How To Create A Chatbot Using Manychat For Shopify

How To Create A Chatbot Using Manychat For Shopify – How To Create A Chatbot Using Manychat For Shopify

People who use ManyChat have experienced up to 600% higher Return On Investment in comparison to traditional marketing. Remember when starting an e-commerce business on Shopify for instance, the customers want you to always be available. This will quickly get exhausting and time-consuming. 

The best way to ensure an improved customer experience is to partner with a chatbot, and the best chatbot out there is undoubtedly ManyChat. To make money online without spending too much time conversing with customers, a chatbot is crucial in achieving this.

For those not familiar with Shopify, it is an online store builder that is exceedingly easy to use. In this store builder, you don’t even require design skills to create your own store, all you do require is some skill in finding a product in demand by first finding a niche market. For the buyer, life has just been made easier with Rakuten.

Well, how does Rakuten cashback work? With Rakuten installed as a plug-in to your preferred browser, you stand to get a share of the commission they earn. This is subsequently sent back to you as cashback through PayPal or check. Rakuten further does an analysis of e-commerce stores and offers you the best prices available.

The online store is a convenient way to sell as it requires no overhead, reducing the costs drastically. However, there is one problem with an online store. With customers coming from all over the world, you were required to always be online as customer support, and know all the answers to questions they might ask. Well that all changed with the introduction of chatbots. So what are chatbots exactly?

What are Chatbots and why Use Them?

Chatbots or AI Chatbots as they are more commonly referred to, are specially programmed bots that take up a conversation. They do this through Artificial Intelligence. The many hours that you, the store owner would have spent chatting online, now not needed. This is revolutionizing e-commerce platforms. 

The benefits of chatbots on customer service are numerable. The chatbots work independently from a human operator. They replicate the patterns from human interactions and learn by themselves. This is all achieved without the need for programming natural language processing. The chatbots can actually have a discussion with a customer, answer questions and perform an activity as requested. This enhances your ability to make money online.

The chatbots are programmed to converse with customers in a very friendly manner, creating a family-like environment. The back and forth style of the chatbots collects all the specifications and requirements of the customers. 

Furthermore, the budgets and preferences can be easily decided through chatbots. These are but a few of the many advantages of using chatbots in your e-commerce store. With technology changing at breakneck speed, it’s best to stay on top of tech all the time.

Now that you know about the advantages of chatbots, let me show you the best one around, ManyChat. This Chatbot is the best Shopify chatbot in use today.

The Best Chatbot Out There, ManyChat

ManyChat has a plethora of features that I cannot cover comprehensively here, but below I shall highlight some of my favorite.

Best Instagram Automation

This feature is not limited to users with hundreds of thousands of followers alone. It is available to users with 1,000 – 100,000 followers alike. Instagram is a crucial marketing tool as it is full of enticing visuals. With this Instagram automation tool, you can close multiple sales by handling inquiries. The tool knows how to answer any questions thrown at it.

This Instagram Automation bot also does follow-up. Whenever a sale is reached, the customer sometimes has some follow-up questions, whether they’re related to the product or support. ManyChat handles all these queries. Due to the speed and efficiency of the automation software, customer satisfaction is surely boosted.

Moreover, this Instagram Automation software ensures that if an Instagram user messages you from your shop on Instagram, you immediately see which product they are talking of. 

This allows the bot to know the product context, respond faster, automate replies based on previous interactions, or assign the conversation to a live agent if need be.

This completely legal tool also offers to combine Instagram with Messenger, SMS, email, and WhatsApp for more seamless interaction. This allows you to meet the customers on whichever platform they found you.

Best of all, you don’t have to sort all the setup by yourself. The customer support offered by the ManyChat team, along with their extensive library of best practices, guides, and tutorials is there to guide you through. I know which tool I would use for Instagram Automation, ManyChat.

Optimized Drive Sales

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, ManyChat has actually bettered the shopping experience, leading to a 600% higher ROI than other marketing techniques. This is largely due to the two-way personalized conversation that ManyChat offers. This Chatbot feels warmer and understanding than most human-to-human interactions.

With 80% Open Rates and 25% Click-Through-Rate, ManyChat assists in achieving a greater ROI, thereby driving more sales. It responds to buyers on their phones in real-time, displaying them the products that are best suited to them and allowing them to buy straight inside Facebook Messenger or on your website.

This chatbot’s efforts do not end here. In SMS and Facebook Messenger, ManyChat offers a personalized and dynamic dialogue. Your digital adverts, visitors to your website, QR codes, and even comments on other platforms all contribute to these conversations. ManyChats offers over a dozen ways to find and engage new shoppers.

The chatbot can also engage with Shopify customers who have abandoned their carts. It sends order confirmation and fulfillment notifications to keep them up to date on their purchases. This helps you as the store owner to recover lost sales.

The customer always gets whatever they want. This is ensured by the interactive SMS solution. Even when you’re offline, ManyChat will respond to customer questions, send order updates, and share offers and coupons.

The highlight of this feature by a mile is with ManyChat insights and analytics tools, you can connect your customer conversations on Facebook Messenger and SMS to conversions on your site. This allows you to easily test, learn and adapt your business. Once you know what’s working and what’s not, you can optimize your customer experience to the best it can possibly be.

Gets a lot More Leads and Engages Prospects

ManyChat is the #1 Facebook Messenger chatbot, automating and keeping customers happy, so you have more time to yourself. Facebook is among the biggest e-commerce websites with sellers posting directly or linking their stores to it. For solely this reason, linking your e-commerce store to Facebook is crucial for more leads and sales.

With the ManyChat chatbot tool, you can easily qualify a lead. This saves you the precious time you would have wasted chasing down a lead without the means to purchase. You can also send order updates, share coupons and updates, and book appointments with ease. This is all to make the customer’s experience as smooth as possible.

The ManyChat tool also assists in building a following as it engages with users, even in comment sections. This creates a community of loyal buyers, and as anyone in commerce knows, a returning buyer is way more valuable than a new customer. 

This tool also allows the collection of feedback and reviews. With this information, you can improve on your product/service and get even more buyers. You could also share news and updates with your community to create even more loyalty among your return buyers.

You may save up to 9 times on acquisition costs by combining ManyChat with your Facebook Ads. Use Click-to-Messenger Ads to direct prospects to Messenger, where you can quickly qualify leads, accept payments, and continue the conversation.

You may use the Comments Growth Tool to respond to comments on your Facebook posts, converting them into leads. You can produce a lot more leads than you imagined by addressing frequent queries, making product recommendations, and initiating newsletter sign-ups.

Using Messenger URL Growth Tool, you can also send customers directly to your Facebook Messenger Chatbot from anywhere. The customer can therefore access their preferred channel, whether it be the website, email, or SMS. Here, you can also create a custom customer conversation using ManyChat’s easy-to-use tools. There’s good news for all the coding inept, no coding is required here.

How to connect ManyChat chatbot to Shopify

This is a step-by-step guide showing how to set up the integration. It’s a free chatbot and you don’t need anything to get started.

If you don’t already have a ManyChat account, here’s how to create one. 

  1. Go to and click on the “Get started Free” button.

  • After this, you will be required to sign in with Facebook and grant ManyChat permission to manage your page’s messages. Click “OK.”

  • Then “Connect” the page you just created on the previous step.

  • You should be logged in to ManyChat and viewing the dashboard.

Once you have installed ManyChat, it is just as simple to connect the ManyChat AI bot to your Shopify. Here’s how to connect ManyChat to your Shopify account.

  1. First, log into your ManyChat dashboard.
  2. On the left-hand side menu, locate and click on Settings and click on Integrations from there.
  3. Then scroll down and locate the Shopify integration. Enter your domain name and click on Connect to Shopify Account. This will redirect you to the app installation page on Shopify.
  4. Click on the Install Unlisted App button.

That is it. After this, you will get a confirmation prompt showing that your Shopify account has successfully integrated with ManyChat.


There are many chatbots out there, but my personal favorite is ManyChat. ManyChats has a great flow builder making it easy to create engaging bots that boost the customer experience. It also makes it easy to build automated sequences.

They also have an amazing A/B tester. This is where you can create multiple (normally 2 to 4) different paths that a lead can go down, then preset it to what percentage of leads you want to lead down either path. The chatbot handles everything from there.

This makes it easier for you as the path builder to test different questions, images, or even vocabulary and determine what works best. I think the ability to create engaging bots and their amazing A/B tester makes this a no-brainer. So what do you think, which chatbot do you prefer using?

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