How To Make Money Online With Rakuten Rewards

How To Make Money Online With Rakuten Rewards – How To Make Money Online With Rakuten Rewards

Making money or finding new ways for earning is the utmost desire for every individual outside there. People go to offices, in educational institutions as a teacher or some other place for earning a good livelihood.

With the enhancements in technology and the blessing of the internet, human beings are now making money online. You can just sit anywhere and can earn money. Only you need is a good speed of internet and a laptop or computer.

How You Can Make Money Online? 


To answer this very question, one must understand that having some common sense is essential. Spams are available everywhere and they deceit you. Especially when you are new to the online world of earning money, you have to be clever enough to know what’s good and what’s bad for you.

People have gone crazy about purchasing products through online shopping stores. Nowadays, there are several ways by which you can run your business. For instance,

Online Surveys:

A number of companies offer money by filling a form online. The more people fill these forms, the more beneficial it will be for the company and they will offer you money for filling the form.

Searching the website:


This is another quite easy way. Just by searching a website without any effort. What you have to do is just install a sample add-on in your browser. When conducted a search, you will notice some sponsored results with your search. This will reward you with cash. will help you in initiating this work.

Starting your own website:

This has now become the most common way of making money online. For instance, if you want to sell your beauty products online, just make a website.

There you will post the images of the products and their price tags. If your website has SEO content, traffic will increase on your site.

The number of people visiting your site will highly benefit you.

How to earn through marketing?


Making money via marketing is one of the best strategies. It is in fact, a great way by which you can connect with your target audience. You don’t have to go to any office for marketing your products. Just sit at a quiet place and start working!

Just build a store online and start marketing through your social media accounts. If you use social media apps to a great extent, the task of marketing becomes easier for you. As you invite more and more friends to your site or share it with more people, chances are there that you can earn a good livelihood.

Making money with Rakuten Rewards:

It is a cashback company that offers shopping rewards too. When a member of this site makes a purchase, a certain commission from the retailer is being paid to Rakuten. This money is then equally divided between the member who made a purchase.

With the change in the name of Ebates, nothing has changed with Rakuten Rewards. This website has committed to be free. It allows you to earn cashback with your own products.

Rakuten Rewards has sponsored almost 2500 stores. Moreover, it will not cost you for signing up. It offers you some additional information like which stores are offering free delivery or special offers. The site also gives a bonus of 25% to those customers who refer this site to their friends and they sign up.

You can buy gift cards at discounted prices via Rakuten. Moreover, you can avail buy one get one offers from various retailers.

If you are new to Rakuten, you don’t need to hesitate at all. Just click on the link for the retailer in which you are interested to shop. Some of the most popular retailers available on Rakuten Rewards are:

  • Sephora
  • Kohl’s
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Expedia
  • Walmart

Rakuten came into being by the name Ebates in 1998. Later on, in 2014 a Japanese company bought it. According to research,

A Japanese company named Rakuten bought the company Ebates for US$1 billion.

The biggest advantage of working with Rakuten is cashback for your products. There is no rocket science for doing so. No surveys or filling up of forms is required. How can you start working on Rakuten Rewards?

Just start with either downloading the Rakuten Rewards app available in the play store. You will place your order and then Rakuten will give you a cashback with that order. This cashback will be sent to the account that you have provided.

If you want to change your account, it is possible. Rakuten Rewards will send you your cashback to that account either via Pay Pal or a check.  Once you place your order on a certain store on Rakuten and that store informs Rakuten, then you can get cashback on your order.

After every three months, you can get a cashback. It depends on the store from where you made your purchase. An important thing that you have to always keep in your mind is that you cannot get a cashback without starting a shopping trip with Rakuten. If you forgot to do so, then the company cannot assist you and you will have no cashback!

Cash Back Button

This initiative is very useful for those who are sometimes unable to remember to go to before placing their order. Rakuten has introduced a new way known as the Cashback button through which you can shop with Rakuten.

When you will be making your purchase from a certain website, the cashback button will pop up on that very website. If this website is connected with Rakuten Rewards, then you will receive a cashback.

The cashback button even helps you to discover the coupons too.

Rakuten Rewards Shopping trip

When you open a Rakuten link for the purpose of earning a cashback through the Rakuten app or the Cashback button, you have already done a Rakuten Shopping Trip.

Your Shopping Trip will be given a certain number which shall be used by the Rakuten website to verify your order number with the store.

Some people just start their Shopping trip but don’t actually shop. However, this will be recorded by the Rakuten site for at least three months. This information regarding your shopping trip history is being saved in your account being created on Rakuten.

Want to shop again and again?

Whenever you are willing to shop through Rakuten Rewards, just click on the Rakuten link. You can make multiple purchases too. Just click Rakuten, and make a purchase from your favorite.

If you want to get cashback, start with another Rakuten shopping trip. This is a new way for making money online with Rakuten Rewards.

How will you know that you are having a cashback?

This question is being asked by so many people. It is essential to confirm that you will receive your cashback. But how do know this?

When you open the store that is linked with Rakuten, just make sure that a confirmation message pops up. If you receive this notification, it means that you will get a cashback.

Techniques for earning cashback and making money online through Rakuten

Making a qualifying purchase can help you earn a cashback. This cashback varies from 3% to 25%. The amazing Rakuten website is now offering many astounding features and tools. You can choose the method that is most appropriate for you.

  • The Rakuten Cash back Button

This is one of the best ways to earn money online with Rakuten. This amazing tool being introduced by Rakuten informs you about the sales on different stores even before you go to the Rakuten website.

How does it work?

Step one, Visit the browser store from where you want to purchase. Then go for the Rakuten Cash Back Button and download it. After downloading, you will be able to see this button on your browser.

Step2, you will visit the online shop. There you will see the Cash Back Button and also get coupons being offered by that particular shop. By clicking that drop-down, you are now able to shop without any hindrance.

The best part of this tool is that it notifies you once Cash Back Button has been activated. And if a store doesn’t offer any cash back, then the confirmation notification doesn’t appear on your screen.

  • The Rakuten Mobile App

The mobile app of Rakuten Rewards is another fantastic feature. This app is available on the google play store. Just download the app and activate the shopping trip with the Rakuten link.

This app enables customers to easily access their favorite online stores that offer cash-back opportunities. Through this app, you can book a ride too.

Click on the ride button and get a driver nearer to you.

You will receive a cashback with every ride just because of this app.  The nearby driver will drop you at your destination.

The Rakuten mobile app offers you a cashback on your favorite restaurants. This service is available 24/7 no matter at what time of the day you want to eat something. This app will help you find the nearest places for delicious food.

Open the Rakuten app on your phone, select your desiring restaurant and avail yourself the cashback with a tip.

This app also gives you a choice for getting cashback. There are two ways, either PayPal or Check. Just choose the method that suits you and get your money through the assistance of this app.

  • The Rakuten Cash back Visa Credit Card

This tool of Rakuten Rewards has a number of attributes. The biggest advantage is that this credit card deducts no annual fee from your account.

Through Rakuten credit cards, customers can earn 1% cashback on several stores. Moreover, when you purchase this card for the first time, it offers up to a 10% discount.

In addition, 3% extra cashback can be earned on a large number of qualifying Rakuten purchases.

  • The facility of Emails

Rakuten sends emails to the people who subscribe to their newsletter. The site will notify you of the latest trends, sales, and discounts other news related to the site.

If you subscribe to their email, then you will receive several useful links from the site and from different online shopping stores,

  • Shopping from the official website,

Purchasing your favorite items from the Rakuten website is another convenient way. On the website are available some coupons, cashback button.

You can also activate the Rakuten shopping trip.

Whenever you opt for shopping, activate the shopping trip to get an amazing cashback opportunity.

  • In-store cash back store

You can now earn your cashback via shopping physically via in-store cashback. The first step is to select an offer for the store from where you gonna purchase something.

The next step is to simply link the offer to your card. Then add the information on your credit card. Rakuten offers you to link as many cards as you wish!

Once you have linked your card, you can do shopping from that card and can avail the opportunity of cashback. Make sure that your in-store cashback is being confirmed by the store. Rakuten informs its customers about the tracking address of cashback via emails.

Rakuten Rewards has become a widespread online shopping website. Thousands of employers are working for Rakuten. This website has introduced new ways of earning. It has now started offering services in multiple disciplines.

 Along with in-store cashback, mobile app, cashback button, you can now book your favorite hotel using the Rakuten site. All the hotels available for booking will offer you 10% cashback.

Rakuten is very possessive about customer’s security. Especially your credit or debit card details. While other information such as your name, email address is collected may be used for surveys. The website also works on improving its services and marketing efforts in order to comfort its customers.

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