How To Use A Chatbot To Sell Clothes

How To Use A Chatbot To Sell Clothes
ShopSmarts.AI – How To Use A Chatbot To Sell Clothes

A chatbot is a software that acts like a human assistant and takes over the functions of customer service agents. A chatbot can be a consultant, operator, and reseller in the e-commerce industry.

We can say that e-commerce is the only sector in which chatbot integrates perfectly with its dynamic services. Meanwhile, by 2020, it is likely that 80% of companies will have a chatbot implemented on their sites.

Is there a fashion store that uses chatbots?

Not anyone, but most !!

Not bad to say that the fashion industry was one of the first to recognize the value that chatbots can bring to their online business. Chatbot technology has been adopted by several major brands to create more compelling ways to attract customers and personalize the user experience. Let’s take a closer look at Tommy Hilfiger’s chatbot to make sure he’s really up to the task.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading American clothing and accessories companies that uses chatbot technology to Sell Clothes. Once a user starts talking to Tommy Hilfiger chatbot, he immediately engages users in a communicative way.

Tommy Hilfiger Chatbot introduces himself as a bot and asks what are you looking for? You can browse the clothes, browse the items in the catalog or directly ask the bot, it will certainly help you in clothes that fit you perfectly. In addition, the bot filters a large collection and suggests an item that suits your style.

If you need formal wear, the chatbot will introduce you to clothing, footwear, and other accessories for your formal look. This way you can get an impression of your new Tommy Hilfiger outfit that suits your personality from top to bottom.

Finally, if you are ready to buy, just “add to cart” your item, after answering all other requirements such as size, color, name, and location, your cart is ready to work, paid with full accessories.

How does a chatbot act as the ultimate fashion store?

Well, many big brands use chatbots to engage their customers as much as possible. For example: in the offline market you enter a clothing store with a lot of shelves and you can’t decide what to buy. The same goes when a cheeky salesman makes your day worse by not getting what you need. You can experience it anywhere.

However, you can consider the best approach to involve customers in your online clothing business. Chatbots show a variety of products or people can tell them what they need. Finally by getting your customers ’requests and displaying the products you want to offer them from your online store.

The procedure behind this is for the chatbot to select a response and filter the result of these phrases or keywords.

Here is an example!

When a visitor comes to your website to make a purchase, he looks at your products. Ultimately, they want to make the decision to buy your product. At the right moment, they hear the magic formula, “Can I help you?” And shopping begins. People love someone to help them in an ingenious way. And that’s exactly what chatbots do!

As soon as you click on the built-in chatbot on your website, this virtual assistant is ready to display some possible options or offers that are alternatives nearby. The chatbot reseller asks what they are looking for and then displays all related products.

Even size, price, colors, discounts, or any offer that informs the visitor. Once the basket is full, everyone gathers in their favorite and complete outfit. It also drives your visitors, a potential customers in the near future.

It looks great. Isn’t that so?

In fact, this understanding is aimed at people when they prefer to shop online. No one can leave a store until they buy some of their products. You can run a continuous process that makes your industry profitable and reliable.

Now come in and think it’s more enjoyable than interacting with an offline vendor. Yes, you are right; it is definitely the easiest way for your customers.

What else do your customers want with the chatbot?

Recognizing what your potential customers need is the most fascinating part of growing your online business. It would be best to adapt to your potential customers and clients when you are in an affordable online marketplace.

Your chatbot should be easy to use, and providing a personalized environment is especially important for turning visitors into potential customers. There are few things that a fashion robot attracts its customers in a simpler way.

Virtual assistant 24/7

When your customers are ready to buy, where are you? Don’t wait any longer !!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be here. Your chatbot will manage all customers without a break. Users interact with virtual assistants to request anything or make a purchase. They will help you and try to find out your needs on request. Your online fashion store is always open to your customers.

More apps to download

People are tired of downloading apps for little things. Many people are looking for direct methods of interacting with virtual assistants. No more registrations, no new accounts, and nothing else. But only chatbot, the ultimate fashion store, and you .. !!

Chatbots respond directly if you integrate with a website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, or other messaging apps. For example, if you’re on Facebook, you finally sign up with messaging bots in the same account and make easy purchases.

No need to browse multiple pages

Seriously, people don’t want to look for products, and neither do I.

The beauty of chatbots is that they best serve their customers. Show several relevant products one after the other. It doesn’t matter what you include in your fashion chatbot, it can be pictures, videos, forms, or anything from the catalog. Your customer knows what he is selling. In the future, if they need something, they will definitely return to your fashion store.

Your customers are contacting you

When users get a personalized atmosphere, they feel special and want to get your attention more often. Be sure to connect with them through all the channels on social networks. It can be Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, your official website, etc. They immediately call you by your name and remember you as a brand !!

By using chatbots, users easily communicate with you and build good customer relationships with good regards. It gives you the opportunity to get closer to the audience by developing the best chatbots for your fashion store on various social media channels.

What does your fashion store get with chatbots?

With chatbots, you can see effective changes in the growth of your online business. Let’s look at some important points.

Fewer resources are needed

You can transfer a large number of customer service agents to virtual assistants. Your customer representative has the resources for other operations, so you can reduce the cost of their salaries or involve them in other activities as well!

For example: in the ordering and tracking process, your customer can contact you via chatbot. It won’t take long calls to order from your fashion store.

Very profitable

The main factor you can’t overlook is your cost. Are you spending in the right place or in the right person? Hiring a lot of customer service agents is not a better option. Not all agents can work 24 hours in a row.

But a chatbot is a good option for you. By using chatbots you can spot a difference in your spending that can be used on different occasions.

Improved sales

Whether it’s your initiative or not, you need to plan a long-term strategy. The survival of any business is sales. Chatbot retains your customers in the long run. It’s an easy way to sell and meet the needs of your customers.

Through a personalized approach, the chatbot acts as a sales guide and has the power to effectively persuade them. By creating a chatbot on your channels you can generate sales and ultimately big profits.

Create user interactions:

Your customers should be aware of your newly opened product in your fashion store, discount offers, and any other event you organize for your customers. Chatbot informs them of your sales offer to increase engagement and get customers to connect with you. Botsify offers you a variety of templates that are easy to create and easy to integrate into your chatbot. Use different templates and compose your offers with them.

Rate your chatbot

Use a chatbot and find out how it works? Do you entertain the customer the way you want? Is the flow of information working properly? and so. Don’t worry, just keep in mind Botsify’s analytics feature that provides you with numerical and graphical reports, and you can check your progress whenever you want.

Hands-on feedback

If you want to know what your customer expects from you, how satisfied are they with your products and your brand? How much do your customers love your business? And the list goes on, so the only easy way is to get feedback from the customer. The more you know about your products, the better you can meet customer requirements.

The chatbot is ready to conduct surveys and get feedback from its customers using its functional tools. In a chatbot, you can create feedback forms so that users can communicate directly with you and easily provide feedback without excitement.

In the last touch

Internet marketing is becoming huge. People hire them to buy clothes for women or men. By creating your presence on all platforms with a trendy chatbot, people will know you well on any other platform. All you need to do is improve your marketing style with technology and attract wholesale customers for your fashion store.

What does the fashion industry think about chatbots?

The fashion industry was one of the first to recognize the value that chatbots can bring to their online business.

An e-commerce chatbot can provide that missing link between customer and merchant by creating a personalized approach for each user, while maintaining the convenience of online shopping.

Many major fashion and cosmetics brands have already embraced chatbot technology to create a personalized user experience.

We meet chatbots from Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Estée Lauder; This is just a shortlist of brands that use chatbots to interact with their customers.

Tommy Hilfiger was one of the pioneers in the chatbot universe who implemented the Facebook chatbot in 2016.

Asked about the reasons and expectations for the introduction of the chatbot, Tommy Hilfiger explained: “We are really focused on going straight to the consumer. Obviously, we are distributed in our own stores and department stores, but going straight to the consumer is really part of the reason and future of the multi-channel advertising process. “

Frequently asked questions, postage, refunds – can chatbots handle this too?

In addition to purchasing items, chatbots provide answers to frequently asked questions and information about shipping terms, return policies, and other related topics.

However, in such cases, chatbots tend to redirect the customer to the brand’s website, where a detailed description can be found.

Chatbot Tommy Hilfiger did not address the issue of return rules well, however, he suggested contacting the user via email or forwarding the chat to a customer representative.

The question of which country the stamp was shipped to was a little simpler and the chatbot pointed to a website where complete information can be found.

The Victoria’s Secret chatbot handles all questions from the FAQ menu, where, depending on the category you choose, it is forwarded to the appropriate website.

Currently, chatbots continue to redirect users to the site for any questions that require detailed answers.

At the same time, with the tendency to include as many e-commerce features as possible in chatbots, we can expect that chatbots will be able to get complete information without leaving the chat.

Advantages and disadvantages of chatbots in fashion retail

While retail chatbots are a great way to provide basic customer service in e-commerce, they still have a lot to learn.

Of course, with chatbot, you can follow all the steps to see the available products, select an item and make a purchase.

In addition, chatbots are very useful in providing answers to frequently asked questions such as delivery terms, refund rules, store locations, ­­etc.

However, when asked a question that doesn’t fit the programmed pattern, chatbots are usually confused and lead you to more questions or suggest transferring your chat to a human assistant (and approving brands that hire assistants to watch chats and download the conversation quickly!).

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