The Benefits and Drawbacks of Pinterest Ad Promotion

Benefits and Drawbacks of Pinterest Ad Promotion
Benefits and Drawbacks of Pinterest Ad Promotion

Advertising on Pinterest Ads, like everything else in life, has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a look at a few of them so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use Pinterest to advertise your eCommerce business.

Benefits of Using Pinterest Ads to Promote Products

Pinterest integrates and synchronizes nicely with a variety of other social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Your Pinterest feed can also be displayed on your website. Because of the ease with which you may accomplish this, you can cross-promote Pinterest with other advertising channels, helping you to achieve your multi-channel marketing goals.

As I previously stated, when you advertise and sell on Pinterest, you are targeting a very particular target market. If this is the exact audience you’re looking for, Pinterest might be a gold mine for you, especially if you’re selling in the most popular categories on the site.

Easy to drive traffic – Each image, including adverts, has a hyperlink that immediately connects to the original page. This is a marketer’s dream, especially if you’re conducting fresh testing, such as with product-specific landing pages. When compared to other channels like Twitter and YouTube, this structure ensures a higher volume of referral traffic.

People come to Pinterest with more purchase intent than they do to Facebook or Twitter, resulting in higher conversions and expenditure. They usually come to ‘visually research’ an item, which explains why they convert more effectively. The cherry on top is that, as compared to Facebook and Twitter, they spend two and a half times more per conversion.

Disadvantages of Using Pinterest Ads to Promote Products

Spectacular and exacting – Running Pinterest advertisements and marketing campaigns can be difficult due to the need that all photos to be your own to avoid copyright infringement. Additionally, Pinterest has the strict size and quality requirements that you must adhere to. To truly have visual content on which to base your Pinterest marketing campaign, you may need to pay someone to develop all of these photographs. This can be a major roadblock for sellers who don’t have the time or financial resources to deal with it.

Niche-specific – What may be advantageous to some may be detrimental to others. If you’re trying to sell to men or people over the age of 30, or if you’re not in the home, food, or lifestyle categories, you could end up squandering a lot of money on campaigns with a low ROI.

Though many sellers find benefit in advertising on Pinterest, it’s important to realize that the site is primarily a “lifestyle” site, not an eCommerce platform. As a result, Pinterest sales and selling take second place on the platform. Many people were unaware, and still are unaware, that Pinterest may be used to make purchases.

Pinterest is a marketplace-specific alternative for you to sell on if you’re using Shopify or BigCommerce. You could technically advertise things from eBay and Amazon, but you wouldn’t be able to transform them into shoppable pins,’ meaning you’d be adding to the number of conversion hurdles, making Pinterest a less profitable and hence less viable option for you and your business.

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