What Are The Top Chatbot Providers?

Top Chatbot Providers
ShopSmarts.AI – What Are The Top Chatbot Providers

Chatbots emerge as an important channel that brands and users can genuinely interact with one another in the era of personalized marketing. One billion people are using chatbots in the present day. In order to have 1:1 conversations with customers and employees, companies are creating their best AI chatbots. It’s a certainty that you can find a clever, pre-built, or easy-to-build solution for building a chatbot.

What is a Chatbot and how does it work?

The chatbot is derived from the word “chatterbot,” which was coined in 1994 by the inventor of the technology, Michael Mauldin. A chatbot named Julia was created by him. In today’s internet-based environment, Virtual Chatbots (also known as TALBOTs, IM bots, conversation bots, or artificial conversation entities) can carry on textual, audio, or video conversations via a computer.

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human conversations, either verbally or in writing. It is usually designed so that it is not obvious whether you are talking to a person or a bot when you are in a conversation with a chatbot. Inbound marketing has begun incorporating AI chatbots into inbound marketing strategies, so they are very much the future of online marketing.

Several types of chatbots can be created, including those that can be embedded on a website landing page, within a mobile app, or in a messaging platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Many vendors offer chatbots, conversational platforms, and virtual assistants for specific types of users. You can utilize chatbots to assist your customers whether you are a salesperson, marketer, or eCommerce site. Although certain chatbots are targeted at different end users, the technology behind them is the same.

How do we analyze the best chatbot suppliers?

The development of chatbots of various types is possible with AI chatbot platforms, which help brands retain and attract customers. You can typically create and customize chatbots on platforms with chatbots using tools that are part of the platform.

Adding personality to a brand’s content, AI chatbots are guiding customers through the marketing funnel, keeping them satisfied after-sales, and interacting with them in real-time. Customer-focused chatbots tailor responses to customers’ queries and interests, improving reputation management by tailoring corporate responses to the customer’s queries and interests. These are also inexpensive and can be operated 24 hours a day without requiring human assistance. Using the following criteria, we pick the best chatbot providers for you.

  • Does it require a developer and/or limited developer assistance to build and implement?
  • Our research focused on which chatbots could handle multiple dialogues at once and respond much faster, all while engaging with users and understanding their intent.
  • Businesses want to make a profit. It was researched how much it costs to put together and maintain a chatbot and whether the initial investment is worth it in the end
  • A chatbot may need assistance at any time. With our experience working with chatbot providers, we gained an understanding of their technical assistance.
  • How easy is it to use for both customers and support agents?
  • Is what you get worth the price?

List of top chatbot providers

We have categorized the list of top chatbot providers following pre-built and advanced models.

  1. TARS

There are hundreds of pre-built chatbot templates available from TARS for several different industries, such as insurance, healthcare, and travel. The solution is perfect for generating leads and creating conversational landing pages. The TARS chatbot building tool allows you to create conversational landing pages for your website or website chatbots. To use it, you don’t need development or coding skills. It’s possible to edit and customize hundreds of chatbot templates for a variety of industries and use cases.

Because these templates only require minor alterations to fit your brand, they are perfect for those with less technical experience. Conversational AI does not need to be coded or require you to design your own flow. TARS, which is based in the United States, assists leading companies in 25 different languages.

Price: In terms of price, TARS is one of the most expensive builders because it does not have a free version. Basic chatbot builders cost $99/month. In terms of advanced analytics and marketing tools, the $499/month option is the most advanced.

2. Mobile Monkey

Marketing firms and agencies can use MobileMonkey’s mobile marketing tool for social media messaging, which includes chatbots, landing pages, and social ads integration. MobileMonkey is based in Boston.

 It allows marketers to create high-converting chatbots for Facebook Messenger using MobileMonkey. Unlike many other chatbot generators reviewed in this post, it offers a variety of ways for your chatbot to integrate with your wider marketing stack, including ads and drip campaigns.

Sign up for MobileMonkey here!

Despite being simple enough for novice users, MobileMonkey also has sophisticated features that allow it to build sophisticated behavior. For example, a bot’s response to a question can be stored in a variable to be used in its replies later.

Price: With a paid version, you can get advanced automation features, SMS functionality, and more.

3. Botsify

Botsify is the right platform for those who are pressed for time to set up their bots. Using it requires no programming knowledge, and it is an extremely simple tool to use. The tools allow you to build intelligent chatbots without any coding for Facebook Messenger, Slack, and other sites.

You’ll find that its drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates make it an extremely user-friendly product. An agent can take over a conversation at any point if human intervention is needed urgently because the bot can be taught how to handle complex conversations in the future.

 Price: Botsify is free to use or you can sign up for a paid plan starting at $10/month.

4. ManyChat

Their chatbot building platform, located in San Francisco, allows users to deploy chatbots on Facebook Messenger to enhance customer support. By creating a Facebook Business Page chatbot, ManyChat will help increase engagement. Products can be sold, contact information can be collected, a lead can be nurtured without an agent.



You can use ManyChat for marketing, sales, and support bots on Facebook Messenger as well as to grow ROI and revenue. There are more than 400,000 businesses utilizing the platform around the world, and 1B+ conversations are conducted between businesses and their customers monthly. Anyone can easily design a Facebook Messenger bot by simply dragging and dropping.

Sign Up For ManyChat Here!

Pricing: Create an account for free, then upgrade depending on subscription numbers. Pro packages are $10 for 500 subscribers, $145 for 25K subscribers.

5. Landbot

A solution that combines UI elements with a conversational interface so that you can build no-code conversational apps. Chatbots are a natural evolution from Landbots, which are marketed as a no-code solution for building conversational apps.

Landbot’s widgets and boxes can be connected to build any conversation structure; you get to choose which ones you want to use. Chatbots that schedule appointments, answer common questions, and engage new visitors can be built. Landbot’s chatbots are used by L’Oréal Paris, LG, Uber, and Landbot to enhance their customer service.

Price: A free account to $100 a month, plus larger plans with customization

6. Chatfuel

With Chatfuel, you can effortlessly create bots for Facebook Messenger. The free version of Chatfuel allows for up to 5000 subscribers and doesn’t require any coding skills, although users will see the Chatfuel branding on your bot. San Francisco-based Chatfuel builds AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger. A number of large brands trust Chatfuel’s chatbot technology, including Lego, ABC News, HelloFresh, Adidas, and T-Mobile.

More than half of all Facebook Messenger bots use the Chatfuel platform. With Chatfuel’s templates, you can start using them immediately. During the conversation flow creation process, you select customizable blocks and predefined keywords and phrases that AI will detect. By using this, you can communicate with people as if you were in real life without spending a lot of money.

Price: Paid versions are available starting at $15.00/month and offer more features including audience analytics and priority support.

7. PandoraBots

Pandorabots is a leader in chatbot automation, having created more than 300,000 bots worldwide, including the well-regarded Mitsuku bot. While Pandabots is a great tool for building and experimenting, it requires a certain level of programming knowledge. You have an enormous amount of flexibility, allowing almost any type of application to be built. 

Cross-channel compatibility and contextual awareness are built into the solution so that you own every piece of code you download. You will need the assistance of your development team or CX designer in order to implement this chatbot. Pandorabots is a San Francisco-based company. For experienced bot engineers, it provides a solid development environment, although it is not for beginners.

Price: Pandorabot offers a free version that allows readers to send 1,000 messages per month and use two bots, a developer’s plan where they can send 10 messages per bot, and a custom enterprise plan.

8.  Ada

In 2016, Ada was launched as a chatbot platform. The simple and customizable platform of this chatbot has led to it gaining a reputation over a short period of time. A no-code chatbot that connects seamlessly to your live chat provider, Ada is an excellent fit for companies with varying customer support needs. Ada doesn’t script her conversations, so they are always fresh and interesting.

Yet, it remains user-friendly despite being highly versatile. Getting started with Ada shouldn’t be difficult, regardless of whether your business has ever worked with a chatbot. It is not difficult, to begin with just putting together a few questions and answers.

Price:  Prices are determined by what you need.

9.  Botkit

More than 7,000 developers worldwide use Botkit, which goes beyond just being a bot builder. This bot builder comes with all the best features of the best bot builders, as well as an open-source library, built-in metrics, and rigorously tested code all from some of the best bot builders available.

Price: Free and paid versions are available, depending on the number of bots you need and their number of active users.

10. OMQ

Because this chatbot is ready to go right out of the box, OMQ is the easiest to implement in this category. A centralized knowledge base provides answers to chatbot inquiries, making them more accurate and quicker to respond to.

In addition to mimicking human dialogue, OMQ is capable of mimicking certain emotions. This bot supports 32 languages and comes pre-trained in your target language.

Price: Price upon request, 14-day trial available for free


Integrating chatbots into your customer service department is a good idea. If these two are connected, you make sure your agents are utilizing their time appropriately on qualifying leads. Automating routine tasks is possible with chatbots. Chatbots are capable of performing many types of activities. The most common sales and marketing use case involve engaging users and customers on a vendor’s website.

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