How To Make Money With Chatbots On Shopify eCommerce Website

How To Make Money With Chatbots On Shopify eCommerce Website – How To Make Money With Chatbots On Shopify eCommerce Websites

Chatbots function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to service your customers even while you’re asleep. Isn’t it incredible?

Furthermore, chatbots can assist you in expanding your email list and proposing the best items to your consumers.

What are the best ways to make money with the chatbot? Many new businesses are effective in developing chatbots, yet they are unable to monetize their chatbots. The following topics will be covered in this article.


The best way to generate money with a chatbot

In today’s world of chatbot marketing, there is a lot of rivalries. Everyone wants to figure out how to make the most money with a chatbot. Many are available, but perhaps the majority are unworthy.

This portion of the post will teach you the most effective and tried-and-true techniques for making money with a chatbot. In fact, you will discover the most effective way for monetizing the chatbot to boost the company’s income.

  1. Making Money Through Collaboration

You may also profit from the chatbot by collaborating with other businesses. Let’s say you have a chatbot that you can’t seem to make money with. Then you may form cooperation with other businesses.

They’ll utilize your chatbot as a marketing tool to monetize it with their own resources, and the profits will be split evenly. As a result, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Profiting from Lead Generation

Assume you sell a product or offer a service to a consumer. The process of identifying and attracting new consumers for your products or services is known as lead generation.

Lead generation will help them improve sales if chatbots are integrated with the company model.

Before sending the user’s information to the other businesses that utilize your chatbot, you’ll collect data from various services or goods such as loans, weddings, insurance, and so on. They will be in sync with your data, which will aid them in increasing sales.

In the end, you’ll have a lead generation chatbot. The chatbot will authenticate the leads and transmit the information to the businesses, who will pay the chatbot owner a commission for discovering new consumers.

  • Transferring Funds

The chatbot is an excellent technique to send money to a user. To transfer money to the receiving user, it will prompt the user to provide essential information such as account number, name, address, and so on. In exchange, you will charge a modest fee.

If you’ve come this far, I’m guessing you already know what a chatbot is and how it might benefit your company. So, without going into too much detail, let me show you some of the finest Shopify chatbot applications that are currently accessible in the app store.

  1. Gobot – Artificial Intelligence Chatbot + Quiz

Gobot is a strong Shopify chatbot tool that provides excellent service by conducting AI-led selling quizzes to customize your whole client journey.

It will ask proactive inquiries to better understand consumer requirements and offer on-the-spot product suggestions to help them choose their preferred items. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and connects to your helpdesk.

Feature Highlights – It aids in the collection of client information by providing conversion-friendly opt-ins that sync with the email and SMS applications instantly.

It offers in-depth statistics, allowing you to track conversion rates, question-by-question engagement, and drop-off rates, among other things.

It integrates with SMSBump, Google Analytics, Postscript, and Zendesk, among other platforms.

It may help your consumers by providing order status updates, allowing them to initiate returns through the portal, and resolving order problems, among other things.

It allows you to send customized welcome emails tailored to your customers’ needs and tastes.

  • Increase your earnings.

Chatbots from Verloop can help you create more leads. Customers that use Verloop’s chatbots have experienced a 30 percent to 150 percent boost in lead generation.

The way humans, not machines, engage with information is reflected in great lead generation.

Because the bot guaranteed that their consumers were not left unattended, most of our e-commerce customers noticed immediate increases in conversion and sales. They may also create and qualify leads during off-hours using the bots (at night, or during lunch breaks). This meant that a sales team would wake up every morning to sales that had been helped while they were sleeping.

Every week, hundreds, if not thousands, of these potential leads visit your website to look over your goods. They’re bombarded with information on how great you are in your field and how many clients you have.

Is that, though, what they’re actually there for?

They’ve come to ask questions and receive responses. They’d want to learn more about the garment, as well as the return policy and the earliest delivery date. However, because they’re on a computer thousands of miles away, one of two things will occur.

They’ll spend the next half-hour looking through your website for an answer. (Unlikely) They will not receive an answer and will depart. When clients in your target market are left unattended, they will most likely go to one of your competitors. Most of the time, to the person who responded to their query the fastest.

  • IntelliTicks (intelligent ticks)

IntelliTicks provides your Shopify shop a competitive advantage by combining the strengths of human and artificial intelligence mechanisms to deliver a smooth customer experience that results in more sales and allows you to complete transactions.

It allows you to prioritize your leads in real traffic by determining if they are hot, warm, or cold leads. This allows you to make strategic decisions that might influence your customer journey.

Feature Highlights – It allows you to do in-depth analysis by providing actionable data, allowing you to see how visits are turned into prospective customers.

Website bots, messenger bots, and Whatsapp bots are the three forms of chatbots available.

It saves you time by responding to the most often asked queries by your clients.

It integrates with several popular systems, including Zapier, Google Analytics, and CRM.

It also delivers real-time alerts to your PC, emails, and mobile devices whenever new information about your prospects is available.

  • Ochatbot – Artificial Intelligence Sales Booster

Ochatbot is one of the finest Shopify AI chatbots that helps your business convert more consumers by recommending the appropriate goods, managing and handling queries, and recovering abandoned carts.

One of the most significant advantages is that it provides enhanced engagement features such as exit popups, mobile banners, offers sliders, pre-built forms, and so on, all of which help to improve your Shopify shop sales.

Highlights of the Feature —

It displays product text and photos in the chat window, allowing consumers to quickly add items to their basket.

It allows you to import all of your product SKUs and sends out notifications to consumers who haven’t completed the checkout process.

It has a question module that allows you to ask your consumers any sort of question, giving you a clear picture of their requirements, tastes, and preferences when it comes to purchasing your items.

By connecting with Zapier, you can connect to dozens of CRM and email programs, totally automating your operations.

It is simple to set up and delivers valuable information that helps you develop your online business strategy.

Implementing a chatbot to assist Shopify chat may also benefit you as a Shopify merchant. You may notify your consumers when a product they liked becomes available, or you can send an automated cart reminder message. Your chatbot may even respond to consumer questions on your Shopify store. Let’s start with the basics before digging into this interesting subject.

A Shopify Chatbot may improve the customer experience and increase revenues for an eCommerce store.

  • A/B Testing

This essentially implies giving a set of contacts varied information about different items to see which version is more effective for that target demographic. An A/B test like this may mirror real-world user behavior and be further refined for higher conversion rates. As a result, in the not-too-distant future, traditional techniques of email marketing and internet advertising will be replaced by messenger chatbots, which have a better conversion rate.

  • Benefits of chatbots

Chatbots don’t require any downtime and may be used at any time of day or night. They are efficient in that they respond to every encounter as quickly as feasible. There is no need to visit the website because communication is streamlined. Tasks and their statuses are automatically updated and provide useful analytics. Bots may be used to perform surveys, discover requirements, and make customized offers to a variety of audiences, with the possibilities only limited by your creativity.

Chatbots are one of the numerous emerging technologies that are impacting how businesses are changing their customers’ and prospects’ buying habits.

What are the chatbots used for and where?

Chatbots are being utilized by a growing number of companies to improve customer service, technical assistance, develop brand loyalty, and move leads to the next step of the sales funnel. They’re also a great way to collect data.

In the insurance industry, the bot can assist in the conclusion of a contract and the preparation of a payment application.

It notifies customers about price changes, gets meter readings, and receives accident reports in the utility industry.

In medical, a chatbot can schedule an appointment with a doctor and take an initial survey.

In a restaurant, bots can reserve a table and take orders;

They assist customers in completing purchases, deliveries, and payments at online businesses.

In major firms’ contact centers, robots engage with consumers and provide services at all hours of the day and night. The bot may even switch chat to talk with a real operator.

  • Using chatbots to send customers to product offers

When a need arises to connect with your whole client base and familiarise them with fresh information, or to make an offer to buy an extra product or service, as well as give discounts and promotions, chatbots are an essential component of cross-selling.

The chatbot gives the appearance of “live dialogue,” allowing the customer and the brand to engage on a deeper level. If you want to grow your client base and offer more services to your current consumers, a chatbot might be the answer.

Your potential consumers are likely to have a lot of the same concerns. Both users and administrators will benefit from the usage of robots.

Call routing may be complicated. Bots will assist users in getting to the targeted operator by guiding them through the entire chain.

Mailings of the same sort of material regularly. Changes in exchange rates, weather, news, and pricing updates, for example. The five most successful e-commerce chatbots across diverse businesses are as follows: Decen Muebles Infantiles, Bot Burger, Lego, Hello Fresh, Argomall.

  • To increase the size of your email list faster

After you’ve established a strong foundation and begun adding new members to your email list, it’s time to consider more advanced strategies: unorthodox techniques that might result in dramatic improvements in subscriber growth.

  • Engage potential consumers using a chatbot.

Chatbots, a technology that is only beginning to realize its full potential, currently provide a few efficient methods to incorporate automation into your messaging-focused channels, saving you time and effort in customer service.

MobileMonkey, for example, lets you create marketing campaigns within a bespoke chatbot to extend your message options. You can use your chatbot campaign to provide a unique offer that encourages visitors to enter their email address in exchange for a special discount from your shop—similar it’s to a conventional form, but it’s more beneficial because it’s an automated prompt and natural to a popular channel.

  • Building an email list isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Because no two businesses are the same, it’s crucial to experiment with different tactics for growing your email list to see what works best. Your investment in developing your list may fluctuate depending on how valuable email marketing is as a channel for your organization.

  • Using chatbots to build an email list

In any event, we hope that our advice on utilizing chatbots to develop an email list inspired you and helped you get started on establishing a great email list for your eCommerce shop.


Most small businesses have chatbots, but they haven’t figured out how to monetize them. I only covered the tried-and-true methods for making money with a chatbot in this article. However, you may monetize your creativity in different ways. I hope you’ve figured out the best way to make money with a chatbot. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any more strategies to share with our readers.

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