How To Create A Chatbot Personality

How To Create A Chatbot Personality
ShopSmarts.AI – How To Create A Chatbot Personality

We will tell you how to give life to your Chatbot, by giving human traits to your bot that will match your target audience.

With the increasing demand for new ways of communication, the concept of the chatbot has also gone viral for businessmen. Personality is the key factor for making your chatbot look more interesting. If your chatbot seems boring to the audience, they will definitely move on to the next line of chatbots.

With no doubt, chatbots have come on the crest of the wave right now. This tremendous software has introduced easy ways of earning money. But the thing is that it should be good enough to catch the attention of its customers.

The way you train your tiny creature, the same it will be able to perform. Adding one new feature will definitely enhance its skills. This feature is none other than the personality trait. The addition of personality in chatbots will help you proceed with your business. Your chatbot can communicate the way you want it to do so. For instance, will easily observe its personality traits through:

  • How your chatbot welcomes/greets your customers.
  • How it describes your products/services.
  • How your chatbot answers to various questions.

Can we really associate a personality to a chatbot or it just a perception? Not it’s not perception at all! A chatbot having an exceptional personality leads you in the business market.

According to research conducted in the year 2018,

 A chatbot allows more than half of its target audience to communicate with this abstract software instead of looking out for some human help.

While the same research shows data according to which 47 % audience doesn’t get any authentic information from the chatbots.

The personality of your chatbot depends upon you. It’s up to you to assign it such traits as to grow up your business. Or we can say that your target audience is greatly proportional to the behavior of your bot. How it engages with the people.

If you deliver a robotic experience to the customers, your target audience may get frustrated. On the contrary, if your chatbot is capable of dealing with people, answering their questions, and helping them out when they enter your shop, not only will people get impressed by your bot, but will help promote your business through good reviews.

It is a fact that a chatbot is a robot, but it should not sound like this. According to research,

Domino Pizza has a bot that treats customers just like human beings. It chats with them and helps them with their queries. Nonetheless, it has a specific name too.

In the context of the above research, giving some name to your chatbot enhances its personality. Some of the most important traits that you must consider for your chatbot are:

  • Simple
  • Goofy
  • Helping
  • Kind
  • Informative
  • Showing sweet gestures.

It all depends on your company and the people who you think seem interesting. A point to ponder is that you should some knowledge of your target audience and their personality traits. This will help you design your bot according to their taste.

Tips for creating a Chatbot Personality

  •  Begin by recognizing the role of your Bot

What are you opting for creating a chatbot? Why is it necessary? To answer these questions, it’s important to know the role of your chatbot.

If you want to assign it as a receptionist, it means your chatbot is going to perform the role of a receptionist. This job demands soft-spoken, helpful elements for your chatbot.

It must know that these are all human traits. Your chatbot will talk in a natural way but not in a robotic way to avoid boredom.

Likewise, if your chatbot is working in a salon, it may act as a beautician to describe several beauty tips to the customers. In this chatbot, you may add humor. It must have knowledge about beauty and fashion.

  • Elaborate the job description

Once you are done with defining the role of your chatbot, the next step is its job description. Whatever is the role of your chatbot, either it a teacher assistant chatbot, event planner, IT, spa, or belonging to some other field, the description of the job assigned to the chatbot is quite important.

As it deals with a human being, the duties and responsibilities are also according to human traits.

In the real-life, companies hire such people who have some experience in that particular work. Likewise, while designing your chatbot, it should have some experience of the work. It should have excellent communication skills.

Your chatbot should be competent enough to deal with the customers. And lastly, it should have the trait of confidentiality.

  • Form an image of your chatbot

 We suggest you create an image of your chatbot. You can make sketches or simply a diagram through the help of most software easily available.

  • Consistent Personality

Consistency is an important factor in our everyday lives. Like when we remain consistent in our work, we can achieve what we want to.

Similarly, the bot should have this human feature.

It remains consistent throughout its public dealing, people will be pleased to deal with you and your business.

People can be frustrated through a small thing. If someone questions your chatbot and answers them correctly but the next time when they similar question and the chatbot stares with a blank face, the customer may get angry or irritated.

  • Good Conversational capabilities

The main purpose of a chatbot is to communicate in a proper way to inspire the customers. For this purpose, you must ensure that your chatbot has an important characteristic of Natural language Processing (NLP). Through this, your chatbot can understand a message or conversation in a number of languages.

This will also enable the chatbot to recognize the purpose of the question being asked. The conversational capabilities of a chatbot make it more advanced for the target audience.

  • A free explorer

The one who explores is considered to be an intelligent individual. What if we insert this feature in a chatbot? Obviously, it will enhance its features.

A chatbot can explore a large amount of data whether the data is organized or disorganized. It can solve the problems that the customers ask for. If your chatbot has this feature, it will benefit you a lot!

  • Train your chatbot while creating it!

If someone is well-prepared for their test, he/she might succeed in their exams but if not prepared, he/she will definitely fail. The same is the case with your chatbot. While creating your bot, give it enough training that may perform well.

Your training matters a lot. With the passage of time and more experience, the performance of your chatbot will also increase.

  • The trait of Humor

All of us like some humor to some extent. In our everyday conversations, the element of humor plays an important role. It makes the conversations interesting.

You can add this trait to your chatbot. With the presence of Natural Language Processing or NLP, the chatbot will learn human expressions and sentiments.

It may also deliver humorous expressions, will be able to assess the customers’ mood, and will respond accordingly. In short, humor should be present in your chatbot so that the bot seems interesting instead of being dull and dry.

  •  Create your bot according to your customer’s Persona

This is the most important point while creating your chatbot. For instance, if you are going to create a chatbot for your salon and you know that most of the customers will be females aged 23-45, then you can create your bot according to their persona.

 You can give it the traits such as simplicity, ease to communicate, funny to some extent. But can you know about the personality of your customers?

This can be achieved by studying their common life experiences, their interests in fashion and beauty, their everyday language patterns.

These are some of the common factors that you should know while accomplishing a personality for your chatbot. You will be able to design a chatbot that reflects the personality traits of your regular customers.

  • Main Objective of your chatbot

The purpose/objective of the chatbot is one of the most crucial elements of your chatbot personality. It all starts with the genre of your brand or company.

 If dealing with some pharmacy, then your chatbot should be sensible enough to provide information quite formally to its customers. Otherwise, customers may offend if being answered sarcastically.

Likewise, if you are associated with some Microsoft or IT company, the personality traits of the chatbot must be designed in a way that reflects it to be witty with an essence of fun and help.

  • Greeting: the pillar of bot’s personality

The first chat, the first conversation or you may say the first message to your customer is the beginning of your chatbot’s future. The way your chatbot deals with the customers through its first message will decide its fate.

According to research,

The Wall Street Journal of USA has developed its own chatbot. The personality traits of this chatbot have been given in accordance with the traits that match the readers of this journal. Most of the readers who read this journal have an average age of 49 years.

For the corresponding audience, the chatbot of WSJ sends message in this way:

“Hello! Welcome to WSJ Messenger. We are here to send you breaking news and live markets data from our award-winning newsroom. Let’s get started.”

In this way, this journal has become able to catch a good audience.

Your chatbot should be well-trained to greet your customers properly.

  • Define the Personality traits of your Chatbot

Choosing a name for your chatbot is an important personality trait for your chatbot. While creating the bot, you can add a name to it. For instance, if your chatbot is a female, you may name it ALICE, RENA, LINA, MINCA, ZEE.

If your chatbot is a male, you may name it Mr. Botty, Mr. Roy, or simply James, Jone, Delta.

The gender may be neutral. It’s not compulsory to specify the gender of your chatbot.

Defining the personality traits of the bot is quite necessary. You can define the bot as:

  • Funny
  • Interesting
  • Sensible
  • Simple
  • Polite
  • Witty

These are some of the most common traits you can give to your personal chatbot. If you are aware of your audience, it will be helpful to mirror the personality of chatbots according to them.

If the audience seems funny to you, goofy traits can be added to the bot. If the audience sounds serious, helping and simple traits should be added. Just thoroughly study the traits of your customers before creating a chatbot for them.

  • Devise the bot for Unrelated queries

People demand fresh and intelligent chatbots. They will not opt for a dull or dumb chatbot. Sometimes people ask questions that are out of context. The information that you have inserted in your chatbot is what it speaks to the relevant questions.

Occasionally, customers may ask for irrelevant details. At that time, your chatbot is unable to answer because it was your fault for not building up its personality for this situation. It may result in inconvenience for you and your brand.

People may avoid using your chatbot or stop visiting your brand. To avoid such circumstances, style your chatbot to create an ever-lasting effect on the people. Your chatbot should be able enough to entertain the audience so that they may feel like they were dealing with some human entity.

With the involvement of advancement in technology, the preferences have people have also changed. What they need is good communication along with a good communicator.

Nowadays, companies promise to promote their names by means of excellent communication.

Chatbots have been initiated and their use is becoming common now. With more and more use of these bots, customers demand evolution and improvement in the traits of these chatbots. Not only these advancements will boost the personality of your chatbot, but the market value of your brand/company will increase accordingly.

According to the latest research, around 30% of companies are investing in the progress of their chatbots. This will enable customer loyalty by better engaging the customers.

The thing is that you need to know about all these facts before creating your own chatbot. Having some knowledge regarding your target audience is the most important feature for developing a chatbot.

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