiple users at the same time.No human being in the world can do this task. A bot can answer all the questions asked by a number of people.

Employing a bot for your influencer marketing is a great way to proceed with your business. It will save much of your time and energy. But make sure that you have designed a chatbot according to the needs of your brand.

  • Bots can create personalized content

Chatbots can create content according to the choice of the influencer.  The bot can be programmed with the content required for the niche of the influencer. For instance, if the bot is a skin and beauty consultant, it will give beauty tips and information relevant to this niche.

If the bot has been designed as a personal trainer influencer, it will inform people with fitness rules health-related content. Moreover, a video can be posted in which the health and fitness influencer is telling about the best ways to stay fit and active.

People follow their favorite influencers and are impressed by their ways of living. The bot working for a particular influencer should perform its duties quite well.

According to a survey:

85% of customer interactions will be handled without the help of human beings.

Chatbots are the new innovations in our lives. These bots are altering the marketing world through their unbelievable performance. Chatbots have eased to gather data beyond expectations.

For influencer marketing, chatbots have proved themselves as the best strategy so far. According to the latest studies:

People have 14 times more conversations with chatbots with 90% positive feedback.

With the advancement of chatbot technology, more and more brands are heading towards its usage. Chatbots have replaced emails since a number of messaging apps use chatbots.

Social media apps have been on trend for the last decade. People follow their favorite celebrities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Designing a chatbot as an influencer for the promotion of your products is not only convenient but time-saving too.

You should be clever enough to decide the most appropriate person for the endorsement of your brand. Remember this, the performance of your chatbot will determine the future of your business.

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