How To Make Money Online With Nvidia Omniverse

How To Make Money Online With Nvidia Omniverse
ShopSmarts.AI – How To Make Money Online With Nvidia Omniverse


The success story of NVIDIA is quite evident. The focus and depth of their business have evolved over time. Starting as mere chip providers for graphic acceleration (they were not known as Graphics Processing Units back then) more than 30 years ago, the company has now expanded to almost every nook and corner of the world. NVIDIA is dominating the market of high-performance computing. The growth of the company is only expected to grow in the coming year’s thanks to the acquisition of Mellanox while the acquisition of ARM is still on the charts. 

At the annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) of 2021, NVIDIA shared the evolution of the company and the future of supercomputing, the automotive industry, and the use of machine learning to improve the decision-making process. The keynote address of the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Jensen Huang presented an exciting and holistic vision for the future of three-dimensional visual computing. The company has expanded its line of Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme (RTX) GPUs by introducing Omniverse. It is a centralized platform that enables global collaboration and comprises many Computer-Aided Design workflows. It is aimed to be used in architecture engineering, designing, and manufacturing. 

Omniverse Introduction

Omniverse is a virtual, cloud-centric, three-dimensional design environment. It is a forerunner of remote visualization, collaborative environment, and seamless simulation across a multitude of applications and geographic sites. 

The Omniverse platform is based upon a centralized and cloud-based topology. The model and database are manipulated in one format from where it can be accessed, modified, and even verified by staff members all around the world. This is helpful because in today’s world the main goal is to create a true replica that is capable of being rerun and re-created when provided with the same parameters. 

Some of the major advantages of Omniverse include:

  • No coherency issues. One of the most critical attributes of Omniverse is to move towards a centralized computing environment. What this means is that there is only one twin that mirrors the actual implementation in the physical environment. All contributors work on a single database. There is no need to distribute multiple copies across many users and locations. This essentially saves us from the problems of wasting bandwidth and transfer latency. In addition, since there is only a single version, there are no coherency issues since the database is always up-to-date.
  • All standards are open. The platform relies upon a model description that is based upon open standards that can easily be edited by many popular Computer Aided Design tools that are used in their own traditional environments and do not require any new additional expertise. In case of a closed-end system, there would be many versions and interconversions making the process tedious and inconvenient. 

  • The computing environment is centralized. Users remotely access omniverse via workstations physically or virtually. The aim of NVIDIA is to provide all the goodness of features to the users in a centralized environment that can be accessed.

Omniverse did not rise to the occasion all of a sudden. It had been under development for many years.

Money Making Ideas Using Omniverse

Since the NVIDIA Omniverse provides very heavy GPU capability. It can be utilized to generate revenue. Let us go through a few ideas that can help you get some money using Omniverse.

Accelerating Video Rendering

One of the basic tasks that Graphical Processing Units perform is the ability to deal with videos. High definition video streams require the decoding of compressed data in order to display high-definition images. The Omniverse is designed to shift this process over to it rather than the CPU. 

It helps to transcode the videos from one one video format to another such as converting a video-camera file for burning it to a DVD. To undertake this process, the computer must take one format and then re-render it into another format. This entire process uses a lot of processing resources. Computers can perform this task faster if they use the Omniverse GPU than the CPU. 

From the above discussion, we get to know the following money-making ideas from Omniverse:

  • High definition video editing. Users can play around, manipulate,and edit very high resolution videos such as 4K or 8K at tremendous speeds and render them in seconds. Such high quality videos can be edited as a service providing ability or finished videos can be put online such as on Facebook or Youtube with monetization.
  • Very high quality videos can be displayed in cinemas or other devices and money generated from the number of audience that it captivates.

Creative Suite and Creative Cloud from Adobe

One of the most popular software that takes advantage of the Omniverse Graphical Processing Unit capability is the Adobe Creative Suite across all the included applications. This spectrum comprises a lot of the flagship products from Adobe including Photoshop and Premiere Pro. These applications work very fast with the Omniverse GPU. 

Some of the filters in Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro are quite specialized and need a lot of mathematics. The rendering time for such filters and applications is quite high and the calculations can be rendered to the GPU to speed up the process. Many people report a lot of speed once they use the Omniverse GPU.

From this discussion we can find the following ways to earn money using Omniverse Graphical processing Units:

  • Selling the features and filters in Adobe Applications that otherwise require a lot of time, resources, and computing power that others do not possess. The user can perform such tasks for others as a service.
  • The user cna sell finished products on various websites that have been retouched by advanced capabilities that are only enabled using the Omniverse Graphical Processing Unit.

Mining of Cryptocurrency

The standard procedure of acquiring virtual currencies is by a princess known as crypto coin mining. In this process, we allow our computer for the processing of computations that take place during transactions. A Central Processing Unit can only do this on one level but the Omniverse GPU offers much faster speeds. A PC with an Omniverse GPU can generate currency much faster than the one that does not have it.

NiceHash is a Slovenian cryptocurrency hash power broker. It connects sellers and buyers for hashing power and charges a small fee for it. What this means is that you can sell your Omniverse GPU ability and get Bitcoins for it in return. Depending upon the situation of the market, this can favor either the seller or the buyer but might not be as profitable as joining a mining pool directly. However, the integrated marketplace is quite user-friendly and users can trade Bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies or even exchange them for real money. Since the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, older Graphical Processing Units are not able to provide a lot of computing. However, with the Omniverse GPU, the mining process is quite efficient. Miners have hoarded all the GPUs causing their price to skyrocket. Not many people are able to afford them now. 

The reason for the existence of such a platform is the shortage of Graphical Processing Units. 

From this discussion, we deduce the following method to earn money using Omniverse Graphical Processing Unit:

  • By allowing our computer as a resource for computation, the digital currencies such as bitcoin provide us with coins in exchange. With the current boom in the prices of blockchain based currencies, a user can provide the Omniverse Graphical Processing Unit’s computing power and get many coins in exchange. To get started, simply create an account on NiceHash and download the QuickMiner software that comes with a built in overclocker. To keep the card cooler, it is better to lower the power limit of Omniverse to increase the mining efficiency. By using your Omniverse GPU, you will get Bitcoins that you can trade for other currencies or exchange for physical money. 

Open Computer Language Specifications

After the advent of Graphical Processing Units, Open Computer Language specifications or OpenCL is known as the most noteworthy development. This specification allows a wide range of specialized computer processors in addition to the GPU and CPU for accelerated computing. Any application can benefit from OpenCL since it increases the amount of data that is processed. 

From the above discussion we conclude the following methods to earn money using the Omniverse GPU:

  • Virtually any application ranging from computer aided design, modelling, or rendering can be increased in speed by using Omniverse GPU in conjunction with OpenCL. Any of these activities can be provided as a service or the outcomes can be sold over the internet. 


The most famous simulations try to replicate the behavior and interactions of celestial objects such as stars, galaxies, or black holes. They allow us to increase the speed of the large timescales of the universe and view sections of it how they once were or what they’re going to become via supercomputers. We do not need a supercomputer to perform a simulation of our own after all, most 3d software comes with the ability built-in to some degree. If we want our simulation to look not only great but render as fast as possible, we are going to need GPU power.

From this discussion, we get to know the following method to generate money from Omniverse:

  • By providing simulation services to clients. Mapping large scale and very small scale simulations to mimic real time behaviour for both research and scientific calculations.
  • By performing self simulations and publishing the results with the help of the Omniverse GPU. Such calculations can prove to be of extreme use for the scientific community.

Manipulation of Heavy Scenes

Particle simulations partly fit into this category, but this depends on what you’re going for; this could be a simple spilling glass of milk, or say, the usual colossal tsunami destroying Hollywood’s favorite city. As 3d designers, we have become so incredibly sensitive to viewport lag. To avoid our chosen software crashing we waste time carefully watching our polygon counts and “fake” as much of the complex geometry as possible via texture maps, spending hours upon hours dutifully plugging them in and hoping for the best, just so our computer doesn’t melt. Just imagine sculpting something incredible in Mudbox and being able to render it as is, with GPU power that dream can be a reality.

From the above discussion we conclude the following methods to earn money using the Omniverse GPU:

  • Providing Omniverse GPU for extreme manipulation of heavy scenes at runtime to generate realistic desired background. It can be thought of as CGI technology.

Texture Painting

For this one, we’ll be focusing on the award-winning Substance Painter by Allegorithmic who were acquired by Adobe earlier this year. This software streamlines the massive undertaking that is texturing, rendering, and effects application via a physically-based rendering (PBR) workflow. Just what is all this exactly? Unfortunately, it will be of no surprise to hear that SP is extremely GPU intensive. Not being able to run this arguably beautiful software can be absolutely heartbreaking for any freelancer, from newbies to veterans; but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

From the above discussion we conclude the following methods to earn money using the Omniverse GPU:

  • Provide the Omniverse Graphical Processing Unit to run Substance Painter and allow people to generate wonderful pieces of art and charge money for it. 
  • Sell beautifully crafted videos from this platform or put them on a monetized YouTube or Facebook page. Such videos are extremely high in demand due to the scarcity of this software and the conditions required to run it. 


The Omniverse GPU from NVIDIA has clearly instigated a revolution in the computing arena. In this article, we mentioned the history and basic working of this marvelous technology and how you can earn money from it once you have bought this marvel. The Omniverse is here to stay and it will only get better in the coming years.

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