How To Use A Chatbot To Build An Email List For My Shopify Store

How To Use A Chatbot To Build An Email List For My Shopify Store
ShopSmarts.AI – How To Build An Email List For My Shopify Store

Marketing has taken a new turn in the world of business. It is through the emergence of email marketing. According to the recent studies conducted on email marketing:

It is one of the easiest ways through which e-commerce stores can boost their sales. Moreover, this kind of marketing brings their target audience closer to them.

On the contrary, chatbots have become so much familiar to the business world. With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), their popularity is seeking new heights.

Marketing is a vast concept that urges more and more people to get interested in products. The first rule of marketing is to understand the needs and interests of your target audience.

For instance, if you are marketing stationery items, but the target audience that you have to choose is interested in beauty products instead of stationery items, the result may lead to the failure of your company. So it’s most important to choose the relevant audience.

Now the question arises that what is meant by email marketing and how does it work?

Email Marketing simply means to send a commercial email text specifically to the email subscribers. It means that if you have allowed a particular brand or company, then they can inform you of the latest news via sending email to your email I’d.

Email marketing not only helps to inform and increase your sales but also assist to create a colony surrounding your brand. A newsletter is the best example.

There are two kinds of Email marketing. The first one is called Promotional Email. Through it, emails can be used to promote some new product or a webinar.

Another kind of email marketing is Informational email. Through this email, some news regarding the company is being shared with the audiences who are being linked via their email. The companies simply send messages through email. This is done with the help of a newsletter.

Although the concept of email marketing is not new, it has become a part of our lives through its services to mankind. According to a survey,

Around 80% of people in America open up their emails once a day.

The statistic shows the importance of email as a means of digital communication. At the present time, its use has increased by almost 50%.

There are a number of advantages of marketing through email.  But how can we initiate email marketing? It is done through chatbots.

According to research:

55 % of companies have started using chatbots

People now prefer to utilize chatbots for their growing businesses. Not only do these bots help customers in their queries but also help the audience in explaining the services that these bots can offer.

One of the most important ingredients of this data is email. The email is still new in the business. The reason for this growth in email marketing with the assistance of chatbots. These chatbots nurture email marketing for their faster growth.

According to a recent survey,

Around 1 plus billion people have been using Facebook Messenger Bots

 Are chatbots capable of growing your email list? Yes! It’s quite true. These modern AI gadgets can promote your business in the world of competition and innovations. With a new day, there is advancement in the applications of these Natural language Processing items.

According to recent studies, bots can be easily installed than apps. A chatbot is the first choice for developing email lists. At the present time, a large population uses online chat.

Apart from this, most people use social media apps. Masses spend most of their time using these apps. That’s the reason that companies have come close to their target audience to convey their message to the users. By keeping personal information confidential, your company can attract a large audience.

Now we shall discuss the ways using chatbots for creating email lists.

Getting the Email Addresses

It is the first and most common step. As we are already familiar with the importance of bots and their applications, we also know that chatbots help to make customer service conversations convenient. For the implementation of this process, you just have to get the email addresses of your target audience.

This will be done by your chatbot, which engages with the customers. The bot will also ensure that the information that the customer will provide will not be leaked.

Trust is the key factor in the world of business. If your customers trust you, you can achieve what you want.

Does your chatbot actually function for what is supposed to do?

It’s quite important to notice that your chatbot is doing exactly what it has been assigned to do. If a bot functions opposite to that, it is possible that your work may be struck and may not proceed.

Your bot is responsible for the success of your work. For instance, if your chatbot works as an event organizer, it will help customers to organize their events properly. Similarly, if a bot is meant for helping customers to explore new recipes, people will contact via emails, messages to know the latest food recipes.

How to ask for an Email ID?

This is a crucial step and demands requires intelligence. As a business marketer, you should know that a little silly mistake may have drastic effects.

It all starts with the initiation of the conversation. When your bot asks the customer for an email address, it should entertain the user so that they find this bot useful and interesting.

The chatbot personality is an important ingredient in this regard. Its personality should not seem dull or dry. Instead, a helping and caring bot are what you all need!

The bots learn with experience. Train the bots with some entertaining and eye-catching dialogues.

Where do the Emails go?

Getting emails from your customers is a good sign. It shows that they are willing to check your products or services. But where to put these emails?

This question is quite valid. There should be a system through which you can save all the emails in an organized way. There are a number of programs and software for this purpose.

If you connect these programs meant for synchronizing the email lists, you can easily create your private subscriber list.

Writing accurate content for your email

The content required for email matters a lot. It should be precise, accurate, and relevant to the target audience. Before that, it is also important to understand the interests of people. What appeals to them should be added to your content.

The first impression is the last impression”. Keep in mind that the opening lines of the content should be appealing. Most of the readers just go through the initial lines and get an idea of the worth of your work.

What should be the length of this content? It should not be more than 200 words. Otherwise, the reader may get bored. According to a recent study,

G-mail removes data from emails with more than 102kb messages. In fact, it hides the rest of the data.

Plus keep the language quite simple and comprehensible to all types of audiences. This will in turn attract more and more people to contact you via emails. And you will be able to flourish your email marketing.

Chatbots are the key components in all this process. It is due to the bots that email marketing nurtures. Because NLP, chatbots urge email marketing to understand all the customers no matter what are the cultural backgrounds of the clients or what languages they speak or comprehend.

Benefits of good Email Marketing:

The uses that email marketing can give you are limitless. The first thing is you have to make sure that you are doing well with your goals. If you have launched highly recommendable content for your email, people who like it will come again and again.

When more people visit your website, traffic will increase on the site. People who will give good reviews regarding your content will probably suggest their friends or family friends. This is the power of email marketing.

What is Shopify and how to build your own selling store?

Once you have built your email list via chatbot, using it for your Shopify store is not a complex task. What exactly is the task of Shopify and how you can produce your own online store on Shopify?

Shopify is an online e-commerce program through which you can start your selling business by developing your online shop on the Shopify platform.

  • No worries! We will give you new ideas for building up your own selling store. What you are supposed to do is start a free trial for shopify. Once your free trial on shopify starts, you can proceed.

  • The next step is getting know about the pricing plans according to your budget. In fact shopify itself assists in deciding you which price plan fits you!

  • For an eye-catching online store, themes for shopify are available. You can select the best theme and make the store look enchanting.

  • There is a separate system for payment of the products. Customers can pay through their credit cards online.

  • If you want to read some stuff or articles related to the shopify stores, a number of blogs have been posted on the official website of Shopify.

How to sell my product through the Shopify store?

This is the most common question that is frequently asked by people who sell products in an online store. Once you have created your shopping store, the next step is get into the depth of ways for selling your products or services.

There are a number of sales channels that will help you sell your products. Moreover, choosing the right pricing plan is the first and foremost step of this whole process.

Shopify is growing fast. It is mainly due to the trust that this online store has established for its users. Their services are available 24/7. We can say that Shopify has its back for you. This site helps you in each and every puzzle regarding your business. You just aim high to start your online selling business and leave the rest on the amazing helper, Shopify…

Methods for maintaining your Email lists

Although it seems simple to manage your email lists it can be time taking. Email marketing is a new step for upgrading your business world. It attracts customers and is quite helpful for retailer business.

You might have observed while visiting several websites that when you open a website, they send you a notification on which it is mentioned as: ‘sign-up for our newsletter’. What is the function of this newsletter? As discussed earlier, the customers who sign-up in your newsletter will directly receive promotional notifications and news regarding the latest sale or new products that have been introduced on your online store.

When a customer signs up for a newsletter, his/her email is required on which you will send emails regarding your store. Moreover, you may add an option naming, Email subscribers. By subscribing to this option, customers will get news/mails directly. If some customer finds it frustrating, he/she can unsubscribe.

There is another term known as Role-based Email Address. A role-based email address sends mails to a team and not to a single individual. It mostly mentions the world’s like info. There are limited benefits of this kind of email address.

How can you know that you have sent emails to just those who have subscribed to your email address? The people who will receive your mails will be shown to you in the form of a customer list. Shopify can remove those people who don’t opt for receiving your emails.

A point to keep in mind!

The customer who has recently purchased some item and has liked it too will happily receive your mails. The purchaser actually wants to know about the latest sales and news regarding the new items. Try to remember such customers and don’t forget to send them emails.

Just make sure that you have included chatbots in your business as a business partner. Give these bots time and importance because they will do anything for you!

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