How To Make Money Online Selling ManyChat Chatbot Templates

How To Make Money Online Selling ManyChat Chatbot Templates – How To Make Money Online Selling Chatbot Templates

Almost all of us love to purchase something from online stores. Have you ever noticed that we are a little scared about the concept of online shopping? Maybe we are afraid of scams. Although to some extent, buying and selling things on online platforms is a meaningful phenomenon. But there are many customers who got stuck in placing the order or shipping procedure.

According to research:

Around 90% of users considered immediate response as an essential component for their customer service expectations. Furthermore, 75% of customers get instant help within 5 minutes.

There are multiple ways for making money through online resources. And chatbots are one of them. Using chatbot templates as a means for earning money can be beneficial. But before proceeding to details, we need to know about some concepts like ManyChat and chatbot templates.

What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is a chatbot provider that helps to create chatbots for Facebook Messenger. In fact, you can utilize these chatbots for multiple purposes. The best part about ManyChat is that it is very feasible to use. No need for knowledge regarding technology or programming is required.

There is a lot of competition between different companies and brands. According to a survey:

The online retail sales will go to $6.5 trillion by the year 2023 globally.

Making money with the help of chatbot templates is another interesting way to explore the applications of chatbots. There are a number of reasons for using chatbots templates:

  • Through bot template, you can learn quickly that a bot is well-structured.
  • Utilization of template speeds up your bot. This happens by just inserting your content into framework and getting results instantly.
  • Lastly, chatbot templates are unlimited in number. When a template is not working, you can try another one. So there is no restriction of using one chatbot template at a time. Just find out the bot template that fits your user case and then see the magic!

ManyChat offers a large number of chatbot templates. These templates will assist you in making money online. The most popular chatbot templates being offered by ManyChat chatbot providers are as follows:

1. Collect Customer Feedback & Reviews

By selling this chatbot template, you can ask the users to give ratings on your products and can also collect open feedback. The template helps you to earn money by getting unlimited tags. You can also segment your audience.

The template can be easily installed by going on to the ManyChat website and just edit the messages in the template according to your choice.

2. Shopify Add to Cart Popup

This template is quite useful for increasing the number of your subscribers on Messenger. This happens when customers will add something to their cart.

3. Schedule Appointments in Messenger/Calendly

This is one of the best chatbot templates that will boost up the number of customers on your site. With the help of this template, users can book an appointment online.

4. Automotive (Starter) by ManyChat

This template by ManyChat is quite helpful for collecting information regarding buyers. Through this template, you can buy and sell your vehicles.

Moreover, it sends discount coupons and also allows user greetings. A helpful template for getting leads.

5. Real Estate (Starter) by ManyChat

The template is useful for filtering leads, browsing property for rent or on sale. Moreover, this template is useful for sending special offers to your customers.

6. e-Commerce by ManyChat

ManyChat has introduced templates related to all kinds of businesses. For e-commerce users, there is a template known as e-commerce by ManyChat. The template helps customers to find out the accurate product and also helps to increase subscribers.

7. Health & Beauty by ManyChat

This template helps not only to share information but also assists you to greet the clients. As the name suggests, the template helps you to discover the ways of interacting with your customers. All the same, it helps you to schedule visits through the help of Messenger.

8. Restaurant by ManyChat

If you are a food lover, then must download this template for reservations and sharing of your menu. Moreover, it will help you to check out the already booked reservations.

How to make money through chatbot templates?

Chatbots are one of the greatest means of making money online. For instance, you can promote your products/services through a chatbot. Some people build up their bot and sell it to other companies and earn a good passive income.

Bots save much of your time and energy. They keep your clients updated with the latest news regarding sales and the launching of new products in your shop.

By selling your chatbot template, you will be able to generate leads and the sales will also increase. A chatbot template can be sold to lead people on the landing pages. Keep one thing in mind, be careful about the way you integrate the links while converting pages to build trust on customers.

Chatbot templates can be used for advertisement. You can sell your templates, for the promotion of products and services. Nevertheless, chatbot templates can be very helpful for greeting users. Your bot’s template will attract users to the site.

ManyChat Chatbot Provider

This chatbot service provider is quite easy to be used for business purposes. At a pro stage, ManyChat will help to automate your Messenger Marketing. This will allow you to establish many targeted broadcasts.

It may seem strange that the focus of ManyChat is only on Facebook Messenger. The reason for this is that Facebook Messenger is considered to be the most popular method of communicating through chats.

According to a survey:

At the present time, Facebook has over 1 Billion users globally.

The users of Facebook have free access to Messenger as well. The chatbot provider, ManyChat has proved by recent studies that Messenger has a Click-Through Rate (CTR) that is 4 and 10 times greater than Email.

Salient Features of ManyChat

The chatbot provider, ManyChat has a number of features that make it unique and compatible as compared to other chatbot service providers. Some of the characteristics are as following:

  • Multiple Membership levels:

In the beginning, ManyChat is totally free to use. It has different levels. For example, the Free level offers a number of limitations being attached to it.

While the Pro version takes away all the limitations and adds a number of different tools. The Pro level can be useful for handling the payments directly to Messenger.

An interesting fact about the Pro version is that its price depends upon the number of subscribers you have. If you do have not so many subscribers, the Pro level can be easily bought. This means the more subscribers you have, the more you will have to pay to obtain the Pro level.

  • A number of Messaging Choices

When you are a user of the ManyChat chatbot provider, it means you can use multiple methods for messaging with your friends and family.

People are fond of sending customized messages. Sometimes they opt to send a text message or sometimes they prefer picture messages.  ManyChat makes it possible. It allows users to create cards that consist of both the text and picture on the card.

This refers that you add a variety of changes to your marketing plans too. Moreover, customer service care becomes more diverse through ManyChat.

  • ManyChat, a simple user interface

ManyChat is popular for its simplicity. The application of the user interface allows customers to do what they desire. Furthermore, ManyChat permits one to follow the basic chat flow that anyone needs when opting for a chat with their friends.

  • Comprising various growth tools

ManyChat service provider is comprised of a number of growth tools. These tools are most useful for experienced subscribers. For instance, it includes the tools like Facebook Ads tool and Facebook Comment tool.

The function of these tools is to magnetize subscribers who usually interact with your posts and do not send messages. These tools are beneficial for generating leads. ManyChat provides analytics when you utilize the growth tools. These analytics will show you information about the impressions and conversion rates.

Earning money through Facebook is not an easy task. But ManyChat has made it convenient for us to do so. By selling stuff on Facebook, you can earn a great livelihood. Moreover, Facebook ads can be used in this regard. Ads attract people and more shopping lovers will come towards your brand.

You can make money with the help of Facebook shops. You may not be familiar with you but the process is advantageous. By selling products on Facebook shop, you can earn a handsome amount of money. What you require is an e-commerce platform such as Shopify to sell your products.

Making money via Facebook videos is a new trend. Add in-stream videos to your video content. This can be quite useful for the people who post lengthy videos on your Facebook or Instagram profiles.

Just create a compatible bot for your Messenger and train it well. Your bot should communicate eloquently with customers. Moreover, chatbots are a great means of earning money plus automating the customer service for selling products on Facebook and rising your brand.

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