The Impact AR Technology Will Have On Shopping - The Impact AR Technology Will Have On Shopping – The Impact AR Technology Will Have On Shopping

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to go to a shopping mall and try everything without actually trying it? And have you ever thought that it is possible to try on a new dress or something without actually wearing the real dress? Yes, it is possible. Augmented reality has made it possible.

During the corona period past year, online shopping has got a kick, so has the concept of augmented reality, by the use of which people can not only buy but try things too. All this has been made possible by the evolution in the field of science. No wonder how much impact it will have in our daily life in the future too.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is the name given to the technology by which a proper 3D view of things is given. By the use of augmented reality, the things that we see can actually be brought into real life. Augmented reality lets people see things in real life in a 3-dimensional view that can only be seen on a computer. Augmented reality is basically the name of bringing digital life into real life.

Augmented reality became a major point of discussion after the launch of the Pokemon Go game which used AR technology for the diverse 3-dimensional experience of the game. Moreover, during the pandemic period, AR technology reached its heights of popularity due to its different applications especially in the field of online shopping.

AR technology and shopping

AR experience has made a special place in our lives, be it education, medical, tourism, or business logistics. But the most important role AR technology is playing is in the field of marketing and shopping. Sooner or later, AR technology is going to find its way into shopping malls too. The main advantages of AR technology in shopping are:

  • Let customers “try” before they buy with a 3D product preview
  • Displays additional information about products shown enriches the shopping experience

Let customers “try” before they buy with a 3D product preview

Imagine walking into a store and you see a mirror but you are not sure how would it look at the wall of your room? you want to buy it but don’t want to waste money if it didn’t suit your wall. What you can do is take your AR-enabled mobile app out and produce a 3Dimensional look of your room with the same mirror on the wall and then decide whether you should buy that mirror or not.

Similarly, imagine looking at a dress and finding out that the only size available at the shop is smaller in size but you want to try it on. The solution to this problem is the AR technology that will provide you with the feature of a virtual changing room where you can virtually try that dress on and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Displays additional information about products shown enriches the shopping experience

AR technology has enhanced the shopping experience by introducing us to the new methods of trying things, whether it’s a dress or new furniture, giving us the experience of buying it and trying it on without actually buying it or trying it on.

In addition to this experience, augmented reality has made the shopping experience easy by introducing new features to people. For example, when you go to a showroom of motorbikes and see a motorbike but want to make some changes to it, but can not see any bike similar to the one that you want to buy, what will you do? you will allow augmented reality to take the complex task and make it easy. AR will produce a virtual 3D model of the bike you want to buy and will let you decide the changes that you want to make to the bike.

How will the shopping malls look like in the future?

As far as it can be predicted, the future shopping malls will have virtual changing rooms and virtual 3D products the buyers will be able to check. And after viewing it in their virtual homes, they will decide whether to order or not. Moreover, all the products will be present in a wide range of colors and sizes as per the customer’s requirement.AR technology will provide the customer with a wide variety of options of different products and a more customer-friendly environment where the customer will be able to get customized goods.

Uses of the AR technology in shopping malls

AR technology, one of the most widely used technologies in different fields, has various advantages due to which they have a bright present and will have a bright future ahead. AR technologies save the customer from the trouble of trying things but also give them the required experience. Moreover, it gives the customer the freedom to decide the color, size, etc making an innovative and effective way.

Other Uses of Augmented Reality:

As mentioned before, the use of augmented reality flourished during the pandemic time period or we can say during the time of social distancing. This means that augmented reality found its application in various fields. Some of the fields and use of AR technology are discussed below:

  • Medical field
  • Retailing
  • Repairing and maintenance
  • Designing
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Public safety

Medical field

AR technology has made its wide usage in the medical field. AR technology is being used at medical colleges to give students the experience of operating humans without actually operating any of them. This is done by wearing a headset that gives them a 3dimensional experience. AR experience is also utilized in learning to operate medical instruments like nowadays, students are being taught how to operate an MRI machine with the help of AR technology that gives them real-life experience.


AR technology is giving the shoppers the benefit of selection according to their will. Imagine going into a showroom and watching a car but you also want to see what it would be like in another color but that color is not available there at that time? the answer to this question is that you will take your mobile out and use the AR technology and view the same car in any color you like in 3-dimensional form. This will help you in customizing your favorite car according to your own will.

Repairing and maintenance

AR headsets are being used by technicians and mechanics during the repairing and maintenance of machines. This provides them with the important information that is needed on the spot saving them from the trouble of forgetting something or making a mistake while fixing the machine.


AR technology has made its place in interior designing and construction. Before starting working on the idea, augmented reality gives us the option of viewing our ideas in real and lets us know if the idea is worth implementation or not. For example, if you are the design engineer or an architect of a building, AR technology will create the building in 3D and you will be able to walk in and see different points and decide how much work is needed in different areas.


AR technology has enabled people to get an experience of the place they want to travel to before going there to decide whether it is worth spending their money or not. Augmented reality gives the option of walking at the place before buying a ticket to that place just by wearing AR glasses.


During the pandemic, AR technology has given the students the experience of attending real classes without actually attending them. AR technology made virtual convocations and seminars possible giving the students real-life experience as if it was real. Moreover, AR technology is being used in the education field providing an extraordinary experience to the students.


AR technology is also taken into consideration by the entertainment industry. Pokemon go game, which was an AR technology-based game, got famous because of the AR experience. Moreover, other companies and production houses are now also considering implementing AR technology for the promotion of their movies and games, etc.

Public safety

AR technology has found a major use in safety and protection. Imagine someone getting stuck in a building on fire and does not know how to get out of it. The safe escape can be made by the use of AR technology, all he has to do is to turn on the AR-enabled mobile or wear AR glasses that will guide him perfectly through his way.


AR technology has gotten famous in less than no time. This has been made possible due to its innovative methods that are user-friendly and are very catchy. It has found numerous applications in various fields but the main field in which it made its special place in commerce and more specifically shopping. It has made the shopping experience more customer-friendly giving the customers the right to decide the features of their product. No wonder how the future shopping malls will look like with the virtual products displayed and letting the customer decide what and how they want.




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