Why Setup A Customer Support Chatbot For Your Shopify Product

Why Setup A Customer Support Chatbot For Your Shopify Product
ShopSmarts.ai – How To Setup An Customer Support Chatbot For Your Shopify Product

Chatbots are not something new in the E-commerce business.  They have been working in the marketing industry for ages. The main cause of the popularity of bots is that they are the products of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing which makes them unique. Also, their development occurs at a rapid speed.

According to research by Hubspot:

Customers prefer to buy from a bot that provides customer service.

The demand for incorporating chatbots in a business has largely increased. Bots are famous for their intelligence level. These robots can learn from the previous information. Like for instance, when a bot interacts with some customer, it remembers the whole conversation. So that the next time, if some questions are repeated by some other customers, it will answer in an eloquent manner.

According to research:

More than 60% of customers feel comfortable making contact to an online website via messengers, while there are more chances that 50% of customers will shop from the site where they can send a text message.

If we ponder into the long list of E-commerce businesses, Shopify is considered to be one of the most widespread platforms as a means of earning through an online store. According to some studies:

Shopify is being used by over 800,000 sellers all across the world.

All Shopify stores have their own chatbots. Most of the brands notify that the motive of using chatbots in their business is:

  • Because of the fundamental role of bots while engaging with customer queries. As the consumers get their desired information, they decide to purchase some product from that very site.
  • As the number of customers increase, it becomes difficult to handle large masses. That’s why, companies design their own bots to automate the customer support with the help of customer support chatbot.

Shopify can be a better option

Shopify has been declared as a tremendous platform for purchasing things online. Many people prefer Shopify over other shopping platforms.

An app for chatting has been introduced by Shopify itself. In this app, chatbots have been incorporated to entertain the users. You may say that a bot makes shopping easier.

Shopify Chatbot increases Customer Support

  • A chatbot will help you to increase sales and also increases customer support. For example, the shipping details. When a customer places an order, the bot will help to track the order. Almost all shopify stores have been using chatbots since long.
  • A chatbot can send a message to multiple people. For instance, if you want to announce a news regarding sales, discounts or some new products, you can simply notify your customers by sending a message to them.
  • While doing online marketing, you may carry out remarketing. It is one of the best ways to grow the conversion rates. You can tell your customers about the order history and about the latest fashion trends.

A number of marketing industries have agreed upon the point that Artificial Intelligence has largely impacted them in a positive way. The bots have caused lead generations and automation of their customer support as well.

Chatbots are quick learners

Bots are a gift to mankind. They make mistakes but learn quickly so that in the future, the customers don’t get disappointed by its service.

The bot can learn from a customer’s feedback. For instance, if a customer is not satisfied with the response which he got from the bot, the consumer may give negative feedback with a reason behind it. The bot will analyze the feedback and will understand its mistake. In the future, the bot will not make any similar mistakes.

Advantages of using a chatbot for your Shopify store:

Chatbots have multiple uses. It is not confined to only a single area. Rather benefits with a large number of personalization opportunities. Most commonly, chatbots can benefit with the following benefits for your Shopify store or e-commerce business:

  • A Guideline for Customers:

Chatbots can be truly known as a guideline for users who come to face any difficulty while buying something from an online store. A chatbot can help you to gather information related to the needs and interests of the customers. What changes do they want in your products? Are they really satisfied with your product or not?

These questions need to be solved. The solution is easily available in the form of a customer support chatbot. This bot will amazingly guide your consumers.

  • Customer Support Chatbots are less costly

It is quite natural when you like some product from some online store, you will explore more information about the product to ensure its quality.

According to a recent survey:

Almost 64% of the customers are looking for 24/7 customer support chatbot service which human beings are unable to provide.

By creating a chatbot for FAQs, your customers will easily get all the relevant answers to their questions which will save both your time and money.

  • A good management System

As you already know the fact that customers prefer to buy from such sites that respond to their customers instantly. On the other hand, if your response time exceeds, then your leads will not be generated on a greater level.

With the help of a chatbot, you can improve your site’s management. It will stay active to give a response to every customer.

  • Product Advisor

We humans often got stuck in more than one thing. Sometimes we like two products but have to choose only one. In such circumstances, you need someone’s advice.

A bot can act as an advisor too. Similarly, if your customer is confused and looking for his/her desired product, the customer support chatbot will guide them.

The customers will be able to buy anything easily. Moreover, a chatbot will help users to avoid scrolling without need. For example, eBay has a chatbot named by ShopBot that converses with the customers in a natural way asking them for product recommendations. It seems just like a professional salesman is talking to the users.

  • Recovery of the Cart

While doing shopping through online websites, like on Shopify, some customers leave their cart. This may happen due to distraction by opening some other tab and do not remember what they were going to purchase.

Thanks to chatbots! The bot will inform the customer about their neglected cart. Most of the customers who are really interested in buying a product will return back on the site and will make a purchase.

Get started with these action items

  • Give your bot a name and recognition

After building a bot, the next task is to give your bot a name and its recognition. You have to provide it some language as well. After doing this, you may end up with the bot setup.

  • Produce greeting messages for your customer support chatbot

The next task is to generate the messages. For that purpose, just go to the Bot Builder and choose the bot that you just created.

Then the first thing to do is creating a greeting message for customers. It is the very first message which all the customers will receive whenever a user sends a message to the bot.

There will be an option by the name, ENTER WELCOME MESSAGE-BOT’S MESSAGE, click on it and share the message that you want to be displayed. Don’t forget to click the save button.

  • Create FAQs for your customer support chatbot

Producing questions and answers for your bot is an important step. In the answer section, you will add the bot responses plus the answers given by the customers.

  • Activate your chatbot

After the creation of your customer support chatbot, you can set the bot as a default bot according to the conversation routing rules. Your bot’s setup is complete now!

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