Creative Chatbot Ideas to Boost Your Online Business

Creative Chatbot Ideas to Boost Your Online Business
Creative Chatbot Ideas to Boost Your Online Business

Have you considered incorporating chatbots into your website? If you own an online business, you should be aware that chatbots perform admirably in terms of marketing, sales, and customer support. Customers enjoy them a lot, too. Chatbots benefit your consumers and improve your sales, therefore it’s a win-win scenario for both parties.

Here’s the greatest part: you can create and integrate a chatbot onto your website in minutes without knowing how to code. It’s completely free! You may either do it right now or read on to get some chatbot ideas. Are you looking for ways to boost your sales? Chatbots have the ability to:

  • Recover Abandoned Carts          

When consumers leave their virtual shopping carts unattended, your chatbot may remind them that they haven’t completed the transaction.

  • Distribute Welcome Messages

Use a chatbot to greet your visitors to grab their attention, make them feel welcome, and get them in the mood to purchase.

  • Dissuade visitors from departing

By engaging clients who are ready to depart, a chatbot can purchase some additional time online.

  • Respond to Frequently Asked Questions

You can program your chatbots to automatically respond to the most frequently asked questions from your customers.

  • Generate Leads

Chatbots may be used to capture customer contact information and use it for marketing and sales reasons.

  • Notify about a sale or a discount

A chatbot can assist in influencing clients’ browsing behavior by informing them about deals, redirecting them to specific goods, and providing discounts to enhance the customer experience.

What Is a Chatbot, Exactly?

A virtual conversation agent is referred to as a chatbot. Chatbots may conduct online conversations using pre-programmed rules and scripts.

They respond to a certain occurrence by taking a specific action. Chatbots, for example, might give a discount to customers who abandon their shopping carts. Chatbots, often known as conversation bots, can be classified in a variety of ways.

E-commerce chatbots, video game bots, voice assistants, and even an online chatbot girlfriend are all available (or a chatbot boyfriend). Scripted chatbots and AI chatbots are the two most prevalent forms in general. Although an AI chatbot may be beneficial in some situations, the technology is still in its early stages.

Even the most advanced AI chatbots have trouble keeping up with seemingly simple chats. Even the most powerful AI-powered chatbots are unable to connect disparate conversational fragments and integrate them into a coherent whole. The most effective chatbots are those that really work. Small/medium companies can benefit from scripted chatbots since they are easier to create (no coding skills necessary), faster (you can set them up in minutes), and less expensive.

It’s as simple as signing up for an online chatbot platform and integrating it with your website. You may use the default chatbot scripts, but you can also change templates and develop whole new chatbots. A chatbot is frequently used in conjunction with a live chat service. A typical strategy is to have a live chat representative help your clients while also using chatbots to automate parts of the duties. Live customer service and chatbot services are complimentary in today’s e-commerce.

 Customers think about chatbots

According to the Point Source Global Chatbot Report, when chatbots are available, 49 percent of consumers are willing to buy more frequently and 34 percent will spend more.

The Advantages of Using an Online Shopping Assistant with a Chatbot

Why should you think about utilizing chatbots in your company? Because they give several sales and customer service advantages.

Chatbots Help Your Business

  • Chatbots aid in the growth of sales and conversion rates.
  • Chatbots are a great way to get fresh leads.
  • Chatbots can help you save a lot of time (for both customers and business owners).
  • Chatbots take care of some of the most time-consuming jobs.

The Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service

  • Chatbots make customer support more accessible, efficient, and rapid.
  • Chatbots give excellent customer service.
  • Chatbots customise customer interactions.
  • Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Chatbots lighten the strain on your support personnel, allowing them to focus on the most pressing issues.

 Role do chatbots play

  • Chatbots Can Greet Your Online Customers with Custom Messages
  • Examine the most effective chatbot online use cases for expanding your business.
  • Chatbots Can Increase Online Sales
  • When a client visits your online store for the first time, a chatbot greets them with a greeting message.

Not only that, but if your company is global, your chatbot may greet visitors in different languages based on their location!

Chatbots to Recover Abandoned Carts

It takes an excessive amount of time. Chatbots respond quickly and might provide an incentive for customers to complete their transactions.

The Point of Welcome Messages from Chatbots

Sending them a welcome message or addressing them by their first name during a chatbot discussion are both effective methods to boost conversion rates.

Chatbots for Abandoned Carts Work

Your chatbot can interact with them, ask them a question, or give them a discount. The abandoned cart chatbots have only one goal: to prevent clients from leaving without making a purchase!

What Can Chatbots Do to Keep People From Leaving?

A chatbot can deliver a message or ask a short response question when the customer’s mouse pointer exits a window.

Alternatively, the chatbot can initiate a discussion while also notifying the live chat human operator. Chatbots have the ability to engage consumers and persuade them to alter their opinions. As a result, you either save a lead or get some useful feedback.

When you’re offline, chatbots generate leads.

Setting up a chatbot to collect contact information is one of the finest uses for it (leads). Your chatbot can ask for their contact information so you can follow up with them later.

The advantages of employing a chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions

Chatbots may save a lot of time by employing pre-programmed responses to commonly requested queries (frequently asked questions).

Instead of reading extensive instructions, consumers may converse with an educational and entertaining chatbot. Chatbots are now being used by colleges to answer regular inquiries from applicants and students. You save time by setting responses just once with chatbots, and consumers save time since they don’t have to wait for your response because the online chatbot responds quickly. Allow customers to check the status of their orders online using a chatbot.

This chatbot will save you and your customers time by allowing them to enter their shipping number or email address and receive a fast response.

The ways that chatbots can create leads

Chatbots that are interactive are far more user-friendly. The presence of a chatbot symbol in the corner of the screen is unobtrusive and unobtrusive. Chatbots can generate leads at any time of day or night! Whether you’re online or not, you’ll get a lead.

Lead generation chatbots are among the best online bots available, and they are an excellent example of chatbot applications.

When your operators are busy, inform your customers.

The chatbot will deliver a message to a client that you choose for example, that an operator will be back in a minute.

Add a Customer Tag for More Customization

A chatbot can track customers who have visited a certain URL, taken a specific action, or sent a message containing specified keywords.

Why Is Having a Chatbot Inform Customers About Live Chat Agent Availability a Good Idea?

A chatbot will not make them feel neglected, and it may initiate a discussion before a real chat person steps in.

Beneficial to Use Chatbots to Offer a Discount or Announce a Sale

Offering discounts and coupons are a wonderful method to boost sales and a perfect example of how to use chatbots. Your consumers enjoy deals and discounts, and you can ensure that they receive what they want using a chatbot.

You’ll also see an increase in sales!

Take a look at some of the best business chatbot ideas.

Chatbots may benefit online businesses in several ways: they can enhance customer service, create a unique customer experience, increase sales, and save a lot of time. Customers are getting more aware of chatbots and are already prepared to spend more money when they are available.

Furthermore, online chat (live chat/chatbot) is the preferred mode of contact for 49 percent of online consumers. Chatbot customer service is quite popular among Millenials.

How Can I Create My Own Online Chatbot?

In your web browser, you can begin creating, testing, and using chatbots right now.

You don’t need any coding skills; simply sign up for a free chatbot platform and begin utilizing chatbot templates or creating your own from scratch. It’s as simple as connecting the dots to create your own chatbot. If you want to go a bit farther, you may look at all of the activities a chatbot can do. Here are 6 innovative chatbot ideas to help you grow your online business.

  1. Product Recommendations

Many customers have a general idea of what they want to buy, but they may not have a specific item in mind. This is where the product recommendation chatbot comes in.

This bot may recommend items depending on their preferences (style, color, brand, etc.) Whether you’re selling flowers, groceries, books, or movie tickets, it doesn’t matter.

Patron Tequila, for example, employs a ‘Bot-Tender’ to suggest cocktail combinations depending on the circumstances, tastes, or even the sort of event.

  • Locate a Restaurant

Chatbots at restaurants can make suggestions depending on cuisine, location, and price range. “Can you tell me what kind of food you want to have tonight?” “How formal do you want to be dressed?” “What is your average supper pricing range?”

The data is all there; all you have to do now is tap into it and deliver high-quality results right now. Some chatbots can even book your appointments or take your order for you!

  • Verify the status of your order

Using a chatbot to check on the status of a delivery order saves both your organization and your consumers time, as well as alleviating any increasing concerns about where a product is in the delivery process.

Chatbots may be simply integrated with your Shopify account or data system, allowing customers to check the progress of their orders while conversing with the bot.

  • Create Customer Tags

Let me just say how powerful tagging consumers can be to your business. It may not seem glamorous or imaginative, but let me just say how powerful tagging customers can be to your business.

Customers who have visited a certain page, taken a specific action, or chatted in with a specific message that triggers keywords can be automatically marked (or tagged) using revenue acceleration platforms like Drift. Tagging is a technique for providing personalized customer care based on the client’s actions.

Let’s assume a client has been labeled as a “VIP” and has a custom property named “VIP” linked to him or her since he or she purchased numerous pricey things. You may then add this property to that client’s profile, and every time he or she visits the site, goods or ideas marked to show to “VIP” clients will be immediately sent to him or her.

The Chatbot has also been tweaked to provide this visitor a more personalized experience. Most likely, you’ve just gained a lifelong customer.

  • Exit-Intent Bot

An Exit-Intent bot is designed to capture someone as they move their mouse up the page and/or toward the top right corner of the window as if they are going to click the “close window” button.

It’s critical to reach out to the visitor one final time before missing out on a potential transaction. It’s a wonderful time to give a special deal or learn more about why they’re ready to depart.

  • Bot for the Pricing Page

This sort of bot, like the “Product Suggestion Bot,” isn’t on the list because of its inventiveness, but it is likely one of the most significant pages on your whole site.

Someone on this page is almost certainly ready to speak with a salesperson. If you want to generate leads, nothing is more obvious than a visitor looking at your price page.

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