The Best Website Builder for Small Business

The Best Website Builder for Small Business
ShopSmarts.AI – The Best Website Builder For Small Business

Small businesses have never had a greater need for a reliable and affordable website builder. Because businesses worldwide are required to open and close in accordance with government regulations, every physical small business owner must ensure that they have an online counterpart. Even if your company is already digital, your bulky, outdated website will no longer suffice, as more people shop online and demand faster and better eCommerce experiences.

But where should you build your online business? We’ve compiled a list of the top five website builders for small businesses accessible today in this article. Each one allows you to create a website quickly and easily.

All of these high-quality site builders provide a professional service with excellent customer service at relatively low pricing. Continue reading to learn about the key distinctions between them and how to decide which is the greatest suit for your company’s needs.

A Quick Overview of Best Website Builders for Small Business

BrandStarting PriceDesign ThemeApps24/7 Customer ServiceLearn More
Wix$14.00/mo.*500+About 300NoView Plans
Squarespace$12.00/mo.*28About 30YesView Plans
Weebly$6.00/mo.*23About 300NoView Plans
GoDaddy$9.99/mo.*19N/AYesView Plans
WordPress$4.00/mo.*ThousandsThousandsYesView Plans

Wix – Best Overall

Wix is the defending champion because it is consistently regarded as one of the top website builders for small businesses. Wix attracts website administrators from various industries and business models because of its low costs and user-friendly site builder. Although it takes longer to build a site than the previous website builders, you can truly dive into the nitty-gritty of web design to develop a unique and original website.


  • The best website editor has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to use while allowing for flexibility.
  • Whether you like AI-generated content, template-style content, or custom design, we’ve got you covered.
  • Generous no-cost plan (with Wix branded ads)
  • Hosting and SSL are included in the all-inclusive package.
  • Animated effects, for example, are a fascinating design choice.
  • Hundreds of templates and an unlimited number of pages
  • Tools for SEO and marketing


  • Can’t modify your template — re-designing with a new template necessitates starting over.
  • A small learning curves
  • To remove ads, you must upgrade to a paid account.
  • There isn’t a ‘Live Chat’ option.

Recommended For:

  • Folks that wish to create their website but need some direction
  • People who have web design skills and are looking for a simple editor

Squarespace – Best for Commerce

Consider Squarespace to be a close competitor to Wix, as both cater to the same market of versatile customization possibilities and an easy-to-use editor. However, there is a little but noticeable difference between them: Squarespace’s editor isn’t quite as user-friendly as Wix’s, but the designs are slightly more polished for better graphics. Squarespace now sits just a smidgeon to the right of the convenience-customization continuum.


  • Amazing combination of design options and usability
  • A more extensive onboarding procedure can help you get started.
  • Amazing aesthetics and templates that are well-designed
  • All of the templates are mobile-friendly.
  • With the premium subscription, you can add coding.
  • Mobile editor
  • Customer service is available 24/7


  • More learning curve as compared to Wix
  • There are no add-ons or an app store, so you’re limited to the built-in features.

Recommended For:

  • Squarespace, like Wix, is for anyone who wants to build a website with some training wheels and is ready to invest more time on design in exchange for a better-looking site.

Weebly – Best for Online Stores

Weebly has more features than Shopify, but not as many as BigCommerce. It’s essentially a middle-of-the-road ecommerce website builder. Although it isn’t specifically for ecommerce, it appears to be tailored to ecommerce consumers. Therefore we thought it would fit better here. Weebly has more design possibilities than the ordinary simple website builder, but not to the point of being overwhelming.


  • For first-timers, thorough onboarding is quite beneficial.
  • Drag-and-drop interface that is simple to use
  • The majority of the templates are mobile-friendly.
  • Hosting and backend support are included in the all-inclusive service.
  • More design elements, such as contact forms, than typical website builders
  • Photo galleries and slides
  • Integration of social media
  • SEO resources and advice are available in the form of manuals and a support center.


  • There are no 3P additions, so you’re limited to what Weebly has to offer.
  • To remove ads, you must upgrade to a paid account.

Recommended For:

  • People who desire a more customizable design than Shopify but still want something simple and user-friendly.

GoDaddy – Fastest Setup

GoDaddy has been a household name in the internet services industry since the late 1990s. Its hosting and domain services have now been expanded to include a website builder for small businesses. Users can create an automatic site template based on their industry and edit part of the specific material they wish, using the same template as Constant Contact. It is, however, a step up in terms of customization, with additional options such as colors and fonts, but a step down in terms of free services.


  • Has a few more customizing possibilities than the other quick website builders.
  • First-time users will like the user-friendly UI.
  • It is possible to utilize the website editor on a mobile device.


  • SEO isn’t quite “ideal.”
  • When working with GoDaddy, negative feedback shows deeper issues.
  • If you’re serious about SEO, social media, and email marketing, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium plan.

Recommended For:

  • People looking for a simple website editor

WordPress – Best for Complete Control

Although WordPress was the most popular website builder for a long time in the early 2010s, the emergence of more user-friendly editors like Wix and Squarespace has somewhat humbled it. Still, because of its nearly endless plugin library and excellent blog-friendliness, WordPress stays current and competitive with several unique features and a bevy of customization choices.


  • Thanks to the vibrant 3P community of plugins, there are many features, themes, and customization choices.
  • If you require technical assistance, that community provides a wealth of help and feedback.
  • Best blog website builder, especially with the opportunity to apply additional SEO plugins like Yoast.


  • A steep learning curve and occasionally irritating usability— WordPress necessitates a significant time investment.
  • All of the best characteristics (via plugins) extra cost

Recommended For:

  • More experienced website managers, particularly those who have worked with WordPress before
  • Businesses that rely significantly on blogs for their content and SEO strategies
  • Designers who are willing to sacrifice time for maximum customization


  1. Which is the easiest Website Builder for small businesses?

We recommend GoDaddy for a quick and easy website construction experience because its editor is incredibly user-friendly.

While this is true, you may discover that a different website builder, such as Weebly, is more suitable for you. That’s why we recommend trying out a few different website builders before making a final decision.

  • Which is the cheapest website builder for small businesses?

The only website builder in this list that does not offer a free plan is Squarespace. Wix and Weebly are both completely free to use for as long as you like. If you want to take your site to the next level, they also have several extremely affordable premium plans to explore.

  • Which website builder for small businesses offers the best templates?

WordPress is the best choice for a small company website that focuses on design. It has a variety of beautiful and professional templates.

  • Which website builder for small businesses is the most mobile-friendly?

Wix features its own mobile editor, which allows you to make changes to your site’s mobile version without affecting the desktop version.

  • Can I create a website for my small business for free?

Yes, free website builders are available – but they frequently come at the expense of professionalism! To remove subdomains, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

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