How The Metaverse Augmented Reality Will Change How We Interact

How The Metaverse Augmented Reality Will Change How We Interact
How The Metaverse Augmented Reality Will Change How We Interact

Metaverse has become a topic of discussion since Mark Zuckerberg has announced the adaptation of a new identity “Meta”. As per knowledge, “metaverse” symbolizes the creation of a virtual three-dimensional world in space. In other words, metaverse means a second life, a world that will be created according to the user’s will.

Similarly augmented reality or AR is the same thing. It has also attracted the attention of users for decades and has now become the center of attention of all technology users. Augmented reality is a technical word used for the virtual 3-D content created by your computer I.e. a video, game, or a 3-D model.

Is augmented reality useful in real life?

Augmented reality may be virtual but it has found versatile uses in real life surprisingly more than any other technology. An augmented reality which is a combination of the internet, virtual reality(VR), and various platforms, has found its numerous applications in the following fields:

  • Smartphone AR
  • Shopping
  • Navigation
  • Automotive industries
  • Conducting events
  • Education

Smartphone AR

Modern smartphones come with a special AR kit. Recently Apple has launched its AR kit for its mobile phones and iPads. The AR kit enables the user to create different experiences. AR kit tracks the objects around the phone or iPad, keeping a track of movements in that specific place. AR technology has gained a massive increase in its use in app development.

Augmented reality has been kept in use by not only Apple but by Google too. Google introduced ARcore which introduced street view photos that were made by the users. To use this feature, the user must have an ARcore capable mobile phone. Only an ARcore capable smartphone can submit street view photos. According to surveys, despite having a wide variety of AR-capable apps, ARcore is more widely used across the globe due to lesser users of IOS as compared to android users.


Augmented reality has found its way into one of the most loved things on this whole planet, shopping. Now the user can not only see and buy but can also try new clothes before buying in a virtual changing room. The opportunity to try before buying has increased online retailing and shopping. This augmented reality policy has been widely used during the COVID-19 period as one of the main priorities of the people was distant shopping and AR technology provided them with that. Augmented reality has made it possible for the customers to not only buy but try to.

Not only this, but many apps like IKEA allow you to check if the furniture that you are buying is going to suit your house or not by virtually placing that furniture in your room and allowing you to look into it.


augmented reality has found its distinction in navigation also. AR navigation can be used indoors easily. It consists of systems like ceiling antennas, Bluetooth beacons, etc. And if the house has a nice WI-fi connection, you can even navigate using your smartphone by using Wi-fi RF patterns.

The technology has been used by google maps by which you can walk with a smartphone in your hand and let google guide you whether to move left or right.

Automotive industries

Augmented reality technology is being and will be implied in automotive industries in form of HUDs.HUD is the acronym for Head-Ups Displays that helps the driver to stay aware of the possible hazards that can occur and keeps the driver known of the ways to prevent them without blurring their view.

Not only for driver’s assistance but AR can also be used in automotive marketing. With this technology, you can take a test drive of your car without actually driving it. Moreover, it also gives them an option to view their desired car in different colors before buying one.

Conducting events

Events conducted during the COVID-19 quarantine period were mostly possible due to augmented reality. AR enables the users to attend the meeting in person without actually attending it in real. Many career fairs and sports events were held using AR giving the people the same experience that they could have had if they attended that in person.

AR-based career fairs like Pot noodles virtual career fairs, developed by Aircads and Gradbay, were used by the people in 2021 due to health restrictions during COVID spread. Using augmented reality the users were able to attend the fair and were able to experience it in the same way as they could have if they had attended it in real I.e. they could watch the videos on the virtual tables that informed them about different professions just like they would if it wasn’t virtual.


Talking about virtual education, which has been the only source of education during the quarantine period, augmented reality has played the most important role. augmented reality has introduced apps that made distance learning the best learning experience for children. Apps like Ai.R cord helped elementary kids in learning the concepts by using the augmented reality

Facebook and metaverse augmented reality:

It was announced earlier by Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook will now be named “Meta” and it was declared by him that metaverse will be the successor of the present internet. This has led people to think about the versatility of the metaverse augmented reality. Although metaverse has not yet been fully developed few parts of it already exist. Just like other metaverse apps, metaverse Facebook is also going to involve virtual meetups of people. It will be as if the person you’re talking to or the picture you are commenting on is real in front of your eyes. Metaverse Facebook is yet to be introduced fully but other features of metaverse that will be presented by “meta” are:

  • Horizon home
  • Gaming
  • VR calling
  • Fitness apps
  • Educational apps

Is metaverse augmented reality going to have a positive effect?

Metaverse augmented reality is surely going to have a positive impact on our lives, our way of communication, our thoughts, etc. It is going to help us design the life we want the way we like it. It is going to bring the change we desire, the way we desire. It is undoubtedly going to enhance the following fields:

  • Broadcasting of sports
  • Enhanced shopping experience
  • Conferencing
  • Highest form of security

Broadcasting of sports

Imagine watching a football match at your house but feeling as if you are sitting in the stadium and watching It live. This can be possible by advanced metaverse augmented reality that can bring the whole football ground with players to your living room.

Enhanced shopping experience

Consider not going out shopping and trying everything at your home without actually changing. As described earlier, virtual shopping has become an important and time-saving work where you can not only see but try things on too without actually changing any of your clothes. This all has been made possible by augmented reality and can be further enhanced and improved by metaverse augmented reality.


One of the most amazing experiences metaverse augmented reality can give is conferencing. It will make the person you talking to bring in front of you as if you are sitting next to each other. This will make virtual meetings feel like real ones.

The highest form of security

Some highest forms of security are still being used by the use of augmented reality. Before locks with keys and passwords were used, but now features like face recognition are being used that were invented using augmented reality. Further enhanced methods can be used by using the metaverse augmented reality.

Will metaverse augmented reality change the way we interact?

Metaverse augmented reality will change the way we interact and the way we see the world. The metaverse augmented reality will introduce us not only to a new virtual world but also new and better ways of interaction. It is assumed that metaverse facebook and metaverse augmented reality is also going to open new doors of innovation and inventions. The meeting that was once done virtually will now be done in person yet be virtual. The shopping that was once done by going to the mall will now be done sitting at home. Driving that was once done without any aid will now be done with the help of AR security. Teaching and planning that was done in a normal way will now be planned and done in interesting ways. That is how metaverse augmented reality will change the way we interact.


Metaverse augmented reality is a step ahead in technology that will introduce us to not only a virtual world of our desire but a new world of innovation and invention. Metaverse Facebook is a step in that direction that will be followed by laying the foundation for other apps like Facebook which will get connected to metaverse augmented reality and will produce new ways of interaction to the world making the world a versatile global village where everything will be one touch away.

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