How Do You Build a Chatbot For Whatsapp In 2021

How Do You Build a Chatbot For Whatsapp In 2021 – How To Build A Chatbot For WhatsApp In 2021

Whatsapp has become one of the compelling online messaging platforms. Due to the outbreak of COVID, the usage of WhatsApp has increased to a great extent. And WhatsApp in 2021 has become so an integral part of our lives. We can instantly deliver messages to our friends and family.

According to a survey:

WhatsApp has experienced up to a 40% increase in usage due to the onset of the Pandemic.

It is believed that back in the years when WhatsApp was designed, the main purpose of this messaging app was to be limited for private use. As time passed, the need for the expansion of this app for setting businesses had been observed.

According to research:

Facebook got WhatsApp for almost $1.5 billion in US currency.

Many features have been introduced for the WhatsApp chatbot like a number of plugins that will help you to excel in your marketing campaigns. Moreover, WhatsApp has introduced a new characteristic of integration options that allow this app to produce business WhatsApp existence just as a human being would.

The astounding WhatsApp in 2021 seems to be operated by billions of users, who are quite happy and satisfied with its usage. Even you can automate the communication with your clients, thus making your life feasible.

History of Chatbots

The very first chatbot was known by the name Eliza. This chatbot came into existence in 1994 and functioned in the same way as that of the present chatbots.

After these chatbots, a more advanced form was being produced. These chatbots used Artificial Intelligence (AI). Such bots are still present in our communities due to their demand because of their capability to generate leads and many other reasons.

Then after some years, chatbots were being combined with WhatsApp. This combo resulted in great technology for a number of business tycoons, brands, and companies.

Almost all of us are aware of the functioning of WhatsApp. This app can do wonders. If the power of bots and WhatsApp are being utilized together, you can imagine what would be the results, of course, superficial.

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software that is used for communication purposes. It works by blending the bot with WhatsApp Business API. Using chatbots on WhatsApp can be beneficial since such bots are symmetrical and follow rules.

For having a more human-like conversation with your clients, WhatsApp Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Advantages of using WhatsApp Chatbot

These bots offer a number of advantages such as:

  • The WhatsApp Chatbot communicates according to the time suitable for the customer.
  • It remains in the customer’s comfort zone.
  • It delivers a more human-like experience.
  • The WhatsApp Chatbot functions at any time of the day.
  • The WhatsApp bot helps to produce lead generation.
  • It helps in the process of user feedback, booking of meetings and product recommendation.
  • A number of industries for instance, real estate industry, travel agencies, education and finance etc. prefer to utilize WhatsApp Chatbot because such bot profits them a lot.

What is WhatsApp API

API refers to Application Programming Interface. It is actually software that enables two different applications to communicate with each other.

For example, whenever you are using the Facebook app for sending messages or for any other purpose, you are in fact utilizing an API software.

The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp API is that it helps to produce WhatsApp Chatbots which you can use for customer care service and notification delivery simultaneously.

Building a WhatsApp Chatbot in 2021

We will guide you step by step in producing your own WhatsApp Chatbot in 2021.

  • Presence of WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API is the greatest helper in the production of the WhatsApp Chatbot. One thing that must be kept in mind is that without the presence of a WhatsApp API, you will not be able to create a WhatsApp Chatbot.

If you already have a WhatsApp API, then you may proceed to the creation of a WhatsApp Chatbot, otherwise, first, build a WhatsApp API. When you acquire the API, you will be able to receive many advanced features such as Contact Management, API integration, Chatbot Creator, etc.

With the presence of a chatbot creator, a chatbot will be produced to automate many of your tasks. In addition, the WhatsApp Chatbot permits you to attach rich media plus many documents you desire to attach. Moreover, building a WhatsApp Chatbot doesn’t require any knowledge regarding coding.

  • Creating a WhatsApp Bot

There is a software program known by the name, communicate, that helps you to build a bot for WhatsApp. It may be called a WhatsApp Chatbot developing tool.

Communicate helps you to get rid of coding because it will help you develop a bot without the requirement of coding. It is a customer service program that has been developed to create AI chatbots and then in turn can integrate them into your sites and different apps.

A big advantage of using this software program is that if the bot fails to respond to the customer’s queries, it will indulge human control to avoid any inconvenience for the customers.

The software Kcommunicate provides you a platform for forming relationships with third-party chatbot creators such as Amazon lex, Dialogflow, custom bots, etc. For using the Communicate software program, it is necessary to create your account on Communicate first and then it will operate.

  • Organizing Your WhatsApp

For the organization of WhatsApp, we will make use of Twilio. It is a communication platform for making phone calls and most importantly for sending and receiving messages and has many other communication functions with the assistance of its API.

It is quite important to create an account with Twilio before using it. Most importantly, the signing-up of Twilio before Communicate software is mandatory. Otherwise, your processing will not work.

Requesting access to Twilio

The user needs to have the number that Twilio gives to its customers.  If you don’t know how to get a WhatsApp number, just fill a form for Twilio Request Access with to the point and accurate information. The information that you provide on this form should be authentic.

  • Connecting WhatsApp with Kommunicate

Integration of WhatsApp with Communicate is essential. But the question is that how to do so. We can do so by copying the SID account from Twilio and the WhatsApp number and adding it to Communicate integration portion.

Once this step is accomplished, go to WhatsApp Enabled Portion on Twilio and just click on the Edit Sender. The next step is to add a callback URL and save these settings.

  • Checking Your WhatsApp Chatbot

Testing the newly developed WhatsApp bot is an integral part of the whole process. For checking procedure, just keep on sending messages to the number that you linked with the account.

To remind you, these messages will also be sent to Communicate chat too. The chatbot will only reply if it is structured and integrated too. If so, the bot will definitely reply to your queries.

You are done with the creation of your WhatsApp Bot. Just keep on following the above-mentioned steps and you will get the desired results.

Do we really need to Communicate for our WhatsApp Chatbot?

Twilio and Communicate play an important role in the development of your WhatsApp Chatbot. Communicate teaches you to converse with your customers whether they are from WhatsApp, Live Chat, Chatbots, or from Emails. Communicate provides you the amazing opportunity of managing your customer service quite well.

Reasons for creating your WhatsApp Chatbot

As we all know that business on a small scale can be adjusted easily. You can engage with the customers conveniently. As long as your business grows, managing your work becomes a little hard.

The more successful is your business, the more attention it requires. At that time, human help is not sufficient. In order to accomplish your goals in the business, you have to deal with every single customer in a well-behaved manner.

Never make your users to wait for getting answers while you are busy engaging with a long list of customers. It’s time to create the WhatsApp Chatbot. This bot will decrease your burden.

The WhatsApp Bot can work all the time whether its day time or nighttime. It can lead to thousands of customers at the same time without any hesitation since it is a robot that never gets tired.

According to research:

Almost 53% of the online shoppers leave their carts due to a lack of instant answers.

When a customer visits a website, he/she expects to get a quick answer to their questions. And if they get the result opposite to their expectations, there is a possibility that they may never return to your site after such a bad experience.

In order to avoid such circumstances, broaden up your thinking. Try new ways to make your visitors feel comfortable whenever they come to your shopping store. Welcome, all the users wholeheartedly. 

The solution to all these problems is the creation of the WhatsApp Chatbot. Just build a WhatsApp bot and see how you will progress in your business in 2021.

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